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Protection against damage: talismans, charms and rituals

Protection against damage: talismans, charms and rituals

To remove the damage yourself is a dangerous and time-consuming business, requiring the intervention of specialists. So it is better not to fall under the magical influence of ill-wishers at all and to protect yourself in advance from the effects of damage and the evil eye.

To put protection against dark forces, you can get a special talismans. They will be able to neutralize the negative impact and will create a lock on any magical intervention. There are many amulets and talismans that can protect a person from damage.

If you wear a bauble made of red wool thread on your hand, you can protect yourself from the negative. Red is a source of positive energy that negative and dark forces will not let through to you.

A good bag of earth collected around your house can be a good protection against damage and the evil eye. The earth must be spoken: “Native land, take care of me from the evil eye, from the sight of the patient. Amen».

Always carry a bag of dirt with you.

The talisman of protection can be a stone of your zodiac sign, a consecrated icon from a church, a consecrated cross or ring. In addition, many people still enjoy the protective properties of the usual pins. Her pin on the inside of the clothes head down. According to old beliefs, a pin needle is a powerful weapon against negative impact.

The needle can be stuck in the jamb of the front door, then any intruder entering your house will lose its energy.

To fully protect yourself from the effects of dark forces, it is necessary to conduct the following ritual. Take a glass bottle and fill it to the base with various sharp objects: nails, needles, pins, glass and other things. Then fill it with salt water and close the bottle.

After that, bury the bottle as far as possible from your home. Go home and do not turn around.

There are some security measures that can take trouble away from a person. First, do not pick up other people’s things and objects found on the street or in the premises. Often people pick up lost money, wallets or jewelry on the road, which then leads to an inexplicable deterioration of health, failures in personal or financial life and other misfortunes.

If you supposedly know a person who is able to damage, then when you contact him, always keep your arms crossed over your chest. So you can block your energy field. If you believe the ancient beliefs, the fingers, folded into a fig, can also prevent the guidance of damage and the evil eye.

Do not give your personal belongings to anyone. Especially it concerns cosmetics, clothes, photos, dishes and personal hygiene items. Getting into the wrong hands, they can be charged with negative energy, which can lead to dire consequences.

By following these simple rules of protection against damage and the evil eye, you can protect yourself and your home from the negative magical effects.

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