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Preserved Star of Russia — the value and how to do it yourself

Preserved Star of Russia — when it is used and what power it has

Preserved Star of Russia is a traditional Slavic symbol, occupying a special place among other magical signs. Not everyone knows what this sign means and why it is used.

We want to tell you about the sacral meaning of the amulet, its scope and self-production in this article.

Preserved Star of Russia - the value and how to do it yourself

The symbolism of the guardian Star of Russia

The wards of the ancient Slavs are distinguished by their uniqueness: they were able to gather in themselves the wisdom of our ancestors and brought it to this day. Each charm was under the auspices of a particular divine essence, and also played a huge role in the life of our ancestors.

It was the charms that helped the ancient Slavs bring their lives in a harmonious way.

Talisman Star of Russia has tremendous power, which is manifested in the connection of the three worlds (Yavi, Navi and Rule).

  • Jav — is the physical world in which we live;
  • Nav — the other world, inhabited by spirits and various entities;
  • Rule — the divine world.

The ancient Slavs were convinced that harmonious interaction between these three worlds is important for the stability of the universe. Therefore, the Star of Russia charm was filled with both mystical energy and earthly power.

The result is a talisman, personifying a combination of physical, spiritual and spiritual.

Another talisman indicates the attitude of a person to his family. It combines the past, present and future.

It is through the inseparable connection between the three worlds that it is possible to continue life on earth.

Carefully looking at the symbolism that adorns the charm, you will find there is a manifestation of both female and male energy — roundness and Kolovrat. It turns out that the Star of Russia is not only the union of the three worlds, but also the connection between male and female, and therefore, it symbolizes a new life.

And the integrity of the amulet testifies to the power of the Slavs, as a race that has managed to cope with chaos and evil forces.

You can find a lot of interesting information about this symbol in the following video.

For whom will the Star of Russia charm suit

You can safely use this symbol to all those who want to know how our universe is built. Suitable talisman for both sexes. The truth is that there are some differences, as the symbol affects men and women:

  1. For representatives of the stronger sex, the use of an amulet will help to get on the right path in life, improve intuitive abilities and help self-realization. It is worth looking at this talisman for those men who suffer from self-doubt. The amulet works on the strength of the great Svarog, therefore hardens the character with the help of various tests and difficulties in order to maximize the male energy.
  2. And women usually turn for help to the described amulet when they have difficult situations in their life (especially in the moments when the man is not around). Today, the modern representative of the fair sex can wear a symbol to gain her generic strength if she is forced to occupy difficult and responsible positions or to raise a child herself.

How differently called an amulet

In various sources, the Star of Russia is also called the Lada of the Virgin and Svarog Square. Let us consider in more detail the description of each of these titles.

Star of Lada

Lada is the great mother of all deities, the fair sex has always sought to achieve her divine patronage. The amulet — Ladin’s cross was very popular.

Instead, they began to use the star of Russia upon reaching mature age.

The symbol helped to harmonize the mind, get rid of negative energy. He filled women with wisdom, prudence, developed intuitive abilities, helped to reveal his feminine (in particular, maternal, energy).

Preserved Star of Russia - the value and how to do it yourself

Often the star of Rus hung on his chest as his own talisman, then he received the name of the Star of the Lady of the Virgin, there was also the option of applying to a tissue carrier, use as a picture. In the latter cases, the use of a magic symbol helped to preserve harmony in family relationships.

Svarog square

The name «Svarozhich» was used with respect to the amulet, which was used for the strong half of humanity. 4 petals and a diamond in the sign were personified with the forge of Svarog.

Especially well such an amulet affects men associated with the military sphere.

Also traditionally Svarozhich suited those men who are responsible for the restoration of tribal unity. The symbol filled them with self-confidence, wisdom, attracted good luck to their lives, improved natural abilities, plus bestowed hard work.

How to make your own charm

Today, anyone who respects the Slavic tradition and honors Slavic deities can make the Star of Russia guardian on his own.

But there are a number of important points that you must adhere to if you want the amulet to work as efficiently as possible:

  • You can make a talisman for your relative, but it is unacceptable to make it personally for you;
  • you must have the sincere intentions of the person you are creating a magical symbol with;
  • greater strength will be possessed by that talisman made for his blood relative;
  • according to its source material the amulet can be metal, clay, leather or wooden;
  • when you make a symbol, constantly keep in your mind the image of the person for whom you create it;
  • It is important to respect the proportional ratio of all images of this symbol.

The most suitable material for making a symbol is wood (but the right choice of wood is important when taking into account the personal properties of its future owner).

Preserved Star of Russia - the value and how to do it yourself

In case you find it difficult to work with a tree, you can embroider a charm on a fabric or draw it. Usually these amulets are hung on the walls of their homes.

Also popular is an embodiment of a talisman in the form of an appliqué; straw is taken as the starting material.

There is a lot of methods for making an amulet, the main thing is not to forget the most important rule — to strictly adhere to the proportional ratio and correctly select the material. And, of course, it is necessary to sincerely believe in the power of the amulet, ask for support from the Deities and respect the Slavic tradition.

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