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Preserved Kolovrat and its value in Slavic culture

Preserved Kolovrat and its value in Slavic culture

Since ancient times, amulets and talismans have been in great demand among our ancestors. The process of their choice and creation was given a lot of attention, and the resulting item was protected, like the pupil of the eye, because they believed that it could protect against various misfortunes and misfortunes, as well as attract what its owner lacks.

In this article, we will look at the Kolovrat amulet and its meaning, plus let’s talk about the proper use of the magical thing.

Preserved Kolovrat and its value in Slavic culture

Mystery character

The word «Kolo» came to us from the Old Slavonic language and means «circle» in translation. The Kolovrat symbol is always depicted as a wheel, framed by eight rays on each side. Kolovrat is one of the symbols personifying the year-round rotation of the solar disk, as well as perpetual motion, the continuation of life and the infinity of the space of the Universe.

After all, life, in fact, is also an endless movement with rotation.

Charm Kolovrat combines a year-round cycle of the four seasons and four existing elemental elements that are fire, earth, water and air. Together, this all manifests itself in the form of eight rays of a symbol bearing the name Svarga in other sources (in honor of Svarog, who is a god of heaven in Slavic mythology.

He walks like the sun through the heavens).

Posolon or anti-shine?

These two Slavic words symbolize the regular movement of the solar disk across the sky:

  • If the rays of a symbol have a direction similar to the course of the sun, this is posolon;
  • And if directed opposite — anti-shade.

The amulet associated with the direction of the rays along the solar disk, was associated with the world of bright deities, protected it from all evil and provided its owner with the necessary protection. In addition, the right-hand movement of the rays was identified with the world of manifested things (that is, Java) and the purity of human thoughts.

And the guardian, whose rays had a direction against the movement of the sun, was associated with the world of Navi (or beyond the grave). He allowed his owner as much as possible to reveal such qualities as intuition, clairvoyance and the gift to predict the future. The presence of the described artifact revealed all that is carefully hidden from human eyes.

In most cases, the left-side amulet was intended for use by representatives of the weaker sex.

The value of the number of rays Kolovrata

A person who is not well versed in the symbolism of Kolovrat is easy to forget how many rays he should have. In this case, a certain meaning also plays a big role. Let’s try to deal with this in more detail:

  1. four rays — personify the fiery element
  2. six rays symbolize the patronage of Perun
  3. eight — bestow patronage of the sun of fire.

For the manufacture of the charm used a variety of materials. It could be wooden, and silver, and gold, and copper and brass. Among other things, Kolovrat was carved on garments and painted on paper.

In this case, the decisive role was played not by the material itself, but by the image in which the torsion fields of the energy world are directed, which is responsible for everything manifested in the material world.

Preserved Kolovrat and its value in Slavic culture

Usually our ancestors hung the symbol of Kolovrat on a chain (no matter from which material: silver, gold or steel). It was possible to use for this purpose cotton or linen laces (the only exception was leather).

Indeed, according to the Slavic traditions, it was necessary to kill animals according to certain technologies, so that otherwise destructive death energy would not cause any harm to humans.

Interesting video on the topic:

Ways of purification and activation

It is important to clean and properly charge any talisman. First of all, it allows you to effectively get rid of someone else’s energy, filling the thing with your own.

Kolovrat is also no exception from this list. Traditionally, it is made on a wooden carrier.

To activate the talisman is kept for a certain time (several hours) in the water. Ideal when the described manipulation is performed in a stream or any other natural source suitable for such purposes.

Preserved Kolovrat and its value in Slavic culture

Purified amulet three times brought under a brightly burning flame.

Best of all, it was a fire made of wood that was struck by lightning. But if this task is not feasible, then any available brushwood or wood will go.

In the conditions of the city, this can certainly be quite difficult, then use the usual wax candle.

When a symbol of purification by the elements of fire and water, you should not part with it in order for the day (during this time he will get used to his owner and be completely filled with his energy). Then the amulet will begin to work as intended, protecting its owner from any manifest and unmanifested forms of evil, bringing good luck and victory in various undertakings.

Do not forget that it is important to re-clean it once every six months. It is best to observe at this time the activity of all four active points of the year, namely, the solstices with the equinox.

Of course, as in the case of any other magical symbol, the question of sincere faith in the effectiveness of the talisman plays a huge role here. Therefore, it is important not only to create an object, but also to fill it with your energy, forcing it to work as intended.

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