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Preserved from the evil eye on the lace

Preserved from the evil eye on the lace

With the help of a simple rope, you can create a powerful amulet that will take away from you and your loved ones damage and evil eyes. Learn how to create a strong charm on an ordinary lace.

Charm for home

You will need three different colored woolen threads of different bright colors. Cuts small pieces, about 40 centimeters, weave a pigtail so that long tails remain. On the made product read the strong preserving plot.

No trouble will come to the house, it will turn around at the threshold, it will not turn back.
All good inward, evil outward.
Ailments and quarrels away.

Read the plot should be on Monday at dawn, when the house is freed from the negative and negative energy. The conspiracy pigtail hangs around the front door. Preserved from three different laces will not allow damage to the house.

Everyone who will appear on your doorstep, willy-nilly or unwittingly, will go through a strong stream of preserving energy and will no longer be able to harm you and your loved ones.

Charm for a child

A strong charm on the lace for the baby is tied to a pin and attached to the head of the crib or in the stroller, but in such a way that the child cannot get it and get hurt. You will need a white rope, which is previously dipped into consecrated water. The thread is still wet, 5 knots should be tied on it at the same distance, each having read certain words.

  • 1 knot: “Child is great, mother is calm! Nothing hurts, no worries! Disease away in a bundle. «
  • 2 knot: «Whoever thinks bad will find it himself.»
  • 3 knots: “A strong baby grows like an oak tree and does not offend anyone.”
  • 4 knot: «Only good from people!»
  • 5 knot: “It gives the baby joy and peace of mind. Look at him not to rejoice! «

Thus, each nodule has a strong magical effect and protects the child from various troubles, including from the evil eye. The pin will enhance the effect, since by itself it is already a talisman.

Charm for myself

To protect yourself from evil influence will help a very common simple way. On the left hand you just need to wear a red thread. This is a strong talisman and a good defense, which was used by our ancestors. The strength lies not only in the color and location, but more in the bundle that secures a kind of bracelet.

It is he who absorbs all the negative energy of bad people.

This charm can not be worn constantly. Every year it needs to be changed, because the bundle cannot hold evil energy in itself indefinitely. When getting rid of the bracelet, do not untie the knot, but cut the thread in the middle, then burn it in the flame of a church candle.

A real red thread from Israel can be ordered here.

In order to protect themselves and their loved ones from the evil eye and damage, you need to make a little effort. You will not spend a lot of time making a talisman, but at the same time you will be able to adjust your life and avoid major setbacks. We wish you all the best, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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