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Pomegranate stone — magical properties and who suits

Pomegranate stone: description and medicinal magic characteristics

Pomegranate is a stone of vitality, love and passion. Since ancient times this beautiful gem of red color has been honored by the talisman of active and purposeful people, winners over any circumstances.

Consider the topic: garnet stone — magical properties and who is suitable? We learn about the healing qualities of the gem, its varieties and significance for human life and health.

Pomegranate stone - magical properties and who suits

Gem description

There are many varieties of pomegranate — stones differ from each other by chemical composition. However, they share a common property — the same structure. Different chemical composition determines the shade of garnets:

Why gem called granam, if it is of different shades? Because the structure of the mineral resembles pomegranate seeds.

Minerals are divided into two large groups — Ugrandites and pyralspits. Consider what kinds of gems are combined in these groups.

A pyrope is of a red tone — from brightly fiery to brown-dark. The name of the gem was given from the word «pyropos» — similar to fire.

Almandine is distinguished by a rich red tone with a purple tint. Sometimes there are instances of brown-brown tone.

Rhodolite is characterized by a pink tone, sometimes you can find red gems with a purple overflow. This type of pomegranate is in demand in the jewelry market.

Spessartine is a rare pomegranate of yellow and orange tones. Mineralized in Germany.

Malaya is a very beautiful type of pomegranate with a magical tinge of shades of orange tone. Gem is extremely rare.

Group of greens:

The stone will be associated with the Russian Count Uvarov, who headed the Russian Academy of Sciences in the 19th century. The gem was found in the Ural mountains — this pomegranate is green, of a very rich beautiful tone.

Grossular is also green, but in nature there are pebbles and orange, and colorless, and pink hue. Look at the photo:

Pomegranate stone - magical properties and who suits

Tsavorite is an expensive variety of green-tone garnets. A gem is mined in African Kenya.

Hessonite used to be attributed to the group of zircons, and most recently identified it as garnet. The gem has a yellowish overflow, sometimes you can find instances of brown and yellow.

Andradite has a reddish-brown tint. Topazolite is a stone with a yellow tint, sometimes with a brown overflow.

Demandoid refers to expensive gems. By its beauty, a demandoid can be compared with a diamond.

There are pebbles with yellow, brown and blue shades of green tone.

Pomegranate stone - magical properties and who suits

Magic characteristics

For magic, it does not matter — a precious or semi-precious stone, as well as for healing practices. Great magical powers are attributed to dark saturated tone grenades — they are guides to the world of the dead (provide contact) and help predict the future.

The scarlet stones help in amorous affairs and strengthen the first chakra, attract the financial flow and strengthen the human spirit. Green grenades have the ability to enhance the potency and induce love spells on a person.

Mages do not advise wearing green stones all the time, as a person can not cope with the passion that has overwhelmed him.

Purple grenades help communication, increase business acumen and give a person confidence in their abilities. Previously, these stones were a symbol of holidays and balls.

They also help travelers.

Brown and yellow pebbles help defuse the situation and reconcile the warring parties. These peacemaking stones are pacifying for a person, bring the nervous system into balance and give long-awaited harmony.

Healing properties

Red carbuncles help with bleeding, before they were used to protect against fighting wounds.

In Russia, carbuncles were used during childbirth: they anesthetized and recuperated.

In India, pomegranate is revered as a defender of the immune system, it is used to heal lung and heart ailments.

In modern healing practice, all varieties of pomegranate are used to strengthen the immune defense, stabilize metabolic processes in the body, and get rid of obesity.

Silver-rimmed pebbles help against lung diseases, gold rim activates the properties of grants to help with colds and sore throat.

In the old days, grenades were used to prevent poisoning by poisoning, and they were used to heal the plague. In modern healing, pomegranates are used to get rid of toxins in the body.

Astrological conformity

Who is garnet suitable for? This gem is a talisman of Capricorns, and, absolutely, any shade of pomegranate suits them.

Also patronizes a pebble and Sagittarius with Lions — you can choose any tone.

Taurus is better to prefer the scarlet tones, like Aries. Aquarius Libra fit green shades, the rest of the signs — brown and yellow.

Grenades are contraindicated in Pisces and Cancers.

Astrologers believe that the mineral has a wayward character and can not always get along with the new owner. If the grenade does not like the owner, it looks dull and nondescript.

If the new owner «like» — the grenade will shine and sparkle, it will become dazzlingly beautiful.

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