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Pink stones: what they are, their features

Pink stones: an overview of all representatives with a brief description

Precious stones impress the average man with their beauty and wide variety of color shades. If you do not have a special education, you can easily become entangled in minerals, because they are often so similar to each other that it is simply impossible to distinguish them without a specialist.

In this material we will consider all representatives of pink stones and provide brief information about each of the minerals separately.

Pink stones: what they are, their features

What does the pink color symbolize?

Beautiful delicate pink hue is traditionally associated with romance, kindness, love and passion. Pink energy is manifested in the form of innocence and spiritual purity.

In terms of its color characteristics, pink is a combination of red and white. The resulting shade is soaked through and through with tenderness, lightness, wingedness, stability and self-love.

List of all pink stones

In nature, many precious and semiprecious gems have a delicate or bright pink shade. Next, we divided the minerals into precious and semi-precious.

Transparent precious pink minerals

  • Pink sapphires are a very rare phenomenon, so the price for one such pebble will vary from three hundred to thousand dollars per carat. Such a sapphire acts as an aluminum oxide having an admixture of chromium. Of the interesting features — the mineral has a rather large refractive index, and sometimes there are stones with the effect of a cat’s eye.
  • Topaz — are fluorine-containing aluminum silicates. Pink tint stones are required impurities of chromium. A distinctive feature of the minerals of this shade is that they are afraid of light, and under the sunlight they lose their color from pale pink to dirty gray.
  • Spinel — is very rare in nature. The composition of the spinel is a complex aluminum oxide with magnesium, and the pinkish-crimson stones also contain chromium particles. The most rare and expensive is a fully transparent spinel — it is found in Afghanistan and costs from three hundred to a thousand dollars per carat. Such stones are inserted into gold of the highest standard or platinum, and in jewelry the stone has a brilliant cut.
  • Kunzite — this gem in its external characteristics is very similar to amethyst, but differs greatly in its composition, being a complex aluminum silicate with lithium. Gem became popular only in 1996, at this time with the world famous auction Sotheby’s sold the ring, which previously belonged to John F. Kennedy.
  • Morganite — is a type of beryl with a pinkish tinge. Such beautiful color to the mineral is provided by cesium, lithium and manganese in its composition. Under the influence of high temperature or in direct sunlight, the mineral loses its shade. Morganite — although a little-known today, but it is a very high-quality gem that prefers a brilliant cut.
  • Rubelite is a pink-raspberry variety of tourmaline. In Latin, the name of the stone means «reddish.» Due to its amazing similarity with rubies, as well as its democratic value, since the times of antiquity, rubellites represent an ideal natural imitation of a precious stone. The average cost is twenty dollars per 1 carat.

Pink stones: what they are, their features

Pink-colored semi-precious minerals

  • Corundum is a semi-precious nugget, precious versions of it are sapphires with rubies. Performs in its composition of crystalline alumina or aluminum oxide. A pink color with the addition of yellow shades acquires due to manganese. Pinkish-purple color ensures the presence of titanium.

Corundum is characterized by a high degree of hardness (2nd place after diamond) and due to this property, stone is actively used in the industrial sphere: for the production of tools for abrasive machining, glass of various devices, rods of optical generators with refractory materials. As for jewelry, gems are rarely used in them and usually for the manufacture of inserts for rings, earrings and pendants.

  • Pink quartz — acts as silicon dioxide, to which aluminum and iron are added. The rarest ones are pale-pink stones, as well as those that have a slightly hazy structure. Their pricing policy starts at five dollars per carat and ends at sixty dollars.
  • Agate is a very diverse mineral. The composition of the acts of silicon oxide, which has a translucent structure of chalcedony. Due to the large number of different additives, unusual patterns appear on the crystal, especially on cuts. Due to its attractive appearance, as well as its low cost, the stone is ideal for creating unique and budgetary jewelry (bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings).

Ornamental stones options

  • Rhodochrosite — in its color is very similar to a rose. Due to the concentric multicolored pink and cherry stains, the stone causes an association with malachite. As for the composition, rhodochrosite is manganese spar, and the addition of iron impurities has a detrimental effect on its color, adding a pinkish-scarlet and brownish-red hue.

Because of the physical features of the gem, it cannot be cut, but without it it has a very attractive appearance in jewelry, having the shape of a cabochon. Rhodochrosites are often more expensive than gold at their cost, although there are options for more budget products at a cost of several thousand rubles — as a rule, these are pendants with bracelets.

Pink stones: what they are, their features

  • Jasper — it is inherent in a large number of shades and colors. In its structure, stone is 95 percent represented by silicon oxide and only to a small extent by oxides of aluminum, iron, and calcium. At the same time, the uniqueness of the mineral lies in the fact that, due to impurities, the value of jasper only increases.

In jewelry practice, jasper jewelry is made quite rarely, much more often you can find jewelry in the form of bracelets, large pendants, rings with cabochons and earrings. For 1 carat pink jade need to pay from four to twenty dollars.

  • Rhodonites — about them in ancient times was well known to artisans. Already by the very name of the mineral can be judged on its appearance: the word «rhodonite» in translation from the Greek language means «rose.» The stone has a delicate pink or pink-cherry tone, plus a heterogeneous structure in which light and dark inclusions constantly alternate. And the addition of black dendrite streaks allows you to create amazing images on sections. As for the chemical composition of rhodonite, the stone acts as a complex calcium silicate with magnesium, manganese and iron. The price of products with stones is quite democratic, which causes the high popularity of rhodonite jewelry, especially in domestic countries.
  • Coral — you can call it a stone only conditionally. Coral is distinguished by its organic origin and is the remains of petrified skeletons of the inhabitants of the seabed — polyps. In terms of their chemical composition, corals are 80% calcium carbonate (calcite), and the remaining 20% ​​are organic and inorganic impurities.

Pink corals have the highest cost. Very often their branches have non-uniform color or are distinguished by small white or grayish inclusions.

Coral is characterized by opacity and beautiful glass luster, arising in the process of polishing.

Mostly corals are sold in cabochon and oblong beads. It is necessary to treat jewelry with marine polyps very carefully, as they are quite fragile and can deteriorate even from the influence of cosmetics.

For pricing, one carat of high-quality coral will have to pay around $ 50.

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