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Photo and description of the healing and magical properties of the stone jasper

Jasper stone: photos and general characteristics

Jasper is an opaque stone with various color variations. It is a dense, siliceous rock, distinguished by sedimentary origin and formed by miniature quartz grains, cemented with quartz and chalcedony, also with the addition of a huge number of different impurities.

In this material we will consider the main healing and magical properties of jasper and to whom the signs of the Zodiac are shown to use it.

Photo and description of the healing and magical properties of the stone jasper

Color stone types

In total in nature you can find jasper of such color variations:

  • red (also called bloody jasper) — it is divided into monochromatic and that which has intricate patterns. In shades of red jasper varies from pale pink to bright red, which has a characteristic brown glow;
  • green is one of the most common types of stone;
  • white is a rather rare type of mineral. The color varies from pale milk to greyish yellow;
  • heliotrope is the rarest and most expensive jasper. According to color characteristics, it varies from dark green to black with red spots.

What are the healing properties of the mineral, to whom it suits?

If you are guided by Taoist ideas, then jasper stone helps to strengthen the physical shell and even increases a person’s lifespan! For this reason, the inhabitants of ancient Rome used amulets with jasper, on which they carved their name and which were put on the neck.

Also, as an amulet, the stone has a number of healing properties:

  • help rejuvenate;
  • eliminates fever and epilepsy;
  • improve memory;
  • heals from many mental pathologies;
  • improves sleep;
  • relieves insomnia and nightmares;
  • increases visual acuity;
  • heals toothache;
  • improves the sense of smell.

It is believed that the healing properties of the mineral depend on its color and will be different for each of the color variations:

  • orange jasper — fill the body with energy, rejuvenate the skin;
  • milky-white — has a general healing effect;
  • red — helps to clean the blood vessels, helps to stop bleeding, has a wound-healing effect, is indicated for getting rid of women’s diseases, activation of the endocrine glands;
  • white — normalizes the work of the heart;
  • green — shown to protect the organs of vision, heals from headaches, it is also recommended to use in the presence of gastrointestinal pathologies and to improve the process of digestion;
  • yellow jasper — eliminates the evil eye, has a positive effect on the state of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Chinese healers are convinced that this mineral performs the function of an essential cleansing agent for many internal organs.

Photo and description of the healing and magical properties of the stone jasper

Stone magic jasper

  1. Jasper is the only mineral that is able to rid itself of all the negative energy accumulated in the human body. Gem guards against the evil eye and negative influences from the outside.
  2. The fair sex helps to get pregnant.
  3. Adds fearlessness, faith in one’s own strength and one’s own victory. Promotes overall vitality.
  4. Jasper jewelry will relieve their owners from fatigue.
  5. The mineral of green color promotes an aggravation of intuition, relieves of depressive states, increases concentration of attention and opens the «third eye».
  6. Jasper talismans tend to accumulate energy and then transfer it to their owner. Esotericists believe that the stones, having an oblong shape, will clear the human energy field, and the spherical form will help the body save energy.
  7. Jasper is a reliable amulet. In ancient times, warriors decorated their helmet, belt and sword hilt with this stone, so as not to fail in battle.
  8. Today jasper is a popular participant in various magical rites. It contributes to the disclosure of the gift of foresight.
  9. Chinese people are sure that if you place a jasper stone next to the head of a child’s bed, who is poorly educated or a stupid person, he will motivate the first to study diligently and make the second one more intelligent.
  10. Since ancient times, jasper has been used for facing the floor in temples (especially in secret rooms, which were not allowed to strangers): the mineral perfectly protected from overly curious personalities.

The stone traditionally patronizes the alchemists, scientists, travelers, researchers — all those who seek to know the truth.

Interesting stone information

The impact on the chakras depends on the color of the mineral (for example, yellow jasper controls the work of the Manipura chakra and further by analogy).

The stone produces susceptible and absorbing Yin energy.

Refers to the air and earth elements.

The planets patrons are Jupiter and Mercury.

Photo and description of the healing and magical properties of the stone jasper

The mineral will patronize Alexei, Valentinam, Vyacheslav, Mihail, Nikolay, Pavel, Roman, Yaroslav, Karin, Marina and Tatian.

According to the teachings of feng shui, to increase the effectiveness of talismans with jasper, they must be placed in the library or in his office. As popular amulets made of jasper, they use dishes, various caskets and boxes, vases, bowls, and simply processed or unprocessed mineral pieces.

Which of the signs of the zodiac fit

Most astrologers agree that jasper is an ideal stone-talisman only for representatives of the Virgo zodiac sign. Using jewelry from this mineral, the Virgin will become more self-confident, wise, successfully cope with various awkward situations and unpleasant moments in life.

Also, Virgo jasper will add softness that they lack, so that they will be able to more harmoniously interact with the outside world.

In addition to Virgo, the mineral also has a beneficial effect on Pisces. By nature, people born under this zodiac constellation are distinguished by suspicion and self-doubt, so they need a strong life position and willpower.

All these qualities can magically provide them with jasper.

But who should give up jewelry with this gem, so it is Gemini and Aries. As a result of interaction with the stone, they will become even more arrogant and straightforward, which will not in the most positive way affect relations with others.

Representatives of the remaining zodiacal constellations are allowed to purchase jewelry with jasper — for this there are no sharp prohibitions or contradictions. But remember that it is necessary to carry products with this stone from time to time, and constant use is undesirable.

Therefore, observe the sense of proportion and use natural amulet with care and for the benefit of yourself.

From the following video material you will get even more information about the magical properties of the mysterious jasper:

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