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Peridot Stone — the amulet of happiness and well-being

Peridot Stone — Mystical and Healing Properties

The word peridot comes from the Arabic word Faridat, which means «precious stone». This unique gem is again at the peak of popularity and excites the hearts of jewelry lovers. What properties does peridot stone have and can it be used in lithotherapy and healing?

Consider everything in detail.

Peridot Stone - the amulet of happiness and well-being

Gem description

The peridot stone belongs to the quartz family and has been known since ancient times. A transparent gem with pleasant tints was valued very dearly, in Europe it was a symbol of prosperity. The structure of the stone is fragile, it can crack if handled carelessly.

Does not like the mineral effects of acids, so you need to clean the jewelry with an alkaline soap solution.

Peridot has many names, because it was taken for different stones:

In the old days, this semi-precious stone was a symbol of power and wealth. Crusaders brought the gem to Europe. The stone caused delight of the crowned heads and became an ornament of the royal court.

Chrysolite incrustation can still be seen in the Cologne Cathedral.

The merchants with the help of chrysolite protected their goods and profits; in India, the stone was considered the patron saint of love, and in Europe it was revered as a talisman of inspiration and revelation of creative potential. However, in the Middle Ages, the stone was forgotten, and remembered only in the last century.

Peridot Stone - the amulet of happiness and well-being

Mystical properties

The stone has a strong energy, able to clear the aura of negative effects. Stone charms are made to protect against black energy and fires.

In esoteric circles, the property of a mineral is known to activate the prophetic abilities and intuition.

Peridot is famous for its influence on the feelings of a person: it helps to strengthen family relationships and love bonds, protects lovers from damage and separation. Chrysolite amulets not only strengthen the relationship between spouses, but also preserve the spark of passion between them.

The peridot stone helps to strengthen the belief in yourself and your strength, therefore it was used as a talisman. People, complex when meeting with the opposite sex, acquired the power of words and persuasiveness in conversation.

Also chrysolite is considered a mascot of purposeful and business people.

In ancient times chrysolite was protected from evil spirits, enemies and all kinds of misfortunes. The talisman saved his owner from unreasonable actions, took him out of trouble, guarded him from the attacks of his enemies.

The soothing effect of the mineral on the psyche contributes to the strengthening of the nervous system. With this talisman, a person responds adequately to stressful situations, remaining imperturbable in any circumstances.

The stone liberates from negative thoughts, relieves from depression and despondency.

Green color symbolizes welfare, therefore talismans of wealth and success were made of chrysolite. The stone will help in the conclusion of lucrative contracts, will save from ruin and deception of companions.

Modern businessmen talisman help invest profitably.

The stone has an amazing ability to attract cash flow to its owner, so that you can get rich with this talisman. Also, the stone contributes to the adoption of verified decisions, gives the everyday wisdom.

Healing properties

Peridot is famous for its healing effects on unbalanced people, treats depleted nervous system. If you put a gem under the pillow, you can get rid of nightmarish dreams and insomnia.

The green color of the mineral helps with problems with vision, restores the optic nerve. In the form of powder, the stone is used in diseases of the stomach and intestines, liver and kidneys.

A jewel from peridot will save you from insanity, and little children from stuttering.

Peridot helps with:

  • metabolic problems;
  • cardiovascular pathology;
  • headaches;
  • wounds and cuts;
  • impotence;
  • frigidity;
  • hysteria.

In the old days, babies were hanged from chrysolite to protect them from various childhood ailments.

Peridot Stone - the amulet of happiness and well-being


The mineral has a selective effect on the representatives of the zodiacal circle. Peridot is well combined with Pisces, the Virgin and the Lion.

Peridot helps women to find family happiness and idyll. Men-Pisces stone helps to build a successful career and become successful.

If you make wedding stones with chrysolite insertion, the couple will find a strong relationship, and love will never fade.

Lions make an impression on those who are confident and purposeful, but they feel different kinds of complexes inside themselves. Peridot endows the representatives of this sign with the features of leaders who are available to many things.

Gaining inner confidence allows Leo to reach the heights in the career ladder and become excellent leaders.

Virgin stone will help get rid of excessive conservatism of views and keep up with the times. This is a very useful talisman for pedants and idealists.

Contraindicated stone fire and air signs, as the patron of the elements of water.

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