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Peace meditation — the path to a harmonious and peaceful life

Resting meditation — how to properly conduct, effect

Stress, mental overstrain, emotional breakdown — signs of our troubled century. From stressful situations a person may fall into a depressive state, and then there will be diseases on the way.

How to calm down in our turbulent times? The ancient meditation of peace comes to the rescue, aimed at relaxing the body and soul.

Peace meditation - the path to a harmonious and peaceful life

Meditation inner peace

The ancient sages left us with the concept of a trance state. This is a real gift to humanity, since it is in this state that one can achieve complete tranquility of the psyche.

The trance state distracts a person from constant experiences and internal discomfort, frees the mind from an endless analysis of troubles.

The trance state is inherent in the psyche from nature as a saving circle. In critical situations, a person can completely turn off the mind, if the physical pain or emotional experiences are too strong.

However, yogis offer not to wait for such situations and enter into a trance state by artificial means — through meditation.

Meditation rest can restore mental balance in a few minutes spent on practice. To do this, you need to find a secluded place and get comfortable on a carpet or sofa. Close your eyes, slowly calculate from one to ten and repeat to yourself the following mental formulas:

Peace meditation - the path to a harmonious and peaceful life

After pronouncing the mental formula, you need to reflect on what peace is. Reason in your mind about peace, find a symbol for it — for example, a rock. Contemplate the rock in your imagination, note its calmness and inviolability.

You can find other symbols of the state of peace for yourself and meditate on them.

Peace meditation - the path to a harmonious and peaceful life

Now you need to go to the next stage of meditation — to present a conflict situation that worries you. You have to present yourself in this situation, but in perfect peace.

Mark all the details of this situation, look at yourself from the side — you are absolutely cool and calm. Note how the course of the situation may change with your new reaction to stimuli.

Survive this situation again release it from your life.

After this, once again plunge into the state of contemplation of the symbol of peace and thinking about it. Repeat the metal formula to yourself and establish yourself in this serene state. You are now a new person, wiser and therefore calm.

Life bustle rushes past you, not touching and not disturbing the psyche.

Memory meditation

Pleasant memories have a beneficial effect on the psyche. The more often you indulge in a flow of pleasant energy, the better you will feel.

Indulge in memories before bedtime, when you are free from day cares. Take a warm shower, lie down in bed and start meditating.

Anything can become an impulse for pleasant memories — melody, taste sensations, visual images. Keep a notebook of pleasant memories and write down everything that you especially remember.

Before meditation, you can open a notebook and remember the magical and pleasant moments from the past. The more often you look in the notebook, the more power it will gain over you.

Notebook will be a real magical artifact, the keeper of positive energy and happiness.

Peace meditation - the path to a harmonious and peaceful life

Art Meditation

The method of transgression has long been evaluated by psychologists as a positive moment for mental equilibrium. What do you need to draw? Anything that wants or leaves itself from under a pencil or brush.

This method can not only calm the psyche, but even relieve depression and depression.

How to conduct artistic meditation? First you need to remember the traumatic event that deprived you of peace — in detail, in detail. You can cry and shout from an excess of feelings.

Take pencils in your hands and draw your feelings under the impression of this situation.

Then burn a picture symbolizing an unpleasant situation, and develop the ashes outside the window. Take a new piece of paper and draw another picture, thinking about the positive completion of the traumatic situation. Now you look like a creator who creates a new one.

You crossed out (burned) the negative from your life and replaced it with a positive one.

If you like the picture, you can hang it on the wall. You can also collect pictures in a separate folder, which will become a repository of positive.

If you feel sad, open the folder and look at the pictures — this is how many situations in life you were able to correct yourself. This folder will eventually become an artifact of power, your luck talisman.

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