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Overview of the magical properties inherent in the stone tiger eye

What are the amazing magical properties of the stone tiger eye

The tiger’s eye is a stone, captivating with the magic of a cat’s eye, mysterious and unpredictable, ready to attack at any moment. This is an amazing crystal that can heal diseases, repel negative and protect the wearer from danger.

Overview of the magical properties inherent in the stone tiger eye

Properties of the mysterious gem

The tiger’s eye is a type of brown-colored quartz with golden stripes of iron oxide blotches. It is these bands that give the mineral similarity to the tiger. Like the striped cat, this stone has many different shades:

  • Mineral with reddish inclusions — «Bull’s Eye». Often the stone is specially pierced to achieve this effect.
  • Mineral, having a dark color and fibrous structure — «Cat’s eye»
  • Gem pale blue shade — «Hawkeye»
  • Mineral with alternating brown stripes — «Zebra Stone»

The tiger’s eye belongs to inexpensive ornamental stones, the price of which does not exceed $ 10 for a copy of about 4 cm diagonally. The more light stripes a gem has, the more expensive it is.

Tiger’s eye deposits are located in India, Burma, Australia, Ukraine and South Africa. A significant amount of high-quality mineral is mined in the Urals.

Mineral history

The pioneers of this amazing stone were the ancient Roman warriors. In those days, it was believed that the tiger’s eye is able to protect from death, give courage and bravery on the battlefield.

In ancient Egypt, the mineral was valued for the magical properties that the tiger eye owes to the energy of the Sun — Ra. Often amulets with this stone were used to protect themselves from the evil eye and envy.

In Europe, the magical properties of the mineral became known only in the 19th century. It was believed that with its help you can find the right solution in the most difficult situations.

How to distinguish a natural mineral from a fake?

Since the tiger’s eye is an inexpensive mineral, imitations are rare. The fake tiger eye is made of glass.

A fake stone has a high degree of transparency, which is not natural. It is also distinguished by a uniform and pronounced iridescence — an optical effect, which is observed when the mineral changes its position in the form of radiance and light overflows.

It is believed that the gem is able to reflect all the negative, aimed at the owner of the stone. The tiger eye will protect the owner from troubles and accidents, will reveal all the positive qualities and abilities of the person wearing this stone.

Despite the low cost, the mineral is valued primarily for its unique mystical qualities. It contains a powerful energy of nature, which makes this stone truly magical.

Overview of the magical properties inherent in the stone tiger eye

The magical properties of the mysterious crystal

Mystical abilities of this stone are known to people from ancient times. The fact is that in the tiger stone the energies of the Sun, Air and Earth miraculously combined.

This makes the properties of the mineral unique. Natural energy flows are transformed in this stone and come to the aid of people wearing gem.

  • The energy of the Sun gives courage and perseverance, makes you confident in your abilities, keeps from the dangers and any negative.
  • Air Energy teaches stamina and the ability to overcome difficulties.
  • Earth’s energy will support in difficult times, teach you to stand firmly on your feet and rationally assess the situation without «wandering in the clouds.»

Gem is considered to be a “stone of fulfilling desires”, because with its help any, even the most impossible dream, can be fulfilled. The tiger eye directs human energy in the right direction and tells you which path you need to choose in order for the desire to be fulfilled.

It is believed that the mineral is able to communicate with the person wearing it. If the owner is in danger, the tiger’s eye gives him peculiar signals that need to be paid attention to: the beads begin to crush, the chain of the pendant pulls on his neck like a loop, and the ring sticks to the finger until the pain.

Protection from the evil eye

Mineral is a powerful talisman against any negative energy effects — the evil eye, envy, anger, and even damage and witchcraft. This stone, filled with the bright energy of the Sun, destroys any negative, directed towards its owner.

The stone of financial well-being and success

The tiger eye provides powerful financial support. He helps his owner to conduct business, protects against unprofitable investments and bankruptcy.

The stone has the property to attract wealth and contributes to the growth of the state.

If you want to feel the magic of the tiger eye and at the same time improve your financial situation, perform the following ritual:

  • Wait for the full moon and bring the stone to a place well lit by the moon.
  • For some time you need to hold the tiger’s eye in the moonlight. In this case, contact the night luminary with a request for financial well-being.
  • Leave the crystal under the light of the moon until the morning. In the morning, a magic amulet must be put in a wallet or in the place where you keep money.

Talisman for women

Not all women fit tiger eye as a talisman. The fact is that the mineral has a very powerful energy, therefore it is suitable only for resolute and strong-willed people who have a strong character.

The tiger eye is recommended to be worn to someone who is in a difficult life situation, cannot make a choice. Crystal will settle all the problems and put everything in its place.

Also, the mineral is considered a symbol of harmonious family relations and a strong talisman from discord and conflicts in the family.

Overview of the magical properties inherent in the stone tiger eye

Talisman for men

Men are advised to wear a tiger eye to protect against various hazards and accidents. Mineral sharpens intuitive perception and inhibits aggression and anger.

In addition, the stone will help develop homeliness, thrift and thrift, will make a man a good owner and family man.

It is believed that the tiger eye is also a powerful amulet against injuries, dangerous animals and criminals.

Health crystal

Mineral has a powerful healing potential. Since ancient times, it is used for such purposes:

  • Restores and fills with vital energy.
  • Heals for depression and mental disorders.
  • Relieves insomnia and nightmares.
  • Used for weight loss — regulates appetite.
  • Helps normalize blood pressure and improves heart function.
  • Treats various female diseases.

What signs of the zodiac is suitable mineral?

Tiger eye is recommended to wear Taurus. This hardened romantics mineral will give realism and confidence in their abilities, make them not so vulnerable.

Ideal for creative Taurus.

Suitable tiger stone and Gemini. He will restore their emotional balance, harmonizes the emotional state and teach you to really look at things. The strength of the mineral will save

Gemini from hasty decisions and reckless actions.

Tiger’s eyes are friends with Virgins. He awakens in them perseverance and perseverance in achieving the goal, makes them more active and purposeful.

A Capricorn wearing a tiger-eyed amulet can reach unprecedented heights in career. Stone will make them confident in their abilities and strengthen their leadership skills.

But in general, the tiger’s eye is suitable for representatives of all signs of the zodiac, without exception. To determine whether this is your stone, you need to carefully listen to your inner feelings and try to understand it.

Who is the mineral suitable for the profession?

The tiger eye is considered the patron saint of all creative professions — writers, artists, artists and designers. Often they lack the energy and confidence to implement their ideas.

The tiger eye will give them strength and decisiveness, will help to realize their wildest fantasies.

Mineral is also suitable for people who are engaged in commerce. He will help them to succeed and improve their financial situation, eliminate ill-wishers.

It is necessary to purchase a tiger-eye amulet also for people whose activities are accompanied by a risk to life — military, firefighter, policeman. He will protect them from accidents, save lives and warn of disaster.

Listen carefully to the signs that gives the stone — a change in color, squeezing, because he is able to catch the first signs of danger.

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