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Orthodox rosary: ​​why and how to use them

Orthodox rosary: ​​why and how to use them

It is believed that the ancestor of the modern Orthodox rosary is India. In ancient times, most ordinary people did not know how to count.

Believers used various objects to help themselves during prayers: stones, shells, nuts, seeds.

Later they began to knit knots on thin belts made of leather and on ropes. It has become a more convenient way to count prayers. Then, they began to string small round beads made of wood or natural stones on the rope.

Such a device was widely spread among believers of all religious movements.

What are beads for and how are Orthodox Christians using them

The main function of the rosary is convenience when calculating prayers that are pronounced by Christians. During prayers should not distract extraneous thoughts or noises.

A true believer offers the words of prayer with full dedication, detaching himself from all earthly things. Christian rosaries help focus on spoken words and not be distracted by counting prayers already read.

Orthodox rosary: ​​why and how to use them

Another purpose of the rosary is to constantly remind you to strive for the purification of the soul, to do good, to ask God for forgiveness for committed voluntary or involuntary transgressions.

The rosaries, worn on the wrist, serve as good reminders that prayers are pronounced by believers not only in the morning and evening, but also during the day.

What else can be used and how to use them

During the ascension of prayer, the rosary serves not only to count the prayers, but also helps to tune and relax. A calm focus on prayer clears the mind of worldly worries and worries.

When the fingertips touch the smooth beads, the believer sinks into a peaceful state. Looking through the rosary, they learn to get rid of evil thoughts and anger, they teach themselves to be patient.

Many who saw rosaries for the first time or picked up their hands wondered about their purpose. Initially, they were used during ritual actions — counting prayers read or bow. Having read one prayer or having made a bow, they moved one bead, counting out the performed action.

Therefore, the rosary and became so called.

In Orthodox rosaries, the number of beads is strictly defined. Each bead can have its own size.

So it will be more convenient to understand the required number of readings for each prayer included in the cycle.

In order to count the prayers, with the fingers of the left hand, the beads are sorted out simultaneously with the ascension of the new prayer. A separate bead corresponds to one prayer.

When picking up small beads, they reach a large one, stop and say the prayer “To the Virgin of the Virgin, rejoice” or “Worthy to eat,” then the Jesus prayer. After the prescribed number of prayers is read, stop praying and read “Our Father.”

On the rosary read different prayers.

Orthodox rosary: ​​why and how to use them

Over time, the rosary began to be used for other purposes.

  1. The rosaries were used by wandering ascetics for a relaxing massage that helped relieve fatigue.
  2. Fingering the rosary soothes and relieves tension.
  3. You can not ignore the benefits and tactile touch to the rosary. Massage of the fingertips, on which the nerve endings are located, positively affects the health of the internal organs.

In the esoteric use of beads for the correction and fixation of certain programs. This seemingly purely church instrument for prayers can serve as a talisman designed to purify the aura and attract positive energy.

Learn more about how to use the rosary here:

How many beads have orthodox rosary

Orthodox rosaries are easily distinguished by the number of links, which is a multiple of ten — 50,100,150 and so on. The material is usually leather (staircase). Wool knots may be used.

Rosary made of wood and stones came to Orthodoxy from other cultures.

Rosary has long been one of the most famous attributes in most religions. There are some differences in the number of beads.

You can often see beautifully made beads made of ivory, natural stones, precious woods or decorative glass.

Personal rosary

Creating a rosary for personal use has always been given special importance. Esoterics believe that this is a powerful talisman, combined into a single whole of the many beads.

They believe that he is constantly in motion, has a favorable effect on the movement of power into the chakras, clears the aura, makes it possible to use cosmic energy, draw strength in prayer and in the outside world.

Orthodox rosary: ​​why and how to use them

The material from which the beads are made is also of great importance in this case, since it is able to accumulate the accumulated energy of prayers or mantras, as a result of which it has a beneficial effect on the psyche and energy field of the owner.

Who can use the rosary

Rosary is used throughout monasticism to count bows or prayers. Despite this, their importance needs to be considered more broadly.

Not surprisingly, the rosary is called a spiritual sword.

One of the most important elements of the Orthodox rosary is the cross, which is endowed with very powerful and strong symbolism. This is a reminder of the torment taken by the savior on the Cross, and the weapon of redemption, and a symbol of immortality.

For believers, the Cross is the personification of victory over death, sins and the devil.

For monks, this is not just a counting tool, but a reminder of prayer, repentance. This is one of the items that help in communicating with God.

There are no prohibitions and canons that restrict the use of rosaries only in monastic life. However, there are generally accepted restrictions for their use in the world.

A believer should receive the blessing of a spiritual person before using his rosary.

It is impossible to identify this tool for prayers with a fashionable attribute and even more so to use it for demonstrative superiority over other people. Rosary should not serve as a symbol of pride and wealth, in the event that they are made of expensive materials.

The use of such rosaries is a pharisaism. Shepherds advise to use this spiritual tool discreetly and keep it away from prying eyes.

Rosary uniform

Nowadays, the rosary is a closed thread with balls strung on it. Small «grains» are divided into tens, beads of large sizes. The most common number of beads for the rosary is fifty or one hundred.

The number of «grains» for monastic prayers can reach even thousands.

In ancient Russia, the rosary was a different form. They were made in the form of a closed ladder. The «steps» of the ladder were made of wood, then sheathed with their material or leather.

Such a device was called a “ladder” or “ladder”, that is, a ladder. Identified him with the ladder of salvation leaving the sky.

The closed leaflet was associated with incessant eternal prayer.

Rosary for laymen

Rosary may well be considered part of the monastic vestments. The lay people can use them only after receiving the permission and blessing of the spiritual father.

It is not recommended to put a rosary on display. They should be worn in a pocket and used during prayer at home.

To create a prayer in a public place, in transport or at work, all you have to do is find the rosary in your pocket and start sorting through the beads.

Types of Orthodox Rosary

In Orthodoxy used several variants of the rosary. Over time, new ones were gradually added to them, and nowadays the old versions are almost forgotten.

This is the Serbian version of the Orthodox rosary. It is a simplified and more compact version of the Vervitsa and is similar to home-made sewing. The brooch is worn on the arm in the form of a bracelet.

It is made mainly of leather, wool, thick fabric. Mandatory number of nodules — 33.

This number is associated with the number of years Jesus Christ lived on Earth.

The peculiarity of the rosary is that the cord is connected by an equilateral metal or wooden cross. Very often this cross is made of precious material and a small icon is engraved on it. Folk traditions say that you cannot buy or make Broyanits yourself.

It should give.

This type of rosary is rooted in the distant past. They are a rope with knots of various sizes imposed on it.

This option is considered the main type of Christian rosary. It Vervitsu offer to buy believers in parish shops.

Orthodox rosary: ​​why and how to use them

These rosaries are woven in a special way, using a large piece of wool tape. 100 nodules are made, which are divided every ten or twenty-five small ones, one larger nodule. Sometimes the number of nodules reaches thousands, and sometimes there are only ten or thirty-three.

Such «little Vervitsy» worn on the hand.

This type belongs to the Old Believers beads. They consist of a tape, connected in a ring, consisting of special loops.

The folded paper is inserted into these butterfly loops. A short prayer is written on each piece of paper.

For example, it may be «Lord, have mercy.» It is believed that such rosaries help believers to fully surrender to prayer and turn away from earthly affairs.

St. Seraphim of Sarov was often depicted on icons with a flattering.

The leaflets were also used by Sergius of Radonezh, Iuliania Lazarevskaya, Erazm Kiev-Pechersky, Seraphim Vyritsky. The leaflet next to these saints symbolizes the spiritual ascent from the mortal earth to heaven.

It is impossible in any case to treat the rosary as a means of decor — to use as decoration on the body, in the car or at home. Rosaries are a tool of prayer, not a beautiful accessory.

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