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On which hand are the red thread and how to tie it correctly

How to tie a red thread and on which hand to do it

There are many different amulets in the world. And they all come from different teachings or cults. They also have different meanings and are worn by a person under certain circumstances.

So what does the red thread on the wrist mean? How to wear and wear it.

On which hand are the red thread and how to tie it correctly

History of origin

The red thread has several stories. They are associated with various nations, cults and religions.

According to one of these stories, the accessory belongs to the esoteric teaching — Kabbalah. It spread widely in the 16th century.

This mystical direction promises to help a person understand what is the meaning of his life and help to find happiness.

In Israel, the grave of the biblical foremother of humanity, Rachel, was tied with wool. According to legend, she tried to protect her children from evil and other troubles.

So, this thread is sanctified in this place.

It is said that then she is endowed with magical powers. Then the product is cut in half and put on the left hand.

Slavs also wore a thread for healing. They tied it on the wrist of their children.

Thus, they were protected from the evil eye and curses.

Buddhists wore a red thread to protect against unhappiness and to purify karma. They tied it at 7 knots and read prayers.

In India, such a bracelet can be found on the hand of unmarried girls. So they protect them from the dark forces.

On which hand are the red thread and how to tie it correctly

The meaning of such a red thread on the hand is also different and depends on the cult. But in any case, all values ​​are reduced to one thing — the protection of a person from the negative influence of other people.

And also this accessory is able to protect specifically from one person, from his negative thoughts and influences.

So, in a teaching such as Ayurveda, it is believed that the red thread can cure diseases. Even from the most serious.

And healing takes place on the energy level.

But for the purification of karma, the thoughts of a person must be pure. Only in this way can it work.

And if they are negative, the thread, on the contrary, will contribute to the deterioration of the situation.

On which hand are the red thread and how to tie it correctly

The value of the red thread depending on the hand

So, the charm can be worn on different hands. Then it acquires a different meaning:

  • Left. According to the Kabbalistic teaching, the left wrist is considered to be the recipient. This means that through it the negative, the evil eye, or bad signals from evil people can penetrate into the human energy. Such an amulet is able to protect its owner from all this. But, it should be noted that it should be tied in a certain way. Only then will it tune in to the energy flow of a person and will carry only positive things in his life, protecting him from all bad things.
  • Right. This wearing amulet does not apply to the kabbalistic doctrine. But among the ancient Slavs, the red thread on the right wrist was tied to attract wealth and fulfillment of desires. That is, it is a money mascot. In India, bracelets are worn by unmarried girls in order to protect them from evil forces. According to Ayurveda, the red thread is worn to protect against the evil eye, but for women — on the left wrist, for men — on the right.

On which hand are the red thread and how to tie it correctly

Features of the choice of color and material of the thread

So why give preference to wool yarn of red color. Regardless of the teachings or worship, all are similar in one thing — the material must be natural.

That is, it is wool.

There is a rational grain in this — it is known that wool products are recommended for many diseases and are used in the treatment of most pathologies: from colds to inflammatory processes in the joints.

Wool contains a substance — lanolin. Penetrating the body, it helps to heal. It improves blood circulation, removes toxins and stimulates healing.

Therefore, the choice of wool for the red thread is not surprising.

And why should it be exactly red? Many believe that this color is a symbol of energy and the sun.

And in some cults, red can scare away evil spirits.

On which hand are the red thread and how to tie it correctly

How to tie

It is believed that if you tie the thread yourself, then it will not become a talisman. Will not acquire their magical properties. Therefore, it is necessary to fix it on the wrist correctly.

If the red thread corresponds to the kabbalistic doctrine, then it is tied to the left hand.

While doing 7 knots. But the person who does this should be a close relative and have only good motives in relation to the person on whom the thread is tied.

At the same time it is necessary to read certain prayers.

If you tie a thread in order to attract money or fulfill a desire, you should do it on the right hand. But this has nothing to do with Kabbalah. At the same time, the number of nodes is made the same — 7.

When making knots, you need to clearly represent your goal and ask the Universe to fulfill your desires. But to make the dream come true, we must sincerely believe in it.

How much to wear

The talisman has no exact expiration date. It is believed that it should be worn until it breaks or is worn.

Previously it was believed that if a thread was worn during an illness, then it should be removed and burned with complete healing.

On which hand are the red thread and how to tie it correctly

What to do if the thread is torn

Nothing wrong with that. The followers of the Kabbalah current believe that in this way, the amulet took on itself the negative and deteriorated.

In this case, it must be burned. Then tie a new talisman.

So, what we learned about the red thread:

  • Origin. Different cults and movements have a different talisman story.
  • The meaning of the mascot. It also depends on the cult in which it originated.
  • For what they tied the charm on the right and left hand. Again, here is the difference in the origins of the red thread.
  • How much should be worn on the hand amulet. It turned out the term does not matter.
  • How to tie a thread. Just because this amulet does not acquire magical properties.
  • What to do when it is damaged? Just tie a new thread.

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