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Om tare tuttare plow round: the meaning of the mantra, tips for applying

Mantra «Om tare tuttare round of the plow» — the correct pronunciation

Green Tara is one of the revered goddesses of Buddhism. From Sanskrit the word «tara» is translated as a saving star.

The goddess helps in healing diseases, solving household and love problems, protects from harm and fulfills innermost desires.

Consider the topic: om tare tuttare round of the plow — the meaning of the mantra. When you can practice the mantra, how many times to pronounce, how to pronounce, what conditions to observe.

Om tare tuttare plow round: the meaning of the mantra, tips for applying

Goddess tara in buddhism

The image of Tara is so powerful that even the image of her in the picture brings a blessing to the artist. The green Tara mantra was especially revered by the Dalai Lama. Goddess Tara — incarnated compassion and mercy, love and care.

At the moment of danger and despair, Tara comes to the rescue if asked about it in the prayer-mantra.

In Buddhism, there are 21 incarnations of the goddess, but the most widespread image of green and white Tara. Green Tara is depicted with a lotus flower in her hand and looks like a simple earthly woman sitting on a lotus throne.

Belonging to the world of the gods is expressed in the color of her skin — green. In Buddhism, gestures that carry a sacred meaning are of great importance.

The goddess’s right hand is located at the knee — it is a symbol of beneficence. The left hand is located at the chest — a symbol of protection.

According to legend, Tara was a wise girl who dreams of achieving enlightenment. Despite the fact that she managed to become enlightened, she continued to love people and help them after her death.

The mantra oh tare tuttare round of the plow is a call from a person for help.

The goddess hears these words and quickly responds to prayer. Just need to ask her with a pure heart and bright intentions: Tara will never help in achieving self-serving goals.

Om tare tuttare plow round — the meaning of mantra

What do these words mean in sacred language? The meaning of the spoken words is as follows:

Om tare tuttare plow round: the meaning of the mantra, tips for applying

Now we will analyze the sacred meaning of words in the literal sense:

  • Om — the sound at the frequency of which the universe vibrates. By uttering the sound of Om, a person enters the spiritual space.
  • Tara — removal from earthly sensations, access to the divine worlds, salvation from earthly dangers.
  • Tuttare — getting rid of karma and negativity, the elimination of fears and internal locks. This is the elimination of everything that prevents you from reaching your goal.
  • Toure — calls for luck and luck, allows you to unleash the inner reserves of human essence and learn the true self.
  • Soha — sends a request to heaven (sometimes pronounced as a matchmaker or sohaam).

If you give the words an artistic form, we get the following appeal to the goddess:

Om tare tuttare plow round: the meaning of the mantra, tips for applying

Appeal to Tara is filled not only with a prayer for salvation, but also with a desire to receive wisdom and enlightenment. The goddess fulfills the desires of a person seeking to gain wisdom on the earthly path, and not seeking earthly blessings for their own sake.

Tara will help get rid of the negative and destructive thoughts that destroy the inner world of a person and lead to mental turmoil. Happiness is impossible without finding inner peace and harmony — this is where the goddess helps.

Internal enlightenment reveals a true picture of what is happening, and a person chooses the right way to solve problems.

Om tare tuttare plow round: the meaning of the mantra, tips for applying

How to practice the mantra

Tara has 21 incarnations, it means that it is necessary to read the mantra for three weeks — 21 days. The time of pronouncing the sacred text does not matter; the main thing is not to miss a single day.

The 21 day period has one more meaning — it is after 21 days that the cells of the body are completely updated. If you asked for healing, you will get the perfect result in three weeks!

Do not expect instant healing — the mantra does not violate or annul the laws of the universe.

How many times is the mantra om tare tuttare tour of the plow? It is advisable to pronounce this text 108 times in a row. Take the rosary or beads, on which 108 beads, and read, turning over the beads with your fingers.

One bead — one reading of the text. The material of making beads does not matter — wood, glass, plastic.

Do I need a special attitude while reading the mantra? You need to move away from the earthly bustle and feel the feeling of eternity.

Remember that you are dealing with a transcendental phenomenon.

Therefore, the desire to receive supernatural wisdom and insight should be the main attitude. Mantras do not work according to the principle of “pike blessing,” they always require spiritual renewal of the person and striving for knowledge of the truth.

To fully enter the flow of the goddess Tara, you need to visualize (represent) her image or look at the statue of the goddess or image. Imagine that silvery threads come out of the goddess’s hands and body and penetrate into your soul and body.

It is the light of wisdom that will lead you through any obstacles, drive away negative entities and remove any fear. To make it easier to tune in to the flow of the goddess Tara, include the mantra in the recordings and listen.

Then join the singing.

Om tare tuttare plow round: the meaning of the mantra, tips for applying

Om tare tuttare plow round: the meaning of the mantra, tips for applying

The energy of the goddess is very soft and positive. It works on the inner planes through the subconscious of a person.

It does not matter whether a person understands the meaning of spoken words, or does not understand: the goddess comes to the aid of the suffering.

This mantra helps in solving ordinary everyday life issues. It is read to remove obstacles, to get rid of illnesses and misfortunes, to resolve issues of mutual relations with the opposite sex, at birth of a child and many other questions of the household plan.

Under the mantra of the green Tara children fall asleep well. The sacred text can be recited in spring or melt water, and then drink.

The daily practice of mantra gives peace, peace of mind and a feeling of happiness. It can be practiced without asking for salvation in order to gain universal wisdom and knowledge.

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