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Old Slavic amulets

Old Slavic amulets

In ancient times, magic and mysticism were perceived naturally, the life of the Slavs was protected by amulets, and to attract good luck they used special items of power. Magical symbols were decorated houses, clothing, kitchen utensils. People believed that everything around was alive — trees, rivers, the sun and the stars.

What were the Old Slavic charms? These objects of force differed special symbolism.

Consider the issue in detail.

Old Slavic amulets

Pantheon of Slavic Gods

Before the baptism of Russia, the Slavs worshiped their gods, of which the Rod was especially revered. Slavs worshiped the forces of nature, seeing in them signs of living and intelligent beings.

They animated thunder and lightning, stones and trees, natural springs and flowers. The main god was considered Yarilo — the god of the sun and fire.

His wife was the goddess Lada, who patronized women.

People believed that the gods and the forces of nature could be invoked through certain symbols. It is the image of symbols on objects that distinguishes Old Slavic magic and distinguishes it from other cultures. Recently, there has been a revival of interest in Old Slavic culture, and amulets are in demand.

They can be bought in esoteric shops or made independently.

Men’s amulets

The Slavs were aware of the difference between male energy and female energy, although this difference was not expressed in Yin-Yang symbols. For men were created men’s amulets, as a rule, the lines on them were depicted to the right (on the women’s — to the left). The charms helped the warriors in battles, strengthened their courage and gave strength.

Also, men’s amulets are designed to strengthen the positive qualities of a person: wisdom and tranquility, kindness and justice.

The man wards include:

  1. Velesovik associated with the power of Veles, the god of wealth and wisdom. The image of Veles has undergone a change over time, he began to attribute destructive power. In the understanding of Christianity, the image of Veles was associated with the goat (devil), as he was the patron saint of shepherds and animals. The purpose of the guardian is to protect a man from negative energies, to give wisdom and insight, to empower people in solving problems, to protect them from unreasonable actions. Charm was worn under clothing so that no one saw.
  2. Valkyrie gives his owner real masculine qualities — strength of mind, will to victory, fearlessness and courage. Valkyrie also gives wisdom, a sense of justice, restraint and modesty. The balance of moral and physical strength — these qualities are necessary for a man in everyday life.
  3. Sun cross took with them to the battlefield. This symbol creates a powerful protective field and protects its owner from death. The youths charm keeps from unreasonable courage, risk and courage.
  4. Kolovrat (Solntsevrat)— The main symbol of the ancient Slavs. Kolovrat personifies the patronage of the entire pantheon of Slavic gods. This sign was depicted everywhere — on clothes, on window frames and gates, on arms and wedding accessories. Kolovrat brings good luck to its owner and death to enemies.

Old Slavic amulets

Women’s amulets

Protective symbols for women had their own characteristics — they helped in childbirth, protected from diseases and preserved feminine strength and beauty. Women’s charms were dedicated to the goddesses — Lada, Beregin, Mokosh. Among them, the following were especially honored:

  1. Star of Lada was considered the main talisman for women. She helped in childbirth, protected the mother and baby in the first days of life, endowed with fertility, protected the health of the woman.
  2. Lada Mother of God helped in conception. This amulet was placed under the matrimonial bed. For the worship of Lada brought field flowers.
  3. Rozhanitsu asked for conception. The charm was made in the shape of a doll, under the hem of which the second pupa was hidden — a diaper. The material for making dolls could not be cut with scissors — they were torn by his hands and teeth.
  4. Bereginyaprotected the family peace, protected from adultery and aggression of her husband. Women Bereginya maintained health, beauty and youth. Beregina with her wings drove away any evil.

Old Slavic amulets

Family charms

Among the family amulets, the following were popular:

  1. Rodovik Patronizes many generations of the genus. The symbol of Rodovik resembles the shape of a broken cross. It was used in the treatment of hereditary diseases, expelled clan curses and defacements, gave into the hands of women in labor. This symbol was handed down to descendants from family to family to protect generations of the family from harm.
  2. Rodimich He was also considered the protector of the clan, however, he performed a slightly different function — contributed to the prosperity and wealth of the family, helped to preserve the traditions of the clan. Rodimich guarded the woman in labor and the baby, endowed the health of the elderly, took care of the mental health of family members. Rodimich used to be worn around the neck instead of a cross.
  3. Bogovik used for the subordination of natural elements — thunderstorm, tornado, flood, fire. This amulet was in every Slavic home to protect against natural phenomena — it was placed above the threshold of the house, above the hearth. In ancient times, the welfare of the family depended on the forces of nature, so they needed to be able to manage.
  4. Weddingsused as a talisman of the family, the well-being of the newlyweds and the elderly. Weddings were given during the wedding, it was kept until his death. Charm harmonized energy in the house, prevented scandals, protected health, protected the younger generation from unhappy love and unsuccessful marriage. It is noteworthy that the Weddings were handed down from generation to generation for the connection of the whole race by a single spiritual line.

In ancient times, amulets contributed to the strengthening of faith in the gods, respect between people, the well-being and prosperity of the family, protection of the married couple from betrayal and continuation of the species. The rules for using amulets were the same — they were activated by the energy of the sun or moon, depending on the meaning of the symbol.

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