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Ohm Meditation — mantra pronunciation technique

Om Meditation — magic mantra, healing the subconscious

Om meditation on the most important Indian mantra is quite simple. Every person can practice, even if he has never tried anything like this before.

Let’s talk about the correct technique of meditation and why it is needed.

Meditation technique

Before the beginning of the meditation, pick up pleasant music. It promotes entry into a relaxed meditative state.

It is also desirable to use a rosary, so as not to lose the score. Fingering the rosary also helps to distract from extraneous thoughts and concentrate as much as possible on the process.

Ohm Meditation - mantra pronunciation technique

  1. It is very important to breathe properly during meditation. It is the breath that sets the subconscious to the desired state. You should take smooth, calm and deep breaths through your nose, and also slowly exhale through your mouth.
  2. You need to meditate with your eyes closed. As soon as you open them, get out of the desired state. Therefore, make sure that during practice you will not be distracted. Ideally, turn on the music in the headphones so that there are no additional sources of noise.
  3. The number of repetitions of the mantra «OM» must be considered — it must be at least 108 times. That is why you should use the rosary, so as not to lose the score. But this is not a prerequisite.
  4. Strive to completely relax the body and free the mind from extraneous thoughts. You should concentrate on the sound that comes out of your lungs. Try to feel the positive vibrations of the mantra, immerse yourself in yourself and abandon the world during meditation.
  5. If a person has blocks in one of the chakras, he may feel pain, discomfort, discomfort in this area. You should not be afraid — on the contrary, it is with this energy center that you should work very carefully, gently. Attach a hand to the area of ​​the body in which you experience discomfort. Feel the warmth of your palms spread all over your body.
  6. It is not necessary to maintain a fixed posture during meditation. If you want to rock — swing. Listen to the desires of your own body, do not pinch and do not strain, you should be very comfortable and calm

There are no strict rules in this meditation. Over time, you will learn to hear your body and subconscious, pick the perfect position, the rate of pronunciation of the mantra and the number of repetitions.

Strive to do everything not “as it should,” but the way you feel.

What does meditation give?

Before you begin to practice, you need to understand why you generally need to meditate. You must have a goal — otherwise you will not get any benefit.

Ohm Meditation - mantra pronunciation technique

What can be useful mantra meditation:

  • Increases the subtle energy vibrations of the human body. Thanks to this, it is filled with positive, benevolent energy. This is what gives a person a feeling of fulfillment, love, acceptance, harmony and happiness.
  • Developing awareness — you become able to control your emotions. The understanding comes that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Learn to enjoy the moment, and not get hung up on the past and various problems, it is easier to overcome them
  • Clears the mind. Rid man of negative blocks, clips, installations and fears. All emotions go through, because of which you lose your composure and become unable to think rationally. You learn to share your true feelings and those imposed by the environment.
  • You learn not only to accumulate energy, but also to direct it to the right goals. Stop wasting energy on unnecessary things, concentrate only on what is really important and meaningful to you
  • If you use other mantras for meditation, then the magic sound “OM” enhances their positive effect, acting as a catalyst and activator
  • It is also believed that with the help of sound vibrations of a mantra a person connects to the source of the Higher Mind, drawing knowledge from which he can get answers to any questions.
  • Regular practice of mantra meditation helps to fully experience and feel the divine power within you. A person realizes that a part of it is in him, and God always supports and protects him.
  • Meditation “OM” clears negative emotions, helps to find them in the most hidden corners of the subconscious and get out, live correctly, and then get rid of
  • In the process of practice, you will feel your connection with the Universe, the world around you, all people and nature. Realize that you are a part of the vast world, and a lot of people daily participate in your happiness.

Watch a video with OM meditation:

You can turn on the video, relax, close your eyes and listen to the sounds. Or repeat the chants of the mantra behind the speaker out loud.

Choose the way that you like best and fits.

Ohm Meditation - mantra pronunciation technique

How to pronounce the mantra?

Depending on the method of pronunciation of the sound “OM”, you can get a different effect:

  1. A clear and loud pronunciation out loud affects, primarily, the physical body of a person. This method is suitable for working with healing programs. Use it if you are sick and want to feel better
  2. By uttering a mantra in a quiet whisper, you engage the central energy flows, allowing energy to flow freely through the body. Use this method if you are tired and want to be filled with the energy of love, gratitude and acceptance
  3. The mental repetition of the sound “OM” affects the subtle bodies, aura and subconsciousness. This method is used to work out negative programs, installations, removal of energy blocks.

Try different ways to understand what effect they have on you. On your physical condition, emotions, health and well-being.

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