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North West by Feng Shui: the organization of space and the activation of zones

Northwest Feng Shui — Travel and Sector Helpers

Northwest Feng Shui is a sector of assistants and travel. Proper organization of the space in this area will provide you with powerful patrons and true friends who will support you throughout your life.

Let’s talk about the features of the arrangement and activation of this zone in accordance with the canons of Eastern philosophy.

The elements of the northwest zone and its features

The northwest sector in feng shui is under the auspices of powerful metal energy. This postpones the imprint on all the rules for organizing the space of this zone.

North West by Feng Shui: the organization of space and the activation of zones

Recommendations and rules that are important to consider when arranging premises in the north-western part of the house are as follows:

  1. The shape of the furniture and interior should be symmetrical, round or square. This is very important: asymmetric details will impede the circulation of positive Qi energy through the rooms.
  2. All metallic shades should prevail in the interior design: gold, silver. White and brown are also considered favorable, as well as all tones of sandy, yellow and terracotta.
  3. To activate the energy in this space, use a metal decor. It can be all sorts of figurines and figruks.
  4. Fire energy conflicts with metal. It is important to consider and avoid placing «fiery» items in the northwestern part of the apartment. Here you can not install a fireplace.
  5. For the same reason, it is not recommended to equip the kitchen in the assistants and travel area, because there is a stove in it — the most powerful source of fiery energy in the apartment.
  6. If the layout of the apartment is such that the kitchen is located in the north-western sector, add more yellow color to the interior — it will neutralize the energy of the Fire and reduce its negative impact on the element of Metal.

Arranging space in this area, do not forget about the rest. The whole philosophy of feng shui is built on harmony.

Therefore, pay enough attention and organization of space in the remaining sectors of the apartment.

What does the northwest influence on feng shui

Before you begin to equip this zone, it is important to understand what it affects and what you need.

North West by Feng Shui: the organization of space and the activation of zones

First of all it is:

  1. Receiving help and support of higher forces, the ability to always be under their invisible protection. Activating energy in the mates and travel sector will provide you with powerful lifelong support.
  2. The number of loyal friends and powerful patrons who will be in your environment. The stronger the energy of the northwestern zone, the more useful and pleasant people will appear around you.
  3. Travels. Their quantity and quality. If there is not enough energy in the travel zone, you will constantly encounter obstacles on your way to visiting the desired countries, going on vacation and getting new impressions.
  4. Indirectly, this sector also affects love. If energy is not enough, there will not be a man in your environment who can become a partner in life. This will happen simply because the social circle is small, and new people will no longer meet you.

If you are striving for an active social life, you want to be in the center of attention, you want your opinion to be authoritative and respected, it is very important to activate the zone of assistants and travels.

The organization of space and the activation zone assistants and travel

Now let’s look at how to activate the energy in the north-west of the apartment, so that it does not stagnate and move freely around the space.

North West by Feng Shui: the organization of space and the activation of zones

First, consider the most common problems in the organization of space:

  1. If the northwest is absent and not activated, then there will never be a man in the house. This is a typical female dwelling in which there is no male energy. If a girl gets married, her husband will either often get sick or leave her sooner or later.
  2. If the sector is located in the bathroom, the man in the house will not be able to earn enough money to meet the needs of the family. There will always be financial difficulties, the head of the family will not be able to realize himself in his career.
  3. If the kitchen falls on this zone, it is extremely dangerous. The head of the family is at gunpoint: he can die early and permanently endanger his life and health.

The «wrong» sector threatens with big problems in the financial sphere of the family, therefore it is important to activate it correctly.

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  1. Be sure to use metal objects for interior decoration. Among the Chinese charms, the most favorable are the “singing winds”, Chinese coins and other similar decorations.
  2. Avoid elements of the water element. You can not put decorative fountains and aquariums here, hang pictures with sea landscapes on the walls and so on. Use water talismans in the zone of wealth — only there they help, and not harm.
  3. If the room has a lot of grooves, beams, this is an unfavorable sign. Neutralize the negative impact of protruding angles can be using mirrors. Arrange them so that you can see all the problem areas in the reflection.
  4. Take care of bright enough light. Well, if the room is located in the sunny part of the apartment, and a sufficient amount of daylight penetrates into the space. Otherwise, you need to install bright lights with powerful lamps. Twilight and darkness “collect” negative energies and hinder the realization of your life goals.
  5. Make a wish card in which you pay special attention to the helpers and travel sector. Stick in it photos of countries that you want to visit and collective photos with friends you want to leave in your life. Keep the card in the northwest part of the house.

If you arrange space in this sector according to all the canons of feng shui, you will never have a lack of friends, patrons and new impressions. You activate a very powerful stream of positive energy that will gradually change your life for the better.

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