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Natalia Pravdina: mantras will lead you to success and prosperity

Natalya Pravdina’s mantras for success in everything

Indian mantras are not always understood by an ordinary person, but Natalya Pravdina mantra has created, adapted and selected those that will suit everyone. Read «recipes» of texts for meditation for all occasions.

Natalya Pravdina Mantras for Career Growth and Success

Tired of looking for a job? All offers do not meet your ideas about decent wages or simply uninteresting?

Use the Tibetan mantras.

They will help to achieve great success in the professional field. Say them 7 times before the interview, signing an important contract.

Read them when sending a resume or before an important meeting.

The great mantra of absolute success sounds like this:

Natalia Pravdina: mantras will lead you to success and prosperity

You will enlist the support of the Higher Forces and will be able to successfully overcome the important life stage with the result you need.

There is another victory mantra that literally leads a person away from adverse circumstances. Using the sacred text of Buddha Shanyamuni you will successfully overcome all obstacles, be able to disengage from negative emotions and cope with fears.

What is useful for the mantra of victory and its features:

  1. It should be said 108 times every day, during the month. Or just before you start doing important things.
  2. Suitable for people who are tired of fighting and coping with a pile of failures when they want to feel the taste of victory and enjoy the triumph
  3. Eliminates pride, fear and suffering

The text of the mantra is as follows:

Natalia Pravdina: mantras will lead you to success and prosperity

It is believed that all the failures and problems in human life arise from the lack of vital, solar energy. The larger it is, the more serious success a person achieves.

And if the energy of the Sun is not enough, the person lacks strength, the decline of the positive, he is not self-confident and does not know how to properly reveal his talents.

Read such a mantra 108 times during the month, and you will be filled with solar energy, and luck will accompany you in all matters.

Natalia Pravdina: mantras will lead you to success and prosperity

Natalya Pravdina’s mantras for happiness and wish fulfillment

Natalia Pravdina compiled mantras that you can listen and watch for free. One of the varieties of sacred texts is those mantras that help to bring into life a person’s ability to fulfill his most cherished desires.

Natalia Pravdina: mantras will lead you to success and prosperity

This mantra will make your dreams come true so quickly that you will be surprised. You will receive the blessing of the universe for profit in all spheres of life.

The important point is that your desire should be eco-friendly, that is, not to harm any living creature of the planet.

Read this text 108 times within a month, and all desires will begin to come true, as if by magic.

There is another mantra for the fulfillment of all desires. It is incredibly powerful, so repeating the text is enough 9-27 times.

Natalia Pravdina: mantras will lead you to success and prosperity

Here is another mantra — an appeal to the great Shiva. It helps to create successful opportunities for the implementation of any life goals, even impossible at first glance.

Repeat it 108 times during the month, and life begins to change for the better with incredible speed.

Natalia Pravdina: mantras will lead you to success and prosperity

Sacred mantra for the purification of karma

It is believed that many problems in a person’s life are caused by unworked karma. You pay for offenses committed in the past, you are responsible for the sinful behavior of your ancestors.

This mantra neutralizes negative karma, removes all karmic obstacles that shorten life and give rise to punishments for sins.

Natalia Pravdina: mantras will lead you to success and prosperity

The mantra prolongs life and purifies the human subtle body at all levels.

Mantras for attracting love

Sometimes the absence of love in life is not due to the fact that you have some flaws or are not attractive enough for the opposite sex. Perhaps Destiny simply does not provide opportunities to get acquainted with a worthy partner.

To attract opportunities for dating and make the Universe be on your side, special love mantras will help.

  • The Indian mantra “HUM STREAM CRIM CHROME VUICH ON VUE AUM” awakens unconditional love for oneself and the world as a whole. As a result, you attract a person into your life who will sincerely love and accept you.
  • For the harmonization of existing love relationships, the mantra «OM SRI KRISHNAYA GOVINDAYA GOPIJANA VALLABHAYA NAMAH» is suitable. Removes from the relationship of misunderstanding, protects against adultery and betrayal
  • To enhance sexual energy, read the mantra «AUM SHIAM KUM PURTA DENI GARDEN SHIVAYA NAMAH». Become incredibly attractive to the opposite sex. Learn to get happiness and joy from relationships with a man

Watch a video on how to change your life with the mantra of healing:

Mantras to Attract and Maintain Wealth

Money is not happiness — the statement is true. But when there is not enough money for all needs, a person is unlikely to be happy.

Therefore, mantras that attract financial prosperity and well-being are quite relevant.

Natalia Pravdina shares the following mantras of wealth:

  • “OM SRI GANESHAYA NAMAH” is a very powerful text addressed to Ganesh. Helps to eliminate obstacles to the goal, gives success in business and financial affairs, gives vitality and wisdom. Provides a constant cash flow
  • The Tibetan mantra, addressed to the god of Wealth Jambala: «OM PADMA KRODH AYA JAMBALA SRI DHAYA YHUM PE». Attracts into the life of this stream of abundance and prosperity. But be sure to say what purposes you plan to spend money on.
  • The mantra «KLIM KRISHNA KLIM» helps to gain not only material, but also spiritual benefits, to achieve harmony and happiness in all spheres of life. Fills with energy charm and gives charisma. Helps to quickly make useful contacts and keep them in your life

Important: it is necessary not only to mechanically repeat the text of the chosen mantra, but also to firmly believe in its magical power. It is faith that as if activates the flow of energy that will burst into your life and change it for the better.

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