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Natalia Bochkareva told how to choose a luck talisman

Natalia Bochkareva told how to choose a luck talisman

Actress Natalya Bochkareva told in an interview with a well-known publication about her passion for good luck charms. The star of the TV series confessed that there was a huge collection of various knick-knacks in her house, which, according to her, bring happiness, love and money.

As it turned out, Natalia Bochkareva has long been collecting clowns. She said that she brings figures and figurines of this character from all countries in which it happens. According to Natalia, clowns are for her magical symbols of good luck, money and family well-being.

The actress shared with the readers of the magazine how to choose your luck talisman.

In order to attract love, success and money into your life, it is not necessary to furnish your house with magical things and ritual objects. Natalia Bochkareva believes that absolutely any thing can become a good luck charm. To do this, simply choose for yourself the thing that causes positive emotions.

For example, during shopping trips, any person may have an unexpected desire to buy some knickknack. This desire, according to Natalia Bochkareva, is the sign of fate, which suggests the choice of a talisman for good luck.

“By surrounding yourself with things that cause positive emotions, a person can enlist the support of Fortune,” says Bochkareva. No matter what kind of thing it will be: figurines, vases, pendants, paintings or something else. The main thing is the energy of things. It affects the atmosphere in the house and the mood of the owner.

If everything around is full of what drives melancholy and causes negative emotions, then the atmosphere of the negative will always reign in the house, which will have a bad effect on all spheres of life.

You can make a talisman for good luck with your own hands. Natalia Bochkareva admitted that when she began collecting clowns, she had the idea to sew such a toy herself. According to her, such a luck talisman works much more efficiently than a thing bought in a store.

According to actress Natalya Bochkareva, it is possible to attract good luck, love and money by creating a favorable atmosphere at home. Talismans and charms will help to find peace of mind, to raise your mood and recuperate. All this contributes to personal and career growth, increase in income and the attainment of family happiness.

Finally, Natalya Bochkareva wished everyone to find her personal talisman of luck. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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