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Muladhara Chakra — ways to improve the work of the energy center

Muladhara — general information and ways to improve the work of the chakra

Muladhara Chakra acts as the initial chakra of the human body (or in other sources known as the “root”). The name of the chakra from Sanskrit is translated as «base» or «root».

Also often in esoteric literature, muladhara is called the chakra of survival, as it is responsible for the instinct of self-preservation and thirst for life.

Muladhara Chakra - ways to improve the work of the energy center

Muladhara Chakra is responsible for what

The first chakra serves as a link between a specific individual and the material world, and is the basis for the normal functioning of all the other chakras of the human body. It is in it, as in a reservoir, that the entire stock of vital energy of an individual is stored, which is necessary for it to have a full physical existence in our world.

The root chakra fills a person with a sense of confidence and stability, and also activates the most basic survival instinct — the need to work to provide yourself with food, shelter and everything you need. Symbolizes the struggle for survival, is the source of all instincts.

In addition, muladhara has a strong influence on the character with temperament, as well as on the mental state. It promotes the release of the energy body from all the slags accumulated in it.

In the representatives of the stronger sex normally working 1 chakra shows typical courageous features — stability, strength, internal core.

In girls, the development of the energy of the root chakra is much weaker, so she is looking for such a man with a well-developed muladhara who can provide her stability, confidence, and help balance the overflowing feelings and emotions. This is due to the fact that the representatives of the fair sex chakra is not anatomically tied to any specific organ, so a woman should receive the energy of muladhara through a man.

Where is it located

The location of muladhara is somewhat different in both sexes:

  • in men, it can be found at the beginning of the perineum (anatomically, the chakra is tied to the prostate gland);
  • in women, in the area of ​​the ovaries (anatomically not attached to any organ).

If we talk about the physical shell, then the root chakra is located in the area of ​​the lumbar point, in which the spinal plexuses pass.

What authorities are responsible for

Muladhara governs the lymphatic and immune systems of the human body.

This chakra has a strong effect on such organs:

  • uterus with prostate;
  • prostate gland;
  • rectum;
  • left kidney;
  • bladder;
  • urethra;
  • musculoskeletal system.

What are the characteristics of the chakra

The color of muladhara is red. Red energy fills the physical body with mobility, health and strength.

It corresponds to the note before.

Chakra refers to the elements of the Earth.

It has four petals (see the image at the beginning of the article). A petal is an energy oscillation of a described chakra arising in an oscillatory circuit, if we consider the electromagnetic analogy of the activity of a chakra.

Muladhare has a sweet taste.

The fragrance is vetiver. This plant has an odor consisting of a combination of wet mud with wood and with the roots of plants filled with moisture.

But based on the area of ​​growth can be supplemented by the addition of notes of citrus, spices, smoky and woody hues.

From stones to the chakra, you can use grenades, obsidians, rubies, red corals, red jasper, and krovi to improve the work of the chakra.

Opening degrees 1 of the first chakra

When a person has a high spiritual development of the described chakra, the following is characteristic of a person:

  • the amount of physical energy increases;
  • a person becomes resistant to various pathologies;
  • a typical condition for him is vigor and endurance;
  • such a person easily defends his needs and his position;
  • trusts the world;
  • feels safe and constantly feeling stable;
  • excellent connection between the physical organism and the Earth.

Muladhara Chakra - ways to improve the work of the energy center

If there is a low spiritual development of the described chakra, then the person constantly feels a sense of fear and greed, is susceptible to prudence, the person is fully concentrated solely on the material side of life: satisfying his physical needs for food, drink, love joys and finances. It strives, first of all, to satisfy its own desires, without taking into account the interests and needs of the surrounding individuals.

In addition, with insufficiently developed energy 1 chakra (in the case of its closure or blocking), if a person has a heightened emotionality or has an activity in which you have to think a lot, the physical body begins to suffer, as there is no harmonious balance of energy. This is fraught with the development of various pathologies.

To get rid of such a state, sufficient attention should be paid to the issue of «grounding» — that is, implementation in physical reality.

When muladhara is not sufficiently developed, one cannot say about a person that he is a strong personality, he in every way seeks to avoid physical labor, and is inclined to “soar in the clouds”, not accepting obvious things.

What emotions does the chakra command?

Of fears can be called fears of death and self-destruction.

In a normal state, when the body harmonizes with the Soul, a person enjoys his life, is filled with peace and confidence, has mental stability, possesses self-control and is always in a state of real reality.

Muladhara Chakra - ways to improve the work of the energy center

When the work of muladhara is broken, the person becomes overcome by the workaholism of the body, stinginess, gusts of jealousy, heightened anger, intolerance, tries to assert itself at the expense of others, angry, aggressive).

How to open the muladhara chakra?

Fortunately, the process of opening the chakra, which gives vitality and excellent well-being, financial success, is quite simple.

The first and very powerful way — try to surround yourself with attractive objects (use ornaments of those minerals that correspond to this chakra).

Also special music will help you to restore the work of muladhara — shaman tambourines or ritual drums.

A bath with the addition of aromatic oils will also come to the rescue: sandalwood, cedar oil, paucher. In addition, Muladhara massage and pronouncing of special affirmations are shown.

Daily say the following words to yourself:

  • “Life is beautiful, I adore it and enjoy every new day!”
  • “I am worthy of this wonderful life,” and so on.

Blocking and worsening the functioning of muladhara can be a wrong way of life, manifestation of greed, lust, sexual perversions, fears, lack of respect for his relatives, when a person does not have specific life goals and does not fulfill his obligations.

Purification and improvement of activity is done by reading the mantras, meditations and various energy practices are also used.

Else, if you want to keep muladhara normal, follow these rules:

  • take care to always have normal relations with relatives;
  • eliminate your fears;
  • appreciate every moment of life;
  • set a lot of goals;
  • get rid of stinginess;
  • always do what you promise;
  • timely return debts.

Also watch the following video to help you harmonize the state of muladhara

How to restore the work of Muladhara

The most effective, but at the same time, rather soft way to normalize the root chakra is the use of crystals. Use for this purpose pink jasper, obsidian, magnetite, rubies, smoky quartz.

Aromatherapy with various incenses and oils will also help restore the energy of the chakras. Tea tree, basil, mimosa, cypress, and vertiver are very beneficial.

These manipulations are preferably performed in nature, being in an emotionally calm state.

If the chakra is not working enough, the person faces the following pathologies:

  • lumbar pain;
  • constipation;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • overweight;
  • nervous diseases;
  • pathologies of joints, spine, skin

A person falls into depression, with a huge reluctance to perform any action, loses the meaning of life, becomes sluggish.

The meaning of chakra in the Kundalini energy

Muladhara Chakra is inextricably linked with the energy of Kundalini. It is the main energy center of the body that represents the departure point, which distributes all movements.

If you practice yoga exercises aimed at improving the work of muladhara, a person will be able to positively affect the state of the intestine, spine, and muscles that are located in the thighs and groin.

The practice of mulabandha (also known as the lower energy castle) should be followed. The practice includes asanas, in which the muscles of the lower press work, it is necessary to perform lunges and bends, as well as breath-holding.

Chakra work too active, past reincarnations

1 chakra differs in its functions in representatives of the stronger and weaker sex. In men, it dominates, as it fills them with strength, resilience, ensures safety.

For women, it is more passive, as the young ladies should be engaged in creating comfort, maintaining a family hearth. A woman should rely on a strong man.

In the modern world it often happens that a woman is forced to fulfill the role of a breadwinner, in which case muladhara begins to become more active. This provokes its overexcitation, which in turn has a very negative effect on the entire energy system.

Such a state should not be allowed, since it is fraught with very unforeseen consequences.

Muladhara is a source of Kundalini energy that has been gathered over many past lives. For the harmonious distribution of this energy across all the chakras, it is important to be cleansed of the negative coming from past incarnations and to harmonize one chakra.

First chakra: how to meditate with a candle

To harmonize thoughts and change your inner settings, we advise you to resort to the practice of meditation, which uses candle and incense. Be sure to turn on the special music that will pacify you, sit in the most comfortable position, close your eyes, align your spine and relax your knees.

Open your lips.

When you feel complete inner peace and relaxation, say the mantra «Om.» In this case, do not breathe with your chest, but with your stomach.

Feel how the sound of the mantra finds a response in 1 chakra, and then begins to rise, spilling the energy of harmony across all the chakras. When you feel this state, say a few affirmations to change their internal settings.

Work with muladhara

The main task of the root chakra is to fill a person with vital force, to give him a feeling of self-confidence. Normally, a person should not feel a sense of fear.

If you have any phobias, we advise you to eliminate them through meditation. Work on yourself, concentrate on the proper execution of all tasks in order to gain the desired self-confidence.

The main task is to preserve the feeling of unlimited confidence in one’s abilities and abilities for the whole life.

Muladhara Chakra Open and Closed

When the first chakra is littered with energy debris, a person regularly faces laziness, lethargy, does not want to do his job, suffers from bouts of fear, is depressed by longing. He is also inclined to rush and fuss, which provokes mistakes in the process of doing important work.

Knowing the basic ways of opening the root chakra, it will be easy for you to bring it back to its normal state by filling your body with crystal clear energy and an enviable charge of vigor.

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