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Mula mantra — listen and read online

Mula Mantra (Mantra of the World) — listen and read online

Mula Mantra (aka the mantra of the world) is considered one of the strongest prayer chants. Its main difference from other prayers is that during its reading or listening, direct contact with the highest forces of the Universe is established. Some people perceive it as worship, others as unity.

It does not matter what meaning you give to this mantra specifically, the main thing is sincere faith and awareness of the meaning of the spoken words.

Mula mantra - listen and read online

Text and listen Mula Mantra

The text of the mantra is as follows:

Mula mantra - listen and read online

Play Mula Mantra online performed by the Virgin Premal:

Penetrating Universe Secrets

Higher forces are always ready for contact with mere mortals. Why don’t you notice it? It’s simple — you need to speak with them in their own language.

And this is not just a set of sounds, everything rests on the spiritual meaning of prayers and chants. Mula Mantra is a direct appeal to deities, because it carries the charge of blessing and reconciliation with everything.

The language of higher powers does not contain evil and hatred; it is full of kindness, mutual understanding and concern for one’s neighbor. Imagine this situation: you are gesturing for a powerful mage to give a blessing to an important matter.

Will he respond to this request? It is unlikely that he will either not understand or accept such an approach as disrespect for his person. Another thing, if you tell him about your desire in his own language, and without accent.

The magician will be glad and will surely bless the one who asks!

So with the higher forces — they are always ready to bring peace and well-being into the heart, but only if the request is voiced in the language of goodness and tranquility. No wonder some Buddhists and Indians asked for the end of some wars with the help of the Mula Mantra.

Four levels of oneness with the Universe forces

Many mantras increase their power depending on how you join the sacred text. No exception and the Mula Mantra.

The question is in the depth of the universal penetration and sincerity of the reader. So, we distinguish four levels of Mula Mantra power:

  • Listening to the mantra in electronic form. Someone thinks why suddenly listening through a computer is weaker than live. The fact is that the speakers distort the human voice, which means the vibrations are strayed, thereby weakening the proximity of contact with higher powers.
  • Listening to the mantra live. There is no particular difference in who sings the chant. The human voice is capable of generating any vibrations and vibrations that can reach the depths of the Universe, setting the higher forces in direct contact with humanity. Another thing is that a little-known and unrecognized performer may suddenly take and be mistaken. Nothing bad will happen, but the effectiveness of the prayer will decrease dramatically.
  • Group performance of the mantra. It produces a rather powerful effect, exceeding in its power any methods of listening. Only one minus — the presence of strangers knocks you off the rhythm and distracts you from deep thoughts aimed at asking for benefits from higher powers.
  • Individual performance. The strongest option that gives the highest return. You need to do this alone, with a sober mind and good mood. Remember that the positive is the main magnet for the higher forces of the Universe!

Despite the differences in the level of power, all variants of initiation to the power of the Mula Mantra have a certain effect. Remember that individual reading is suitable only for those who already have practice and well remember the words of prayer, being aware of their meaning.

Otherwise, an error is possible, which means the effect will be the same as from a simple listening.

Cleansing and peace

Mula Mantra does not just dispose of higher powers to people, it can purify the soul and thoughts of evil and filth. Those vibrations that the text of a prayer produces generate in the soul craving for good, evoking the warmest memories in life.

Even if this did not happen, the mood will noticeably increase even after the first approach to singing.

Yes, you understood correctly — the mantra is able to heal an exhausted soul. True, the object of such healing will be only that segment of the energy and soul, to which the prayer himself will allow him to touch the higher forces.

There is nothing difficult in this, it is enough to have relevant thoughts in mind during the process of initiation to the mantra.

  • Mula Mantra can cure depression;
  • In some cases, it eliminates thoughts of suicide;
  • Removes anger and irritation from the soul;
  • Facilitates getting rid of bad habits;
  • Heals the wounds of unrequited love.

Naturally, in order to achieve an effect, a person must himself sincerely wish for a particular result. Higher power is not a servant, it must be asked. Deities show mercy by their presence and participation in human life, but they will not give everything at once.

They do not tolerate consumer attitudes, so they act according to the principle “you are for me, I am for you”.

Want to recover from the blues? Nothing is easier, but donate your time and diligence to the higher forces.

Ask for your wish with all your sincerity, and the effect will not take long to wait!

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