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Mudras for attracting love: the technique of execution and examples

Effective wise to attract love: find your happiness

On what only women are not ready to go to meet their soul mate. They actively monitor their appearance, carefully select a wardrobe, go to fitness centers and do internal self-improvement.

And if all of the above remains unsuccessful — they go for help to magicians and fortune tellers in order to at least quickly attract their happiness.

One of the most interesting and effective ways to find men is wise. In this material we will tell you about the wise to attract love and their proper implementation.

Mudras for attracting love: the technique of execution and examples

What is wise

Mudras are special gestures and types of body positions that can lead to changes in mood, mental state and direct the flow of internal energy in the right direction. Using mudras, it becomes possible to concentrate on something, or, on the contrary, to relax, heal sick organs, or energetic “recharge”.

Moreover, mastering mudras does not present any particular difficulties for a person.

Similar to all spiritual practices, the most appropriate at times for performing wisely are the hours before dawn. In this case, you should first resort to warm-up practices (hatha yoga), and then perform pranayama and meditation, during which the mudras are practiced.

Rules of execution wise

  1. Mudras can be done in any places, even in crowded places, but the most correct way is to carry them out, being alone with yourself. The action of the mudra will intensify if you add meditation to it.
  2. It is important to control your breathing — it must be measured.
  3. Healers claim that it is possible to fold simultaneously in several wise for 1 session, provided that the number of combinations will vary from two to three.
  4. It is necessary to take off all the ornaments from the hands, as they knock down the energy flows in the process of performing wise.
  5. An important aspect: you must be calm and in a harmonious state of mind when you fold up the mudras. It is important to be in a good mood, to believe in the success of your business. For the time that you set aside for folding wise, let go of all the problems with worries and troubles and be completely pacified.
  6. For a complete moral cleansing, you should turn to all people whom you once offended and ask for forgiveness in your thoughts.
  7. Believers before practice should read the words of the prayer. And upon completion, another prayer is recited — a thank-you one.
  8. Using practice wise you can help not only personally for yourself, but also for someone from your environment who needs it. At the same time, if this person is next to you, you need to approach him and begin to perform prakik without disturbing his peace of mind.

And if the person to whom you would like to help is far away, visualize his image in as much detail as possible and do not let go of thoughts about him all the time while you are doing the practice.

  1. In a situation when the baby performs the mudra, it is necessary to control it so that this process brings him pleasure. One should never force children to do such manipulations with force.
  2. If, while performing the practice, you suddenly feel discomfort, immediately stop this process and immediately change the mudra to some other one.

Wise to Attract Love: Examples

Lotus Mudra

Lots in many cultures are associated with purity, happiness, well-being and the rebirth of life. Lotus Mud activates a person’s heart energy.

Mudras for attracting love: the technique of execution and examples

Her conduct is especially recommended for those people who dream of meeting their soul mate and are suffering greatly from their loneliness. Practicing this mudra will make you more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Proper execution wise:

  • In the chest area, the bases of the palms are connected to the pads of the little fingers and the thumbs on one and second hand. Other fingers should open like a lotus flower.
  • Hold your hands in this position 4 phase breathing.
  • After that, the arms are folded in the form of a bud so that the pads of the opposite fingers on one and the second hand closely adjoin each other. Hands relax. In the position described above, hold the hands for another four phases of breathing.
  • Then the fingers open again like a lotus flower.
  • The number of repetitions is wise — from five to six.

Love attracting mudra

This mudra will be an ideal option for all those who want to fall in love, but for a number of reasons it does not work. Practice makes more active the flow of energy of love and awakens warm feelings, both personally in you and in your beloved.

Mudras for attracting love: the technique of execution and examples

  • It is necessary to sit in a comfortable position, while it is important that the back be kept straight.
  • Press the pads of the middle and ring fingers to one and the second palm. The remaining fingers should be facing up.
  • Elbows rise to the chest area, the practice is performed with eyes closed. You should stay in this position for no less than two or three minutes.
  • Breathing should be uniform: you should slowly breathe in eight counts, and then exhale sharply on one count.
  • When you do this mudra, visualize that you are surrounded by a warm energy cocoon.

Mudra Kundalini

Its features become clear already from the very name: mudra awakens the sexual energy in man. In addition, it will allow you to awaken the sensual side, improve intimate relationships with a regular partner.

The practice is also wise when people for a long time try to conceive a baby unsuccessfully.

Mudras for attracting love: the technique of execution and examples

  • Both hands are clenched into fists, while it is important not to overstrain the brush area too much.
  • The index finger of the left hand should be pulled out upwards, the fist of the right hand is inserted into it. It is important that the tip of the index finger on his left hand touched the thumb of the right finger.
  • It is necessary, practicing mudra, to hold both hands in the abdomen.

Good Date Mudra

With the help of this practice, you will be able to meet your potential candidate for a place in your heart, as well as have a pleasant romantic meeting with him, after which, most likely, you will begin a serious and long-term relationship. Mudra helps to strengthen mutual sympathy, plus provides a strong love union.

Mudras for attracting love: the technique of execution and examples

  • Both hands are placed in front of him in such a way that the right palm is facing up, and the left — looking down. The tips of the fingers and on one, and on the second hand should be directed towards each other.
  • Then you connect the fingertips on one and the second hand (the only exception is the big ones), slightly round the palms so that the fingers on the left hand from above cover the fingers of the right hand.
  • You should also combine the thumb pads so that a straight line is formed. Hands should be held in front of you in a comfortable position for you. Mudra performed for two or three minutes.
  • And when you are going to have an important romantic date, do the mudra practice for eight to ten minutes. Also imperceptible folding wise and directly in the process of the meeting itself.

Mudra Ganesh

Ganesh is a deity responsible for wisdom and well-being, as well as coping with any crisis. In the situation when you fail to build harmonious relations with the opposite sex, or there is a crisis in the already existing relations, applying the Ganesh mudra you can easily make the right decision and be able to eliminate the emerging conflict situation.

Mudras for attracting love: the technique of execution and examples

Another application of mudra is that it will make it easier for you to reveal your feelings about a loved one if it is not easy for you.

The execution process is wise:

  • The right hand is bent around the elbow under the breast so that the palm goes up. The fingers are slightly bent.
  • The right hand is fastened with the left, they must be placed in the region of the heart chakra.
  • Inhale and stretch your arms to the sides, while keeping your fingers fastened together.
  • Exhale and relax.
  • It is necessary to repeat this mudra six times. After that, the positions of the hands change (now the left hand will look up) and the mudra is performed six more times).

Mastering these simple but very effective wise ones will help you to quickly meet your other half or to strengthen your feelings, if you already have a couple.

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