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Morion Stone — magical properties and application in healing

Morion Stone: How to Apply Magical Properties

Mystical black stone with a glass shine from ancient times was associated with dark magical powers. It was believed among the people that only black sorcerers can wear morion stone, and he brings misfortunes and misfortunes to mere mortals.

Is it really? Consider the characteristics of black crystal in detail.

Morion Stone - magical properties and application in healing

Morion Stone — Mystical Properties

In fact, black crystal (smoky or black quartz) brings misfortune only to cunning and self-serving people, as it protects spirituality. This stone is a “bridge between two worlds” — physical and spiritual.

A man, preoccupied with enrichment and profit, Morion will bring trouble and grief.

Because of its dark color, the mineral was used to prepare for mourning events, considering it a consolation in grief and sorrow. In fact, black quartz is not a comforter: it only corresponds to the mourning mood and can absorb negative energy.

With daily wear, a Morion stone can play an unkind joke with a person: throw destructive thoughts into the depths of it.

Why Morion is considered a stone of magicians? Because with its help they called spirits, using the properties of a conductor between worlds.

Morion stone is used by mediums for concentration. Mineral to minerals carries a certain danger, since a portal opens when the spirits are called: astral entities and demons can penetrate through it, along with spirits.

Sometimes a demonic essence can enter the mineral, which only a magician can expel. Essence spoils life to man and his surroundings, hence the mystical fear of black crystal.

Until the stone is melted in the firebox, the demonic essence will not leave its chosen abode.

Morion Stone - magical properties and application in healing

Who is Morion

However, pure mineral, not used in magical rites, has very different characteristics. Morion stone, like other crystals, corresponds to certain signs of the zodiac:

Capricorn and Scorpio mineral helps in achieving practical goals. However, Scorpios need to be careful in handling the stone: use it only after cleansing with running water and not wear jewelry.

Libra and Cancer Morion helps in making decisions. Representatives of the rest of the zodiac signs stone provides protection from dark forces. However, under certain conditions:

  • spiritual purity;
  • patience and responsiveness;
  • lack of self-serving intentions.

For magicians, black quartz is an excellent talisman. For an ordinary person, a stone can become a talisman or be a simple decoration.

However, it is impossible to wear Morion as a decoration for a long time: the mineral begins to introduce a person into depression. If you decide to purchase a Morion in a frame, never choose the “warm” metals: gold, bronze, copper — they awaken in the crystal the destructive forces of destruction.

Morion Stone - magical properties and application in healing

Medicinal properties

In addition to the magical properties of the stone Morion has healing characteristics. With the help of it heals drug and alcohol addiction: it is believed that the mineral absorbs the destructive thoughts of a person.

In addition, smoky quartz has a positive effect on human blood circulation, eliminating blood clots and clots in the vessels.

Doctors have noticed that the crystal affects the human musculoskeletal system and helps eliminate pain in the joints and bones. For this, a stone is applied to the problem area until the pain syndrome is removed.

Since the crystal has destructive properties, this quality is used to destroy cancer cells and poisons. A crystal frees a person from slags when worn as a necklace.

However, it should always be remembered that Morion has the ability to absorb negative energy and keep it in itself. Therefore, after wearing the jewelry must be washed under running water for at least half an hour, and even better — in a natural source.

You cannot store Morion stone with other crystals — it does not tolerate a neighborhood with anything.


If you are interested in mystical black stone, you should take into account its characteristic features:

  • Morion stone helps men who are unsure of themselves to have courage;
  • Morion helps relive the grief and loss of a loved one;
  • mineral can be worn during the rehabilitation period after a heart attack / stroke;
  • Morion destroys cancer cells and cleanses the body of toxins;
  • with proper reference to the stone, it can help in achieving goals and making decisions.

However, it is not recommended to constantly wear Morion stone, and after use it should be cleaned from negative information under water. By following these rules, you can find an assistant for solving specific problems.

But all this is possible under one important condition: the Morion stone must be pristine clean, that is, not used in the rituals of black magic.

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