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Money symbol: how it works, types of symbols

Symbol of money in the art of feng shui and Slavic magic

Our world, unfortunately, is different in material nature, so it’s simply impossible not to think about finances in it. If you want to improve your well-being and never know the needs, you will probably be interested in the fact that there is a certain symbol of money.

It helps to get rid of poverty, attracting wealth.

Money symbol: how it works, types of symbols

Symbols of good luck and wealth

Over the entire history of mankind invented a huge amount of money «magnets.» Next, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular ones.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that symbols are absolutely always created for a specific culture, and not for a single person. And in order to fill them with life, to activate, it is necessary to be related to this culture, and not to use it thoughtlessly.

Otherwise, it becomes just incomprehensible «squiggle» on paper (or other media).

Signs of money in the art of feng shui

The practice of feng shui over 5000 years old and originated in ancient China. Until today, it does not lose its relevance in the world.

According to feng shui, the symbolism of the water element, Chinese deities and living beings are responsible for attracting money. The Chinese associate certain characters with a specific kind of luck — that is, energy, which they welcome into their lives.

Feng Shui Money Symbols:

  1. Bi Gan — is the patron saint of wealth. His figure with one hand holds the gold bar, and the second — often demonstrates the expression: Zhao Cai Jin Bao — «Your wealth has arrived.» People in China put images of Bi Gan on their desktops.
  2. Daikoku — another deity, which turn to wealth and wealth. As a rule, his image contains a beater, a bag of rice and a rat. The animal gnawed holes in the bag, so the seeds of magic rice scatter on the ground, giving wealth and profit. And the subsequent beat of the beater attracts happiness. According to feng shui, Daikoku is the most auspicious talisman that attracts good luck in financial matters.
  3. Chen Loban (also known as the Guardian of Money) is another popular Chinese talisman. Masters of this art believe that Chen Loban brings special benefits to wasteful individuals who have not learned to save. It also makes it possible to favorably enter into agreements, make successful investments, store and increase capital. Traditionally, the figure is passed on from ancestors.
  4. Hottai (referred to as the smiling Buddha). This is the most recognizable and adorable monetary deity, who in all of her images is laughing cheerfully. Hottay is also known as the Buddha of Abundance. It is noteworthy that its prototype is a truly existing person at the end of the 10th century in China.

The Chinese have a belief that if you want to translate your desire into life, you need to conceive it and massage Hotya’s belly 300 times. It is also believed that if you put a figure in your home, it will create a stream of positive vibrations that will attract finances to the house.

  1. Water is another monetary attribute of feng shui. Teachers of this trend recommend putting water energy (in the form of fountains, waterfalls, aquariums with fish) or its symbolism (water landscapes, small fish, turtles, toads) in the southeast area of ​​the house to activate financial flows.
  2. Happy coins. You probably know about 3 coins that are tied with a scarlet ribbon — the classic symbol of feng shui, which attracts well-being, wealth and financial success. In addition, coins of the Zinn dynasty are of great popularity — there are 10 of them, they are associated with 10 ruling rulers of this dynasty. Perform as symbols of the treasury of each of the rulers. It is believed that if you keep in your home a talisman with ten coins attached to a yellow cloth, evil will not be able to harm you, plus decent finances will be brought to life.
    Money symbol: how it works, types of symbols
  3. «Money» trees. These are plants with rounded, fleshy leaves — their shape is so similar to real coins. The most famous «money» tree — swell.

Money symbols from Europeans

European magic is pagan magic in which the forces of Nature are used. In it, wealth is associated attributes of natural forces (stone, grass, wood, flower, fruit, shell, candle, feathers, different shades).

In paganism, red, yellow and green shades are responsible for the energy of wealth.

  • red — the color of leaders, gives excellent well-being, mental energy, symbolizes victory and the achievement of high social status;
  • yellow — a symbol of mental energy, success, faith in yourself and foresight;
  • green — responsible for prosperity, sweetness, work and financial abundance.

Of the «financial» shells are called Kauri and Dentalium (called the sea tooth).

As “financial” plants, we can name: alfalfa, cinnamon, spiced cloves, corn, ginger, honeysuckle, marjoram, nutmeg, bergamot, poppy, sassafras, sesame, vetiveria, woodwood, basil, mint, calamus, cactus, jasmine, myrtle, Verbena, aloe, sage, allspice, rosemary.

And the most popular of the welfare trees are: maples, pines, lindens, cedars, fir trees.

Minerals that can give money luck: aventurines, heliotropes, jadeites, tiger eyes.

All this really works, but only for those who have good contact with the natural element. And, of course, when practicing magic, one should not forget about the importance of belief in one’s own strength — otherwise nothing will work.

What are the money marks relevant to Russia

Sadly, we have heard a lot about the Chinese symbolism of wealth and other nations, but we find so few examples of Russian, Russian banknotes. But they can help us most of all, as they relate to our people, are saturated with its energy.

What is it?

So, the Russians should seek help from Slavic symbolism. Not Chinese, American or some other. Only Slavic signs correspond to the egregor of the Russian population, and in fact we enter it into it.

These are the runic signs and symbols of the deities of Slavic mythology Dazhbog and Veles.

Runes are energy signs that can attract finances (and not only them). They are symbols of the ancient mystical alphabet with an unidentified origin.

Runic signs differ in their set of energies and have an impact on both the inner world of people and what happens in their lives. Contribute to the rapid realization of the desires of their owners, as if by magic.

10 runes are associated with wealth energy

Fleece welfare, movable and immovable property

Money symbol: how it works, types of symbols

  • allows you to eliminate the need;
  • protects against wrongdoing in real estate transactions;
  • retains movable property;
  • attracts wealth;
  • implements the planned;
  • provides moral support, helps not to give up.

The symbol means day.

  • increases the condition;
  • contributes to the elimination of obstacles to goals;
  • provides a breakthrough in business;
  • allows you to heal faster from severe pathologies.

The value of the runes: harvest.

Why use it:

  • in order to successfully complete what has begun;
  • to extend the time of well-being;
  • to transform mindfulness, to reach higher levels.

Kenaz (Kano)

Possesses such characteristics: light, torch, power, energy and power.

Its action is to:

  • strengthening volitional characteristics;
  • performance conceived in practice;
  • the possibility of self-realization;
  • faster recovery from the disease.

Its meanings are associated with intuition and creativity.

Money symbol: how it works, types of symbols

  • to improve memory;
  • to awaken the creativity;
  • to attract a nice person to you;
  • increase your intuition many times;
  • also the rune allows you to learn the mysterious;
  • promotes successful marriage or profitable business cooperation;
  • smooths out conflict situations;
  • allows you to influence others (mental symbol on your interlocutor will push him to the execution of any of your adequate requests).

Designation: resolved by severity.

  • helps to return the lost (debts, property);
  • attracts unexpected profits;
  • shows talents;
  • increases spiritual awareness;
  • allows you to get rid of depression.

Fleece denotes the sun and the state of triumph.

  • personifies future triumph;
  • helps to successfully complete any undertaking;
  • eliminates difficulties on the way;
  • pushes for the most optimal solution;
  • improves the process of treatment and recovery.

Indicates success in any competition.

Money symbol: how it works, types of symbols

  • will allow you to get ahead of your competitors in any competitions;
  • solves difficult problems;
  • strengthens determination;
  • helps to restore justice;
  • helps to easily neutralize conflict situations.

By value the rune is associated with a round (wild bull, very ferocious).

  • increases faith in one’s strength;
  • strengthens love, friendship or business relationships;
  • helps to recover physically from the disease;
  • provides career growth.

Odal (Otala)

Indicates ancestral estate, property.

  • get the property;
  • eliminate any negative actions from outside;
  • provide family well-being;
  • to connect people spiritually (at the level, for example, of a collective).

Symbols of Slavic deities

Dazhdbog is one of the most significant and revered gods for Rus. The symbol of Dazhbog is a star with six rays.

Our ancestors appealed to Dazhdbog to help them fulfill their desires, improve their health and send wealth.

Velez is a lunar deity, he is the brother of the Sun himself, acts as the master of wildlife, and patronizes travelers and merchants. With the filing of Veles, you can increase your luck and get rich.

Use money symbols wisely, only for the good of both your own and others.

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