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Mind Relaxation Meditation — Effective Techniques

Meditation to relax the psyche — the benefits and technology of doing

Stress state is dangerous to health. Everyone knows about it, but few people realize that any stress should be immediately removed.

Accumulating in thin bodies, over time, stress causes bodily illness. Therefore, regular meditation to relax the psyche is one of the most effective methods of relieving emotional stress. Meditation does not take much time, it can be done before bedtime.

It is advisable to combine meditative techniques with water procedures — washing in the shower.

Mind Relaxation Meditation - Effective Techniques

The benefits of meditations

Stress has a negative effect on the body — the vessels contract, muscles and tendons are over-stressed. A person is surrounded by a barrage of negative emotions, a dialogue with offenders constantly revolves in his mind, or words of self-pity are heard.

From this state you need to get out as quickly as possible.

It is not always easy to interrupt the scrolling in the mind of a negative situation — you need to replace the unpleasant with a pleasant one. This method is used in the upbringing of children — they sharply shift the child’s attention to another object so that he is distracted and stops crying.

In our case, we will make a distracting maneuver — we will shift attention from stress to relaxation.

The positive effect of meditation is:

  • the removal of mental blocks — the release of thoughts;
  • removal of emotional blocks — release from painful feelings;
  • relieving physical tension — relaxing the muscles of the body.

After meditation (if you do not fall asleep) there is a lightness in the body, calm and peace in the soul, optimism and faith in success. If you fall asleep in meditation, that is also good.

The body was completely relaxed and it took a nap to fill the body with energy.

Mind Relaxation Meditation - Effective Techniques

Performance technique

In the beginning, you need to spend relaxing meditation lying down, then you can meditate in a half-lotus position or simply sitting on the chair. The main condition for achieving relaxation is a comfortable posture. You should be comfortable and calm.

Take a posture in which you can relax as much as possible.

The meditation room must also be prepared:

  • do a wet cleaning or ventilate the room well;
  • darken the room as much as possible if you are meditating during the day;
  • burn incense sticks with a pleasant aroma or light an aroma lamp;
  • Ask your family not to disturb you.

You should not lie on the floor, but on a sofa or bed. In winter, you can hide a warm blanket, so that there is no discomfort from the cold wind.

Note! Meditation to relax the psyche goes well against the background of pleasant soft music with the recording of the sounds of nature.

Another important condition for relaxation meditation is comfortable clothing made of natural fabric. Synthetics do not allow the body to breathe and will interfere with heat exchange with the environment.

It is better to wear spacious clothes that do not hinder movement and do not interfere with relaxation.

Initial relaxation exercises are preferably carried out under a tape recording. Record the sound, in the background of which list the necessary actions:

  • the muscles of my face are completely relaxed, my teeth are not clenched;
  • now my neck and shoulders are relaxing;
  • my arms are heavy and soft; my torso becomes heavy and soft;
  • I feel a warm wave that goes from head to toe;
  • my legs are heavy and soft;
  • my breathing is even and deep;
  • my heart is beating smoothly, without fail;
  • I plunge into complete peace, as in the waters of the ocean;
  • I feel comfortable and warm, nothing disturbs me;
  • the whole world is dissolved in peace and I dissolve in peace.

During meditation, turn on this record in a quiet performance and feel how your body relaxes.

Exiting meditation should be smooth. First feel your limbs, move them.

Then feel the real weight of the body, slowly sit on the bed. After a while you can get up, but not abruptly.

Breath meditation

If you have little time for deep relaxation, you can do a breath meditation. This will help relieve stress, normalize the respiratory process and calm down tense nerves.

A pose for meditation can be any — lying, sitting or even standing.

The essence of meditation is watching your breath. You must concentrate fully on the process of breathing, forgetting everything.

How to do it? Pay attention to how you breathe:

  • listen and feel how you breathe in the air (you can do this with noise);
  • hold the air in the lungs and listen to your body;
  • listen and feel the air coming out of the lungs noisily;
  • hold your breath and listen to the body.

You should feel how during the inhalation the chest expands and the belly increases in volume. As you exhale, notice how the chest and abdomen are drawn inward.

If you concentrate fully on the respiratory process, all negative thoughts will disappear.

Do the meditation until you feel the inner peace. If you are lying on the couch, you can fall asleep — keep in mind.

Mind Relaxation Meditation - Effective Techniques

Meditation Visualization

This exercise is associated with the presentation of visual images, which can be any. Surrender to the will of your imagination and feel the reality of what is happening in the imagination. The secret of the effectiveness of visual meditation is simple — our subconscious does not distinguish between physical reality and imaginary reality.

If you imagine yourself on the azure seashore, the subconscious will perceive it as a real reality.

So, take a comfortable posture and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a fragrant meadow with floral scents.

Feel the breeze, the sun’s warmth and complete serenity. Stretch your hand forward — a beautiful butterfly sits on it. Watch how her wings flap easily, to the rhythm of your breathing.

The butterfly flapped its wings and flew. You, too, fly behind her, gaining wings.

After a while you find yourself in a beautiful place, feeling full security. It can be any place — sunny glade, sea coast or mountain peak. Enjoy peace and serenity.

The sun envelops you with its warmth, penetrating into every cell of the body. At this point, time has stopped, there is no fuss and haste.

Only peace and comfort, silence and beauty around. Stay in this place as long as you want.

Spread your wings and return to the meadow. Slowly open your eyes and feel yourself in your own home. Smile to the world and go about your business.

This meditation can be done at any time at will or need. Instead of a butterfly, you can imagine yourself as a balloon and enjoy lightness and weightlessness.

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