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Merkaba Meditation — what it is and how to do it properly

Meditation Merkaba: the technique of conducting and features

Merkaba Meditation is one of the most ancient. She was also used by the priests of ancient Egypt in their spiritual practices.

The literal translation of the name is a rotating light that carries the spirit and body into a parallel world.

What is Merkaba?

The ancient Merkaba meditation is used in spiritual practices for entering into a special trance state. It is believed that with this method, the soul and body can travel to different worlds.

Merkaba Meditation - what it is and how to do it properly

The name of the meditation consists of three syllables:

  1. Mer is a symbol of light. But not immobile, but that which is in constant rotation
  2. Ka — the personification of the human soul and all its components
  3. Ba — the physical body of man. It is also a vessel in which the human experience of the soul lives. The symbol of the real and the material

The most important function of meditation is to move the soul and body to the next world. This is hardly possible for an ordinary person; therefore, only people with paranormal abilities can fully use such spiritual practice.

It is believed that in the state of «merkaba» a person is able to change the nature of his own soul and change the energy radiation to whatever he needs. Therefore, this practice is one of the most powerful for working with the subconscious.

How to meditate

Despite the fact that the Merkaba is one of the most difficult meditations, you can try its technique. Even insignificant first attempts to enter a trance will bring effect and help to work out negative attitudes in the subconscious, to connect with the “higher Self”.

Merkaba Meditation - what it is and how to do it properly

Prepare a suitable place before practice. It is desirable that in your house there was a corner just for meditation. No outsider should enter it.

All items should be removed and the space should be enclosed.

In extreme cases, select a place in the bedroom where you put the pillows or put an easy chair. You will also need a music player and candles.

You need to practice meditation every day.

Preparation for meditation and mind setting

What do we have to do:

  • Take a comfortable position in which you feel as comfortable as possible. Make sure that the legs do not flow from a fixed position. Turn on relaxing music and light candles, close your eyes and get ready for meditation.
  • First concentrate on breathing. It should be smooth and not very deep. Make sure that the duration of inhalation and exhalation is equal
  • Remove from the subconscious all the negative thoughts and problems that you faced during the day. Complete concentration on breathing will also help to get rid of thoughts.
  • After you concentrate on your breathing and your own sensations, clear your mind of thoughts and emotions, you should feel complete relaxation. It is a state of tension, peace and tranquility.
  • At this moment there comes a time when you must turn all your attention to the so-called “chakra of Christ.” It is located in the heart. Imagine how your heart opens towards God, and you are filled with love. To yourself, to the world, people and all living things

At this point, the process of setting up for meditation is completed, and you become fully ready for the session.

Meditation technique

Merkaba meditation involves several stages.

Merkaba Meditation - what it is and how to do it properly

The first stage is six breaths. They are needed in order to bring the body and body into balance:

  • Breath of the heart fills with unconditional and all-encompassing love for all living things, purifies from the negative and fills with energy
  • Breath of the mind — imagine that your body is enclosed in a shell of bright light that flickers like flashes of lightning. The top of the shell is behind you.
  • Body breathing — connect forefinger and big fingers, raise palms up
  • Breathe in your nose, breathe in and out, concentrate. Feel the air moving from the abdomen to the diaphragm, and then to the chest. In order to breathe correctly, try to completely relax the abdomen, and, instead, strain the pectoral muscles.

Next, contact with your inner self must occur. If the meditation passes correctly, you will feel a moment in which the union will take place. If not, then repeat six breaths.

Gradually, you will learn to relax completely and enter the correct state.

Try meditating with this video:

The described stages of meditation are only part of it. But it should start with this.

Only having mastered the first six breaths can you proceed to other stages. The process is slow and takes quite a lot of time.

It is important to practice daily, not missing a day.

Aims and Benefits of Merkab Meditation

Before you do meditation, you need to understand why you need it. The benefits are as follows:

  • You literally “settle” the love of all living things in your soul, and it will be with you all the time. This will make it easier to relate to life, get rid of negativity and easily get what you want.
  • The energy flow in your body will increase, so you will always have enough strength to solve any problems and achieve even the most global goals.
  • You will remember the divine principle that exists in every person, and learn how to contact him.
  • You will be able to track your emotions and feelings, control them, not allowing to guide you and your life.
  • You will be able to develop intuition and notice signs that may affect the events of your life.
  • Achieve a stable psycho-emotional state, get rid of stress
  • Eliminate the psychosomatic causes of diseases, literally learn how to heal yourself
  • Establish relationships not only with your own selves, but also with other people

Merkaba meditation is very difficult to perform and has many nuances, so it’s best to practice under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

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