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Men’s mascots and how to wear them

Men’s mascots and their meaning

Male mascots are of different types. These are charms that protect from the evil eye, and things positively charged with energy that will help unlock the potential of the individual, bring good luck and protect against ill-wishers. The talisman can be a great gift for a person close to you.

Let’s talk about what kind of talismans are and what can be useful.

Men’s Mascots — Types and Values

All-seeing eye

One of the most popular men’s mascots — radiant delta or all-seeing eye.

Men's mascots and how to wear them

This is a Masonic symbol, which is an image of an eye enclosed in an equilateral triangle. The eye symbolizes the eternal effulgence of the pure mind. What helps such a talisman to its owner:

  • It gives a man intuition, «the sixth sense.» It helps to choose the right direction, which will lead to success. Or vice versa, abandon the wrong steps towards the goal
  • It helps to achieve success, gain power, take a high status in society. Gives energy that can make a person influential and authoritative.
  • Such a talisman is suitable for a single-minded, aspiring man. He will spur the male potential and direct in the right direction.

The symbol of the trinity

Another talisman being symbol of the trinity:

Men's mascots and how to wear them

This is the Christian symbol of the Trinity. He is a powerful amulet. The action of the talisman is aimed at:

  • Protecting a man from evil views. Protects from the evil eye and bad libel
  • Elimination of obstacles encountered in the life path. Helps to overcome difficulties faster, removes enemies, detractors, rivals, competitors from the path
  • Provides security from the wiles of enemies

This talisman is suitable for any man who has to interact daily with a large number of people in their professional activities.

The next talisman is Eye of Horus:

Men's mascots and how to wear them

This male talisman has the following properties:

  • Helps to gain wisdom, a positive effect on intelligence, mental abilities, memory
  • Makes a person more calm and resistant to irritants, helps to keep a cold mind in any situation
  • Helps to become more prudent, to make solid, thoughtful, not fleeting decisions.
  • Develops intuition, so that a man develops a business sense that helps to make the right decisions.

Such a talisman is an excellent choice for a male intellectual whose brain is in constant tension. It is also an option for a man who is aggressive, quick-tempered, and who often cannot control emotions.

Fang wolf

Men's mascots and how to wear them

This is a very powerful character, 100% masculine. He helps:

  • Make a man more attractive, sexually attractive for women
  • Take a stable position in society, become authoritative and learn to influence the decisions of others, even higher in status of people
  • Develop self-confidence. A man using such a talisman literally “spreads his wings”, everything starts to turn out for him
  • To cope with internal fears, to expand the boundaries of their own capabilities
  • Catch luck by the tail. A man who wears such a talisman is lucky in everything.

Such a talisman will suit a weak, insecure, lonely man who wants to change his life for the better. It is also a good choice for an adult who has already taken place, who wants to “pump” his personality many times.

Thor’s Hammer

And, finally, the most courageous and noble mascot — Thor’s hammer:

Men's mascots and how to wear them

He grants the man who wears it:

  • Power. Strengthens authority, the ability to subjugate people. It also helps to gain power over her woman, even if she has a very strong character.
  • Masculinity and a sense of duty. It helps to become more responsible, learn to take on complex tasks and solve them.
  • Respect others. Helps to make a man’s opinion authoritative for all, improves social status
  • Protection. From enemies, detractors, insincere people surrounded

This is a very powerful talisman that should be worn to a man with high moral principles, unselfish and kind. Otherwise, it will work to the detriment.

What you need to know about men’s talismans?

In order for the talisman to be effective, and not to turn into a simple decoration without any energy, it is important to follow some rules:

  1. Pick a talisman that fits the personality traits of a man. Individual selection will provide a favorable effect of the symbol.
  2. It is desirable that the decoration was made of silver. This precious metal «can» take in a positive energy, and negative repels
  3. Give a talisman need with a pure heart. Mentally wish the man all the best, give the amulet with love and serenity
  4. The talisman must be worn constantly for a long period of time. Therefore, make sure that it is securely fastened, and the chain was strong
  5. The best talisman — made by a loving man himself. In the process of making things, you put your love, positive energy into it. Therefore, a homemade amulet will be several times more effective.
  6. One talisman should use only one person. It is impossible, having vilified your amulet for some time, to give it to another man

Watch the video about talismans, amulets and amulets:

Before using the amulet, it must be activated. To do this, take the talisman in your left hand, cover it with the palm of your right hand. And then whisper to speak, what do you expect from the talisman, what desires do you have, what dreams

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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