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Meditations of Forgiveness and Release: Stage Features

Meditation of forgiveness and letting go: how to get rid of insults and old connections

Forgiveness and letting go meditation is used in cases when a person needs to get rid of insults and clear his mind of negative thoughts. Consider the features of such spiritual practice.

What is the meditation of forgiveness for?

This meditation will help you to completely get rid of the burden of resentment, to throw out and forever get rid of the negative, as well as to stop quarrels and conflicts with someone who has offended you once.

Meditations of Forgiveness and Release: Stage Features

It is very important to understand: the more negativity, anger and resentment in your soul, the worse it is for you, and not at all for the object of resentment. By accumulating negative emotions in your soul, you create powerful locks that turn into unshakable obstacles to your goals. “Bad” feelings — a pledge that you face many problems in financial, personal life, and health and success under threat.

Stages of meditation

The work is to be hard and long enough, because it is almost impossible to completely get rid of all offenses completely.

Meditations of Forgiveness and Release: Stage Features

What should be done:

  • First you need to take a pen and a piece of paper, to release a sufficient amount of time. Think and list all who are offended. You can start with the parents, because almost everyone has children’s injuries, and they make themselves felt in adulthood. Then go to friends, colleagues, relatives
  • Write down and learn the following words: “With love and gratitude, I forgive [the name of the person]. I am grateful to him for the lessons he gave me and accept him for what he is. I apologize to him for all my actions, thoughts and emotions in relation to him. And he (the name of the person) forgives me with love and gratitude «

This training, the main part of meditative practice is as follows:

  1. Start by closing your eyes, focus and start repeating the words: “With forgiveness and gratitude, I forgive (the name of the person).” Repeat time after time, trying to smile sincerely. If it does not work sincerely, do it at least tentatively, for the first time it will do so. In the process, mentally imagine the offender or keep his picture in front of your eyes. The first stage lasts 5 minutes.
  2. At the next stage, we repeat other words: “I am grateful to him for the lessons he gave me and accept him for what he is.” In these moments, it is very important to strain the memory and remember something really good about the offender. Remember: there are no completely bad or all good people. Your enemy can be for someone a loving father, a wonderful husband, a loyal friend.
  3. At the third stage, you must admit your mistakes, realize that you could also be wrong about something. In the dispute, both are always to blame, do not forget. Say: «I apologize to him for all my actions, thoughts and emotions in relation to him»
  4. The fourth stage is the most difficult. You must try and sincerely remember the offender with all the love and warmth that you are capable of. We fix the visualization with the words: «(The name of a person) forgives me with love and gratitude.» In the end, imagine how he smiles at you too, you hug and forgive each other completely.

Meditations of Forgiveness and Release: Stage Features

Release meditation

After clearing offenses, you can proceed to the next stage — meditations for releasing old connections. This practice is necessary for women who still can not forget the former lover.

It is also believed that after sexual contact with any man, between him and the woman, a special energy bond is formed. Through this connection, a man will receive energy from a woman for another seven years, even if they break up.

Therefore, it is so important to break all ties left over from previous relationships and release men from themselves.

This practice is also known as “Dedication”. What do we have to do:

  1. Find a quiet place, take a comfortable position and get ready for meditation. When you learn to concentrate quickly, you can safely practice in any other place.
  2. Imagine that before you is a flat platform of medium size. But you are not standing on it, but looking at it from above.
  3. Mentally place a man on the ground, the memories of which you need to get rid of.
  4. Then watch: what kind of connection exists between you? The subconscious will prompt the answer. It can be thin white threads or, on the contrary, one big and thick black rope. The stronger the binding, the clearer you will see the connection.
  5. Then mentally try to determine the needs of the person. What does he need in order to get rid of the energy binding between you? Maybe he dreams of caring? Or gain confidence? Want to be believed in?
  6. Then feel that right above your crown there is the Divine source of all that you need. Feel your spiritual essence unfold under the source and begin to take the necessary resources. At this moment, many people have unusual sensations: tingling in the palms or something like that. Once you feel completely full, start transferring the desired resource (which you identified in the previous step) to the man. Wait until it gets filled too.
  7. After that, say all that I would like to say to a man. Let him speak to him. Sorry, let go, thank, accept his forgiveness
  8. At the end, destroy the connection that exists between you. The subconscious will tell the way. You can do this with the help of fire, scissors, break, cut, burn. As you please

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You can apply this practice as often as necessary. You can apply it to any people with whom you have a negative energy bond. If you approach formally the implementation of this practice and do not live through emotions, the effect will not be so strong.

But it is better to do at least something — over time you will train and be able to perform it better!

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