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Meditation to instantly receive money for 21 days

Meditation to instantly receive money for 21 days: the two best techniques

Meditation for instant receipt of money is designed for 21 days. During this period, you will work through negative financial installations and create a powerful money funnel by your own subconscious.

We will understand how to meditate on this technique correctly.

Meditation «Golden Bowl»

You have probably seen how, in anticipation of something good, a person unconsciously rubs his hands about each other? This gesture is predictable: it is on the palms that the energy points associated with the internal organs are located. Rubbing your hands, you unconsciously strive to activate the entire potential of the organism and direct it towards the goal, enjoying the process.

This is the basis for the Golden Cup monetary meditation technique.

Meditation to instantly receive money for 21 days

What you need to do to quickly raise money with the help of this meditative technique:

  • Before starting your meditation session, wash your hands and hold your wrists under cool water. After that you can proceed
  • Sit back, join your hands together in a bowl. Touch an improvised “bucket” to the bottom of your face. Make sure your wrists are tightly connected and your elbows are touching your body. It is also important to maintain the correct body position: the back is straight, the chin is raised up. Breathing should be intermittent and shallow (this is in contrast to classical meditations)
  • After that, begin very actively rubbing the base of the wrists together. Do this until you feel the heat

When you feel that is enough, stop doing the meditation. It must be repeated daily for a half to two minutes for twenty-one days.

After regular exercise, money literally begins to «stick to your hands.»

Meditation «Horn of Plenty»

This technique is more complicated, but it does not have to be repeated every day. You can conduct such a meditation once a week, combining it with the previous daily.

Meditation to instantly receive money for 21 days

What do we have to do:

  1. Take a comfortable position in which you will be comfortable for quite a long time. Close your eyes and try to ignore any extraneous thoughts. Strive to look into the very depths of your unconscious
  2. Imagine that in the very center of your body is a coin of 50 kopecks. Try to see it clearly, as clearly as possible.
  3. After the visualization succeeds, mentally duplicate the coin, and then another and another. Imagine how money is multiplying: one coin after another. Stop when you can submit 20 pieces.
  4. Then collect the coins in one long pile and try to draw yourself into the very center of your body. The easiest way to do this is to take a deep breath.
  5. Start spending money that has been visualized. Different images can arise in the subconscious: imagine how you distribute coins to the needy, buy gifts for yourself or your close people. You can just give the «wealth» to someone else. Try to use the power of imagination one hundred percent
  6. Next comes the next stage of meditation. After you have fully spent all the money, visualize a small bill or a coin of 10 rubles. Repeat previously performed manipulations: multiply and spend money until they run out
  7. Continue: the next step: visualization of a hundred-ruble note. Reproduce it as much as it turns out. Imagine that money is all around you. They are like leaves, lie and surround you
  8. Begin to mentally collect the bills and put in neat piles. After that, start as if to draw the whole money array into your body. Try to fix the place (it feels different for everyone), where the bills turned out to be. Gently touch this place and remember it — here is your inner treasury
  9. And now the most pleasant moment of meditation — start actively and with pleasant emotions spend imaginary capital on everything your heart desires. Get cars, apartments, build a cottage, give gifts to loved ones. Spend until money is left.
  10. The final stage — remember the previous technique «Golden Bowl». Make it and pour the contents into the “inner treasury”. It can appear in your mind in the form of a bank cell, chest or wallet — it does not matter

Such a meditation can be done at any time, when you want it. Practice adjusts the subconscious mind to a wave of money abundance and material well-being.

An important point: in the process of meditation, you can find holes, cracks and holes in your “inner treasury”. If they appear in the subconscious, you must immediately patch them, also mentally.

This simple action will help to stop the processes in real life, when money flows through your fingers.

If there is no time for independent meditation, turn on this video in headphones:

Other cash techniques

You can use other methods of fulfillment of desires to improve your financial situation.

Meditation to instantly receive money for 21 days

  1. Check of abundance. Blanks can be found on the Internet. It is necessary to fill in the check strictly within a day after approach of a new moon. Try to guess not a specific amount, but indicate the purpose for which you will spend the money.
  2. Affirmations. Every day for 10-15 minutes repeat the positive statements made in the present tense without negatives and parts of «not.» For example: «I easily receive and give money.» «My income is enough for me to buy everything I need.» “My income is 50,000 rubles a month or more”
  3. Work with negative settings. You need to think and determine which beliefs make it difficult to achieve financial well-being. And then replace the wording with positive. Examples of negative attitudes: “money is evil”, “it’s honestly impossible to earn a lot” and so on

Choose the most appropriate ways for you and implement them in life. Gradually, you tune in to a positive financial wave and learn how to easily receive and give money.

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