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Meditation technique — different techniques and nuances of application

Meditation Technique: Three Ways for Beginners

If you are interested in which meditation technique is most effective for relaxation, you will not know the answer until you try it. There are many different ways, each of which deserves attention.

We consider three simple techniques that are equally suitable for both beginners and “experienced users”.

Technique number 1: breathing «one-four-two»

This method is equally suitable for beginners and those who have already succeeded in meditations. It is important to develop a proper breathing technique.

Meditation technique - different techniques and nuances of application

What do we have to do:

  • Find a suitable place in which no one will disturb you for 20 minutes.
  • Take a comfortable position for you. You can lie down, sit on a chair, take a lotus position or yoga asana. It is only important that the back remain completely straight.
  • Close your eyes, place your hands on your kneecaps so that your palms are facing up
  • For a couple of minutes, you don’t need to do anything, the subconscious setting takes place. You just need to concentrate on the process of breathing. Feel the breath penetrate the lungs as you inhale and as you exhale leave your body.
  • With each exhale, strive to relax the body. Feel the tension go away, muscle blocks and clamps are removed
  • After you understand that you have completely relaxed, start concentrating on breathing in a certain way: hold your breath for four seconds on the “one” account, on the “two” account — exhale
  • Continue to breathe for 10-15 minutes

This method of meditation is very simple and convenient. You can practice at any time convenient for you.

Relaxing music will help you to relax faster, pick up suitable tunes in advance.

Technique number 2: meditation with candles

This is more difficult meditation. You need an empty room and a few candles.

It is better to use the church, made of wax. But in the extreme case, and any other suitable.

Meditation technique - different techniques and nuances of application

To do better in the evening, because the room should be twilight. What do we have to do:

  • Turn off the lights. If you are practicing during the day, close the window openings with dark blackout curtains. Sit back and straighten your back
  • Light candles and place around you. One place directly in front of the eyes at arm’s length
  • Begin to look at the flame, trying not to blink, concentrate all your attention on the fire. Eyes will tear — nothing terrible
  • Imagine how the energy of fire fills your entire body, consciousness. Do not be distracted by extraneous thoughts. If you fail and you start thinking about something, turn your attention back to the flame and concentrate on it.
  • After a while, close your eyes, but imagine that you are still watching the fire. Clearly try to see the flames dance and burn brightly.
  • After visualization succeeds, open your eyes and breathe. Take a few deep breaths, slow breaths

This practice teaches to free the mind from all that is superfluous and trains the ability to concentrate on one thing. This is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Being engaged in regularly, you will learn to fully immerse yourself in one process, without being distracted by anything superfluous.

Technique number 3: body awareness

We all live in our physical body. It is so habitual and self-evident that we have forgotten how to notice and feel the signals that it sends us.

The third way of meditation will help solve this problem.

Meditation technique - different techniques and nuances of application

What do we have to do:

  • Take a comfortable posture. Be sure to keep your back straight. Breathe deeply, feel how the tension leaves your body. You relax and free yourself from extraneous thoughts
  • Then focus on the toes. Feel what sensations arise in them at this moment. Mentally direct your breath to this area, transferring heat and energy with it.
  • After complete relaxation, move higher to your ankles and repeat the procedure. And so on until you get to the top of your head.

At the end of meditation, you will feel a surge of energy and strength, notice how your body is filled with warmth. Remember this feeling of comfort and satisfaction.

You should have a positive attitude that will accompany for a long time.

Of the three meditation techniques listed, the most difficult, perhaps, is that with candles. It is not easy to concentrate on the flame for a long time and not fall asleep.

It is very important to stop the session at the first sign of drowsiness and return to meditation at another time.

This is absolutely normal, over time you will learn to concentrate and not fall asleep in the process of meditation. The main thing is to practice regularly.

Watch a video with general meditation techniques for beginners:

Rules and Recommendations

These meditation methods are equally good. But it is worth using some recommendations so that the effectiveness of the practice is high:

  1. Exercise regularly. Already one session of meditation helps to relax and free the mind from extraneous thoughts. But only regular classes will have a significant effect.
  2. Try different ways and methods to choose the most suitable for yourself. Each person is individual, so there is no universal technology, you have to pick it up yourself
  3. Find an experienced mentor who will advise and understand how to act correctly.
  4. Create a playlist with music for meditation. Include nice calm melodies that are not annoying to the ear and are well suited to the background.
  5. Try to eat right and take time to exercise. Coupled with meditation, it will help to achieve harmony between body and soul.

Try the techniques described by us and write in the comments what positive changes are felt on yourself.

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