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Meditation Reiki — the practice of spiritual healing, the technique of affirmations

Reiki meditation: the healing power of the subconscious

Meditation Reiki and in general its philosophy is aimed at healing a person from all sorts of negative programs embedded in his mental body. Negativity creates locks that prevent you from achieving financial success and happiness in your personal life.

Reiki philosophy solves the problem.

The practice of spiritual and physical healing

An important rule: you must sincerely believe in Reiki philosophy and energy, then meditation will work. Before starting spiritual practices, you need to formulate the right positive affirmations, depending on your goal.

Examples of formulations can be found in this article.

Meditation Reiki - the practice of spiritual healing, the technique of affirmations

Usually they begin with a course of very powerful meditations, and then they must take a break. Keep in mind that you can not be sprayed on many targets at once, work through each in turn.

Consistent work on yourself will help you know yourself better and mentally heal.

Affirmation Techniques

Learning to make the right affirmations is easy. As a rule, these are positive statements, always in the present tense, without negations.

But Reiki has its own characteristics.

Meditation Reiki - the practice of spiritual healing, the technique of affirmations

The philosophy of the river is based on the principle of karmic structures. This means that a person consistently works through each of them, consciously and deeply, which is necessary for the healing of his soul and the complete transformation of the mental essence.

Here is a list of the seven karmic structures:

  • Arrogance towards others. When a person puts himself above others, he thinks of others worse, just because they do not possess something.
  • Bias. Also dangerous to the mental body. Personal attitude to a person should not affect important decisions.
  • Hatred. It does not harm to whom it is directed. But it greatly destroys your soul, provokes all sorts of diseases and failures in life.
  • Violence. By showing violence towards any living being, you plant karmic seeds that will germinate and bear negative fruits. They will harm you at least three times more than you did.
  • Addictions. Any addiction obscures the mind and prevents you from thinking clearly, controlling your mind. Therefore, you need to get rid of this
  • «The syndrome of the victim.» If a person is used to feeling sorry for himself, complaining, positioning himself as a victim, he himself puts a powerful block on success in all spheres of his life.

All of the above are the dark sides of the personality, which are manifested to some extent in every person. Working with meditations you eliminate the beginnings of negative qualities or the already developed deficiencies of the soul.

Meditation Reiki - the practice of spiritual healing, the technique of affirmations

How it works? Repeating positive affirmations and presenting yourself as a new, beautiful person, you visualize the right mental images and send them to the Universe.

You begin to radiate light energy, heal the soul and change for the better.

Examples of affirmations for Reiki meditation:

  • I fully accept and love myself, sincerely approving all my thoughts, deeds and actions
  • I am a free and interesting person, worthy of all the best and kind
  • My life is full of abundance, happiness, harmony and I deserve it.
  • My self-confidence is growing every day, and my self-esteem rises
  • Every day I am getting better and better: more successful, stronger, smarter, richer
  • There is a continuous process of self-improvement in my life.
  • I am constantly developing and filling up with the highest light of the universe.
  • I am the favorite of the Universe, it always helps me and sends favorable opportunities so that I can find happiness, harmony and abundance.
  • God is inside me, I am happy and generously sharing my happiness with others
  • I am the source of pure divine light that leads me through life

Music selection

The music of meditation is very important. It is the right sounds that help achieve complete relaxation, concentrate on the right thoughts, fill with energy and, as a result, heal.

Look for those tracks that introduce you to the most calm, peaceful state. There should be no sharp sounds in the composition.

You should feel as if floating in music, as in water, smoothly bending around all the obstacles in your path.

Full concentration on sensations, calmness and relaxation — this is what music should provide.

The video is an excellent example of a melody that is suitable for Reiki meditation:

How to check that the tune fits:

  • You can easily read, work, engage in creative work or any other mental activity under it, without being distracted.
  • Causes pleasant sensations. In the process of listening there are positive memories, I want to think about the good, you are immersed in a state of harmony
  • You do not want to turn off, the sounds are so pleasant that you want to hear them again and again

Listen to the feelings of your soul, turn off the mind, and you can never go wrong with the choice of music for meditation.

How to meditate

Meditation Reiki takes place in several stages. Before starting a session, it is necessary to contemplate a poster with the principles of reiki for five minutes.

You can print it out by drawing a paper on a sheet of drawing paper, or draw it yourself.

Here are 5 principles:

  1. Just today do not be angry
  2. Just today do not worry
  3. Honestly earn a living
  4. Honor your parents, teachers and elders
  5. Be grateful to all living things.

Next you need to tune in to the energy of Reiki and «enter the stream.» To do this, you turn on the music, close your eyes and visualize a powerful energy vortex that enters your body.

And after that you start repeating affirmations and visualizing the image of what you want to receive.

It is very important not to forget that the philosophy of Reiki implies that you will constantly live in accordance with its principles. Only such an approach will always be in the stream of harmony and happiness.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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