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Meditation on money and cash flow — the key to abundance

Meditation for money — the rules of conduct and features

The world around us is full of plenty. Look around you — how many fruits the earth gives. One has only to lend a hand and pick a ripe fruit from a tree or bush.

Money is the equivalent of an abundance of earthly goods, a numerical expression of material things and energy spent on production.

One has only to show intent, and you can take money in the same way as you tore the fruit from a tree. Do not believe? Consider the topic: meditation on money and cash flow.

Through this meditation you can express your intention to receive the necessary money for your needs. The effectiveness of meditation will be directly related to your faith in the result and overcoming mental obstacles to abundance.

Meditation on money and cash flow - the key to abundance

Meditation Rules

First of all, you must find a place to stay alone. No one should be distracted, no one should look with curiosity — what you do.

Hours of the morning dawn or night time are good for meditations, when there is peace and quiet around.

For any meditation attention concentration is very important: the quality of the practice depends on it. Concentration of attention presupposes the direction of thought on one object of mental contemplation.

Your thoughts should not jump from one topic to another, but flow in one direction — attracting monetary energy.

Pose during meditation should be as comfortable as possible. You can sit comfortably in a chair, sit in a half-lotus position or lie down on a sofa.

Muscles of the body must be relaxed, because any muscle clamp suggests the presence of a mental block. For a time, forget about everything — you should be interested only in the topic of meditation.

To tune in to the meditative mode, you can calculate from ten to one, as if setting your mind to end the discourse on the topic of the day. Close your eyes and count the numbers slowly. This can be done in the mind without uttering aloud.

The room should be twilight, you can light an incense stick or a candle.

When you experience inner peace and tranquility, you can begin to meditate.

Meditation on money and cash flow - the key to abundance

Meditation with a bill

Take any bill from your wallet and put it in front of you. Carefully read all that is depicted on it — on both sides. Esoterics claim that any object of the physical world is endowed with soul and consciousness, respectively, the bill in front of you also has consciousness and soul.

This bill belongs to the money egregor, has many «brothers and sisters.» Imagine that she is alive and thinking.

Stroke it with your fingers, say a few sweet words.

Now close your eyes and try to revive all the details of the bill — color, design, tactile sensations of touch, smell, paper density. Mentally turn the bill and view the image from the back side. Feel and feel the bill entirely.

You can mentally turn to her and talk like a friend.

Then imagine that other bills fly to the bill from all sides. Here they whirl around, rejoice and laugh. The bills are getting bigger and bigger, they fill the space completely.

Feel the joy of what you see, try to present yourself in the center of this money round dance. Sit in meditation for as long as you like.

Then slowly open your eyes and look at your bill. Touch it with your fingers and say:

Now you and I are friends forever. Bring your friends to me, live with me and enjoy.

The bill needs to be spent with the thought that she will come back herself and bring her friends along. This meditation can be done every new moon and full moon, or in the days of the growing moon.

In this way, you will constantly charge notes with your intention and release them into the world.

Remember that work with money egregor should be constant. As soon as you stop paying attention to money, they will stop noticing you.

Meditation on money and cash flow - the key to abundance

Meditation «The Key to Abundance»

This meditation must be performed with the key to any door. It does not matter if you have a key from an old or new lock — its presence is important.

Choose a key so that it can be put on a chain and worn as a pendant. The key size is also not important.

You can paint it with golden paint: then you will have a magic golden key.

Tune in to meditation, as described above, and imagine the door. This door is not simple — it separates the physical world from the spiritual.

Behind the door is the world of your dreams, so it should look very attractive. Perhaps you will present a golden door or sparkling diamonds — at your discretion.

Hold the key in your hands and imagine how you approach the door and open it with the key. At this time, you can make a hand movement, imitating the opening of the door. So you opened the door, and a whole world of abundance and miracles opened before you.

Everything that you see there or can imagine is yours by right. There may be chests of gold and precious gems, a lot of beautiful expensive clothes, cars and cottages.

This is all yours.

Imagine that you take what you need and put it in a large suitcase. If you need a car, open the door and sit behind the wheel — it is yours. Go to the most beautiful cottage and imagine how you walk through the rooms — this is your house.

Enjoy the vision and open your eyes. Look at your key — it is a conductor to the world of abundance.

When you need to purchase something, take the key in your hand and open the magic door.

The key should be worn as a pendant for some time, then it can be put in a separate box or box — it will be a talisman of attracting money abundance.

Meditation on money and cash flow should be carried out in a peaceful state of mind. It is unacceptable to be nervous, worried about the lack of money or their lack. If, after meditation, you wait all day for money to arrive, they will not come.

Money loves comfort and silence — this is what distinguishes Banks and financial institutions. Do not fuss, do not push money and do not demand anything from them.

You need to become a more balanced and calm person, confident that his financial affairs always go smoothly. Over time, you will notice that there will be more money.

How will this happen? Everyone has different ways: someone will get a more lucrative position, someone will be lucky to promote their own business, and someone will stop leaking money through their fingers.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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