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Meditation Let Destiny — How to Change Your Destiny and Achieve Wisdom

Meditation Path of Destiny — preparation and stages

The fate of a person depends on himself. Every day we make adjustments to the fate of our actions and the choice of direction.

Meditation The path of fate was created by Buddhist monks to find harmony in their own lives, to choose the right path in life. The success and well-being of a person depends on the right choice, he gets rid of uncertainty and fear of the future.

How to conduct a meditation?

Meditation Let Destiny - How to Change Your Destiny and Achieve Wisdom


To conduct spiritual practice correctly, you need to know the nuances. The most important thing is loneliness. Next to you should not be another person or animal — it will detract from the concentration on the goal.

The best time for spiritual practices is sunrise or sunset. Some people meditate at night, when the day and evening bustle does not interfere with concentration.

It is necessary to darken the room, but not to create total darkness — it is enough to leave a muted light source. To aggravate intuition and concentration, you can smoke sandalwood stick — the scent of this sacred tree adjusts to the meditative mode and cleans the room from the essences of the subtle plane.

It is customary to conduct meditations in the pose of a lotus or a half lotus with a straight spine. Pose lying down affects the brain, and we need it to achieve enlightenment.

It is customary to conduct meditations after washing the body — take a warm shower or pour water from the pelvis / bucket over yourself. Water refreshes not only the body, but also clears the mind. The meditation room must also be clean and ventilated: the stale air has a negative effect on the work of the brain, and dust particles on objects settle in the lungs when inhaled.

It is not necessary to achieve sterility in the room, but it is necessary to monitor cleanliness.

Meditation Let Destiny - How to Change Your Destiny and Achieve Wisdom

Meditation Path of Destiny

The practice consists of three parts, the correct sequence of which is important. You can not exclude anything from meditation at its own discretion, otherwise the result will not be achieved.

Close your eyes. You must present yourself on top of the highest mountain.

You stand on it, and below you stretches the valley. Then you sit down and look at the landscape — a beautiful meadow stretches in front of you, and there is a forest a little away, behind the forest is a city.

Before you, the whole world, in full view, and you — a part of this world.

First part

Then imagine that you want to take off. You begin to descend the mountain, accelerating the pace. At one point, you straighten your arms like a bird soaring high above.

You fly over the world, watching what is happening below. You see trees, animals and people — but no one notices you.

So you wanted to fly higher — you are already in space, and beneath you the blue globe is quietly floating. The world is huge and you are only a part of this world.

Then you return to the earth and fly over the city. You are considering homes, roads, people, and animals.

Someone is in a hurry to work, someone is resting on the bench — everyone is busy with their business. Then darkness sets in, and you set off on a journey to an uninhabited island to be alone.

The moon gives you lighting, so as not to go astray.

Arriving on the island, you are immersed in silence, which breaks only the splash of water near the shore. Sit quietly and contemplate the night sky with a myriad of stars, feel the breeze on your face and reflect on your life.

If you want to fly somewhere else, you can fulfill this desire. But after returning to a desert island and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Slowly open your eyes and return your consciousness to the real world.

Meditation Let Destiny - How to Change Your Destiny and Achieve Wisdom

The second part of

The first part of the meditation was contemplative: you watched the world from afar, thinking about your path and purpose. You just got acquainted with the world in which your soul incarnated.

Now it’s time to move to action and become the creator of fate in this world. You are at the same mountain top as in the first meditation.

Only this time spiritual work will take place in a different way — creative.

Imagine that a city begins to grow in a valley near a mountain. Houses, trees and roads appear with the help of your imagination and will. You create the city of your dreams, attaching to this fantasy and imagination.

This city is one thing different from the present — there are no people in it.

Go down to the city from the mountain and stand on one of the streets. Now imagine that life has appeared around you — people walk, cars drive, children play.

Feel yourself a creator and a creator of life, by the will of which everything comes to life and flourishes. Enjoy your creation and exit meditation.

The third part

This meditation is based on the Buddhist teachings about emptiness, through which you can achieve enlightenment. And enlightenment is nothing but wisdom. Buddhists say: to find peace, you need to give up everything.

It is precisely attachment to material objects that deprives a person of inner peace and harmony, without which life can turn into a series of misfortunes and sufferings. The human mind misunderstands the essence of things, the nature of which is unknown to him.

This is a deep philosophical doctrine, which is impossible to comprehend immediately.

In meditation, we will not study the basics of the doctrine of emptiness, we will only note its visible aspect — the negation. Imagine that the city you created starts to disappear.

Houses turn into hills and trees, animals appear instead of people. Asphalt roads are covered with grass, on which beautiful flowers and shrubs grow.

Now imagine all your belongings — clothes, computer, car, important household items. Wave a hand to make them disappear.

Now you are left alone with the world that was originally created by the creator. In this world, there is only nature and you.

There is nothing more — neither civilization nor other people. Be as contemplated as you need.

What do you feel? This is enlightenment. You have comprehended the essence of things and life, and now you can find the right path in your own destiny.

Practice meditation constantly to stay in a state of enlightenment and not to stray from the right path.

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