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Meditation for wish fulfillment — preparation, technique of achievement

Meditation for the fulfillment of desire — an effective method for making your dreams

Desires — an integral part of human life. This is especially noticeable in dealing with young children — for many babies the word “give” becomes one of the first in their lives! Desires are different, among them there are also hidden ones.

How to implement them? This will help meditation for the fulfillment of desire.

About this and talk in the article.

Meditation for wish fulfillment - preparation, technique of achievement

True and false desires

What is meditation? This is a focus on one human issue. You have to choose one thing that is necessary for you to wish and think over the smallest details of its implementation.

How to choose the right desire, and is there really wrong? Unfortunately, not all our dreams can lead us to good, sometimes the fulfillment of a desire can completely turn fate into an unnecessary direction.

To make sure that your desire is correct and useful, do the following. Write a list of your desires in a column with a blue pen or pencil.

Now look closely at the first desire — what do you feel inside? If there is joy, then desire will not harm you.

Look at the second desire — what do you feel?

If there is even the slightest anxiety or some kind of uncertainty — delete it from the list with a red pen. So work through the entire list and leave only the correct desires. But do not rush to sit in a meditative position — leave it for tomorrow.

The next day, review your wish list again, recheck yourself — and select one of the most cherished dreams out of it.

There is another method for checking the truth of desires. Imagine that today is the last in your mortal life. What would you choose from the wish list?

This is a harsh technique, but very effective and efficient. Thus, all that is vain and unnecessary in our lives is eliminated.

Check for yourself!

Meditation for wish fulfillment - preparation, technique of achievement

Meditation preparation

Now that you have decided on your desire, you can begin meditation. But this does not mean that you need to immediately close your eyes and repeat repeatedly “I want, I want, I want”!

The technique of meditation implies the right attitude to practice.

  • First, you need to choose a day free from work.
  • Secondly, stay alone.
  • Third, prepare the room and yourself.

Any spiritual practices, like magical rites, should be carried out after ablution. Take a shower or warm bath to free the body from sweat and dust.

The fact is that sweat and obsolete skin cells distort the flow of energy in the human body, and this greatly hinders the conduct of spiritual practices. In addition to the purity of the body is important and cleanliness of the room.

The room should be well ventilated and free from clutter and dust. Why is this so important? Things tend to accumulate not only physical dirt, but also energy.

Therefore, all dirty and dusty things need to be cleaned. The floor should also be cleaned, and the carpet should be vacuumed.

At the end, ring the room with a bell or burn incense sticks or incense — the room is ready for practice.

When is it best to practice wish-fulfillment meditation? At any convenient time.

You can do this at dawn, at night — the main thing is for you to have the appropriate attitude. To calm the psyche and emotions, light a candle and for some time just look at the flame — emotions will calm down.

Pose during meditation should be comfortable so that the back is not numb, and the legs do not hurt. You can sit on a chair with a flat back, you can sit on a pillow on the floor, you can even lie on the sofa — but there is a risk to fall asleep.

Sit comfortably, but not to slouch your back — this is important. An even spine allows cosmic energies to flow through your body.

Meditation for wish fulfillment - preparation, technique of achievement

Simple technique to achieve the desired

Start with the simplest of meditation using visual images. This technique is considered simple, but you need to be able to imagine different images in motion in your imagination.

You can and without movement, but the picture in my head should be quite clear and specific.

So imagine your wish realized. If you need a car, imagine its color, brand, determine the cost and other details.

Imagine that this car is already yours — you are driving and driving on the highway. It is advisable to hear the sound of the engine and feel the speed of movement.

If this does not work, not scary. A simple visualization of a picture is also suitable for a start.

If you need a house or apartment, determine exactly — what kind of object you need. Why do you need accuracy in the formation of desires?

Because the desire may not be fulfilled as you planned. Let’s say an apartment will appear in the wrong area, or instead of your own car you will be rolled endlessly by taxi.

Therefore, the more details, the better for you.

When you have all submitted, fix the visual image in a frame — like a real picture. Now imagine that this picture is moving further and further away from you. Here it turned into a point, but it disappeared altogether from visibility.

Why do you need it? This is necessary in order to convince the subconscious to send the desired desire to the universe.

If this is not done, there will be no realization of the desire — it will “hang” beside you indefinitely. And so — you sent him.

What to do now? Just forget about everything.

If you constantly think about your desire, it is unlikely to be fulfilled. The law of conservation of energy enters the law — you have attached the desire to yourself with your thoughts and do not want to let it go, and no meditation will help.

So go with him now. All fair! Therefore, they did it and they forgot it.

You can write down the day and month of the meditation in the notebook, then to see how long the wish was fulfilled.

Is it important to observe the phases of the moon in achieving the desired? This is also important, as there are certain lunar days, the energy of which is aimed at the realization of desires.

See them in the lunar calendar. The best day of planning is considered the first lunar day (not the day of the calendar month, namely, the lunar month). The wishes of the full moon and church holidays are well realized.

Also New Year’s holidays are considered as strong days — old and new.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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