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Meditation for weight loss — the perfection of the new image

Meditation for weight loss — the rules of conduct and effect

Is it possible to build muscle with the power of thought? It turns out you can. The thought of man creates miracles, if you direct it in the right direction.

Meditation for weight loss — a step towards beauty and health. If you properly adjust the flow of your thoughts, you can achieve an effective result.

Consider a few examples of meditations to lose weight.

Meditation for weight loss - the perfection of the new image

Meditation Rules

To get the result from meditation, you need to hold them correctly. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time. First, you must be in the room alone.

Secondly, any annoying sources of sound should be turned off. Thirdly, it is necessary to conduct spiritual practices in the appropriate state:

  • eliminate extraneous thoughts;
  • believe in the effectiveness of the practice;
  • do not rush to see the result immediately;
  • less to tell others about his work.

It is advisable to conduct meditation in the early morning when nature is just waking up. You can practice meditation and at night, when the daily bustle does not interfere with concentration.

The pose for meditation is a half lotus. This is a classic pose recommended by eastern teachers.

The spine should be straight, body relaxed.

Sometimes you can meditate lying down, but there is a risk to fall asleep during the practice. It is also necessary to prepare a space for practice — to ventilate the room, to burn a incense stick.

Aromas help concentration of thoughts, tune in to communication with cosmic energies.

To complete the practice setting, calculate slowly from ten to one. This will signal the beginning of meditation.

Meditation for weight loss - the perfection of the new image

Meditation effect

Why using mental attitude can achieve real results of losing weight? Because mental processes directly affect the physical body.

This can be seen in the example of stress: after them a breakdown of physical health begins, various ailments.

Why not use mental processes to create health? Oriental wise men speak about this, recommending meditation as a way of gaining bodily health.

Mental mood can affect the metabolic processes in the body, accelerate the metabolism and the process of splitting fats. This is what helps the body to lose weight, and there are no miracles in this case.

Of course, in addition to meditations, it is necessary to maintain an active lifestyle and not eat harmful foods. All together will result in a stunning effect — slim body and good health.

Meditation «Perfection»

This practice begins with a critical attitude to their shortcomings. If a woman tries not to notice her imperfections, then the subconscious mind also does not notice them.

And since there are no flaws, there is nothing to correct either. Therefore, before starting the practice, carefully examine your body and identify the problem areas.

This meditation is done lying down. Sit comfortably on a bed or couch, turn on relaxing music and burn incense — sandalwood stick or another fragrance. Start breathing slowly, concentrating on the process:

  • inhale through the nose;
  • out through the mouth.

Now you need to imagine that a breath of warm air passes through your body as you inhale. She goes from feet to head. This wave dissolves fat cells in problem areas, and with exhalation, they leave the body.

Do the practice as much as you see fit. You do not need to breathe too deeply, just be aware that with the inhalation of air a warm stream enters your feet.

This practice can be combined with mantras for weight loss.

Meditation for weight loss - the perfection of the new image

Meditation «Desired Image»

This meditation is based on a visual image. You can spend it at any convenient time when you are free.

First you need to enter the «working state», that is, to discard any negative thoughts and experiences. This will help the memory of one of the happiest moments in your life. You should remember the state when you were happy and did not suffer from pain or indisposition.

Be filled with happiness and start practicing.

It is necessary to present in detail your desired image to which you aspire. Enjoy the vision, mark the smallest details of this image.

It is necessary to devote as much time as is necessary for complete confidence that this is your real body. When you gain confidence and no doubt about this, imagine the image in front of you and enter it.

Perhaps this practice will not work right away, but you don’t have to lose faith in success! Practice should be done with closed eyes, imagining everything in imagination. The effectiveness of the result will depend on the regularity of the exercises and the absolute belief in success.

If after practice you do not see instant results, this is not a reason for frustration. Go on, your subconscious should make sure that this is what you need.

The whole secret of the practice is precisely this — to convince your own subconscious mind to acquire new forms.

The main thing is not to harm yourself with wrong thoughts. When you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t see changes, you don’t need to get depressed and convince yourself of the futility of your efforts.

This program will fit into your subconscious and start working against you. Therefore, the mood for positive — 90% success.

Together with meditation, you need to perform an uncomplicated set of physical exercises aimed at working with problem areas. Exercise gymnastics daily for 15-17 minutes, and this will help create a new image.

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