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Meditation for success and well-being — your luck in life

Meditation for success and well-being — a white stripe in life

Success and luck are energies that you can tune into. Customization occurs through mental images or mental installation.

Like attracts like — this is one of the basic magical laws. In this we will be helped by meditation for success, which aligns the subtle bodies with the necessary energy. It is only necessary to remember that attracting success is not a one-time action, but a permanent one.

Therefore, it is necessary to meditate daily until the result becomes tangible.

Meditation for success and well-being - your luck in life

Daily Meditation for Success

The first thing to do on the road to success is to align your thoughts with the vibrations of luck. Our thoughts are also a flow of energy with a certain frequency of vibrations. Therefore, the frequencies must match.

If you are determined to succeed in the morning, and at lunch you allow yourself to think about failure, nothing good will come of it. If you have started on luck and well-being, you need to run without thinking.

When you put your thoughts in order and forbid yourself to think about failures, things will get off the ground. Good luck meditation is best done in the morning, when thoughts and body are at rest. This will be a powerful positive impulse, good charging with positive energy for the whole day.

Remember that meditation is not magic, but hard work. Therefore, do not expect instant results, but continue to work in the chosen direction.

Imagine that you are in a pleasant place where you are free and easy. This may be a familiar place, or it may be invented by you.

Imagine that all your desires are realized — all you have to do is click your fingers or wave your hand. Suppose you need success in signing a contract or success in the intended business.

In your imagination should appear a picture of the successful completion of the case.

Work in your imagination as much as possible the details of the successful completion of the case. Enjoy full success in your intended.

Click your fingers — this will be a sign of your success, a personal symbol of good luck. You only need to click your fingers when you in your mind have full confidence in the success of your plans. Open your eyes, smile at the new day and go about your business.

You will have good luck and success.

In the evening, record the result of your achievements in a special notebook — a notebook of success. Record whenever your intentions are realized.

This notebook will eventually become a powerful artifact of luck: you just need to touch it to attract the energy of success. But for this you need to constantly work — to conduct meditation.

Meditation for success and well-being - your luck in life

White stripe in life

Life seems to be all striped — a white stripe alternating with black forever. How to break out of this scheme and arrange life on their own?

It is necessary to expand the white strip so that it fills the entire living space. This can be done in meditation on success and well-being.

Let’s get started

Retire and tune in to meditation. You can turn on pleasant positive music, but not too loud. Close your eyes and imagine a white stripe in front of you.

How is it positioned — horizontally or vertically? Now, with an effort of will, unfold it so that it stretches into the distance like a road.


What do you see around the white band? Black background.

Now, with an effort of will, begin to expand the white strip so that it takes up as much space as possible and displaces the black stripes from the sides. Happened?

Proceed further. You need to make the white stripe expand to infinity and fill the whole space.

Now you need to present yourself on this endless white background. Wherever you turn, there is a white stripe everywhere, a white background. Realize that your luck and lucky streak has no end.

Enjoy this feeling — now you are lucky in life. Repeat this meditation daily until you are filled with self-confidence.

It can be carried out in the morning after sleep or in the evening before bedtime — at this time the body is in a borderline state.

It is the correct (borderline) state of mind that will help to more deeply realize and accept changes in life. Why is this condition called correct for this meditation?

Because the brain works in an alpha rhythm that is closest to our subconscious. And the subconscious mind decides everything in a person’s life, with its help you can achieve any heights.

Meditation for success and well-being - your luck in life

Good luck dragon

This meditation is also based on visualization, only your assistant, the drakosh, will become an artifact of luck. Get a dragon figure in a souvenir shop and start meditating.

To make friends with a personal good luck dragon, you must first find it. To do this, close your eyes, relax as much as possible and tune in to meditation. In your imagination you should move to a beautiful, peaceful place where you will be safe and comfortable.

It can be a magical forest or a beautiful green lawn.

Once in this place, sit on the grass and look around. You see a green egg in front of you, a lot more chicken.

You see the egg begin to sway and crack. From it comes a little drakosh. He has good eyes and a nice appearance.

Imagine that a bowl of milk appeared in front of you — offer drakoshe to eat. Your friend begins to grow in front of his eyes and turns into a big good drakosh who possesses power.

Now you need to invite Drakosh to your home. Tell that it will be cozy and comfortable to live in your house. Show him his place.

When you feel inside that the dragon has agreed to move into your home, open your eyes and pick up a figurine. Now this is your personal good luck dragon that will always help you.

Press the figure to your heart and send a little ray of love, perhaps you will feel a response.

The figure should be in a certain place, pay attention to it — wipe the dust, bathe in water. While the dragon is with you, good luck will come in everything. You can mentally ask the drakosh to help in a particular case, just do not need to tell anyone about it — luck may turn away from you.

It is not necessary to carry the figure with you; the dragon can stay at home. Mental addressing the figure is enough to get help.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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