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Meditation for healing the whole body: features of the technique

Meditation for healing the whole body and healing the body

Meditation for healing the whole body is aimed at eliminating the psychosomatic causes of various diseases. Being engaged in meditative practices regularly, you will find a way to harmonize body and mind.

We will tell about the technique of meditation in detail.

How to conduct healing meditations

In order for meditation to be effective, you must follow some rules. Follow them and get the desired result.

Meditation for healing the whole body: features of the technique

  1. Engage daily. For the prevention of diseases, one meditation per day is enough, and for serious health problems, two to four daily sessions will be required.
  2. Try to turn off the “internal dialogue”. This means that during a session of meditation you must completely free your mind from extraneous thoughts, relax your body and concentrate only on your internal sensations.
  3. To get away from thoughts, concentrate on breathing. Try to feel every breath and exhale, watch how the air fills your body.
  4. The room in front of a meditation session must be ventilated to fill the space with a stream of fresh air.
  5. Meditate in the most comfortable position in which you can feel comfortable while stationary for a long time.
  6. Pick up calm and peaceful music. Melodious sounds will help to relax and concentrate

And, of course, do not forget to follow the instructions of doctors. Meditation will help enhance the effectiveness of treatment, but is not the only cure for all diseases.

Step-by-step meditation technique for healing and healing the body

Once you have prepared for the session, you can begin the meditation.

Meditation for healing the whole body: features of the technique

What do we have to do:

  • Sit back and close your eyes. It is very important to keep your back in a straight position.
  • Take a deep breath through your nose and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Breathe in this rhythm until you feel that your body is completely relaxed.
  • With the inner eye, pay attention to the chest area. Mentally place your hand on your heart and watch the sensations that arise in your body during breathing.
  • Then start repeating the words: “there” on each breath and “from there” — on the exhale. Repeat 108 times. Concentration is very important, you should not be distracted by extraneous thoughts.
  • If you can’t remove your thoughts from the subconscious, start repeating: “these are just thoughts, and they’ll leave now.” Immediately after this, return to the concentration on breathing.

Continue until you feel it is time to stop meditating. Usually the session takes from ten minutes to half an hour.

At the end, take a deep final exhale through your mouth, slowly open your eyes and smile. You can return to everyday life.

How does the whole body healing meditation work?

All those who have been engaged in spiritual practices for a long time can clearly see the difference between healing and healing. In the first case, you simply eliminate the symptoms with medication and medical procedures.

But even if you are recovering, the illness sooner or later will again be felt.

Meditation for healing the whole body: features of the technique

For complete healing, deep work with the causes of diseases is needed. In psychosomatics, there is a clear list of negative emotions that make you feel bad.

How does this happen:

  • For example, you have experienced some kind of strong negative feeling. Resentment, anger, irritation. If this happened once, do not worry. Emotions in this case will slightly affect the subtle body, but the physical will not have any effect
  • But when your emotions become frequent, deep, become a habit, from a thin body the disease passes into the physical and you become ill.

That is why it is so important to work with emotions, negative attitudes and beliefs. The purpose of meditations is to relieve you of this burden and prevent disease.

And if you already feel bad — stop the course of the disease, start its healing at a deeper level.

It will not work if you are accustomed to relying only on physical actions, phenomena and events. For healing, you must believe in the existence of an aura, a subtle body, by virtue of your own subconscious.

Your thoughts and beliefs are always reflected in the surrounding reality, therefore, working with them is so necessary for everyone. If you can achieve harmony between soul and body, forget about feeling unwell forever.

Watch a video with healing meditation:

What other techniques can I use?

As we have already found out, the cause of any illness lies in negative emotions and feelings. You can start practicing with techniques aimed at eliminating the negative and cleansing the soul from limiting beliefs.

  • Meditation Hooponopono. Very simple, but really effective Hawaiian method, which is based on repeating just four phrases. Cleans the soul from the negative and increases the energy vibrations of your aura
  • Morning meditations according to José Silva method. They help to enter the alpha state and learn how to visualize the image of the desired. In our case — imagine yourself completely healthy.
  • Osho Dynamic Meditation. A very non-standard way: you do not just sit with your eyes closed and relax, but, on the contrary, give an active way out to the negative. During the session will have to cry, sing, shout, dance, shouting mantra. Works best in group classes.

If you are not sure which method to start with, contact an experienced spiritual mentor who will choose the best way for you to meditate. To enhance the effects of classes, try to keep track of your thoughts, not only during the sessions, but also during normal times.

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