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Meditation for forgiving yourself for women: the nuances of holding

Meditation of forgiveness of self and healing of insults: for women and men

Forgiveness meditation helps to get rid of the burden of hurt feelings and disappointments, letting go of the past and neutralizing the fears that keep you from moving on. There are many types of such practices, consider the most effective.

Letter of insults

This is the first version of meditation, which suits almost everyone. No need to try to enter into a trance state, it is enough to concentrate on your emotions.

Meditation for forgiving yourself for women: the nuances of holding

All you need is a pen, a piece of paper and a couple of hours of free time. What to do:

  1. Mentally imagine in your imagination the image of the offender. Try to feel the full range of negative feelings that you feel for him. Do not restrain yourself and give free rein to emotions.
  2. In the first part of the letter, throw out all your emotions on paper, tell your abuser everything you think about him. Do not feel sorry for yourself or him — perhaps out of anger you will even tear the paper with a pen, it’s not scary
  3. After you feel that your emotions have run out, that you have expressed absolutely everything, and not a single word remains, go to the second part.
  4. In the second part of the letter, having already calmed down, you are talking about what you didn’t have time to say to the offender when your relationship was normal. Give thanks for something good that he did for you. Or at least say “thank you” for the experience gained, for the opportunity to feel
  5. In the third part, acknowledge that a negative situation is a lesson you need that you have learned and learned. So let go of your offense, ask for forgiveness and grant it yourself.

From the first attempt may not work. When a person is seriously angry, offended or feels a great emotional pain, it will not be easy for him to admit that the negative situation took place for his own good.

In this case, letters of insults need to write daily, as long as you can not completely and completely let go of emotions and leave them in the past.

Important: the letter must be burned after you finish the meditation.

Radical forgiveness

A very effective method was stated by Koling Tipping in his theory of Radical forgiveness. From his point of view, we truly forgive only when we stop to consider the situation bad, to blame someone.

You should take full responsibility for everything that happens in life for yourself, and perceive every problem and negative as a life lesson necessary for the healing of your soul.

Meditation for forgiving yourself for women: the nuances of holding

Techniques radical forgiveness a few. We propose to act according to the following scheme:

  1. When you feel that you are filled with negative, use the active technique of meditative breathing Satori. This means that you need to lie down, turn on rhythmic music, and breathe loudly and actively for half an hour, imagining how the negative leaves your consciousness.
  2. An alternative is to combine a loud sound with physical actions. You can shout loudly and beat a pillow, for example
  3. After you manage to let off steam, turn on calm, peaceful music, take a comfortable position and close your eyes. Think about why a situation has arisen in your life that has hurt you? What is the lesson to take from it? Try to understand that, since this happened, it means it was necessary
  4. Mentally thank all the participants in the situation for their role in your destiny and try to let go of all the insults.

To fully understand the mechanism of radical forgiveness, read the book of the same name.

Farewell meditation: the awakening of the inner child

This is a meditation for forgiving yourself for women who suffer from low self-esteem, complexes and fears, do not like themselves and are unable to forget about childhood injuries.

Meditation for forgiving yourself for women: the nuances of holding

Meditation is called “The Awakening of the Inner Child.” It allows you to get rid of the «victim syndrome», stop feeling sorry for yourself and takes the attitude towards you to a completely new, higher quality level.

Also watch the video with the forgiveness meditation:

What do we have to do:

  1. Take a comfortable position and breathe deeply three times. Feel how each cell of your body relaxes. Pay attention, if the tension does not subside — mentally continue to relax tense areas of the body
  2. Having completely relaxed, imagine that you are looking inside your own subconscious and you see there a closet, and in it — a small child. It was he who voluntarily took over and bears all your pain, painful memories, offenses, betrayals, lack of love.
  3. After you have found the child, you suddenly find that there are a lot of papers around him. These are lists of offenses with the names of offenders, variants of punishments, all situations from life in which you were rejected, betrayed, abandoned, disliked
  4. Pay attention to the painful atmosphere in the garret, how difficult it is for a child to be in this closed space with all its pain. At this moment you understand that you need to change something.
  5. You go to the window and open it. The sun’s rays penetrate the closet, and under them burn all the checks, receipts, notes and books with the names of your offenders
  6. Then you see how the child’s face lights up with happiness, you look at each other. You are ready to let him go, and he is going to leave. At this moment he begins to grow old before his eyes, but not with sadness, but with calm and joy.
  7. The face of the child becomes wrinkled, his hair turns gray, he dies. You pick him up and carry him out, carefully put him in a wagon and take him to the funeral. Around the many angels and people who express condolences
  8. The atmosphere of love reigns, all offenses are forgotten, forgiveness is achieved, you feel a sense of unlimited freedom
  9. In the end, you can imagine how you descend from the mountain and see at its foot a beautiful stream with clear water. You wash and feel how all insults, fears, complexes flow away with water. In return, you are filled with forgiveness and self-love

When you feel that “everything is beautiful”, open your eyes.

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