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Meditation for filling the feminine energy — important sources

Meditation for filling the feminine energy: relaxation technique

Meditation and the filling of feminine energy are inextricably linked. It is in a relaxed meditative state that a woman can completely relax, let go of all the negative and get rid of stress.

How to meditate correctly — read below.

Women’s meditations for relaxation and relaxation

There are many ways to meditate. We will tell about the most universal.

Meditation for filling the feminine energy - important sources

What do we have to do:

  1. Pick up a calm and peaceful music that you like and relax. Avoid dynamic, incendiary melodies
  2. Take a comfortable posture and concentrate on breathing. This will help to abstract from extraneous thoughts and relax as much as possible.
  3. As soon as you are able to enter a relaxed meditative state, start saying positive statements to yourself. What they will be — depends on your desire. Listen to the feelings of your own soul
  4. At the end, when the music ends, do not open your eyes right away. Sit or lie down for a few minutes, listening to your feelings.

Examples of positive statements that can be used during meditation:

  • There is a mass of energy and femininity in me that fills every cell of my body
  • I look at the world with love and gratitude, and he reciprocates me
  • I am completely healthy, young and beautiful
  • I feel better and better every day
  • I am filled with love and with joy I give it to others, and then I receive love in return
  • I live in happiness and harmony, my life is getting better every day
  • I am the pure channel for Divine love, truth and beauty
  • I take advantage of every moment of this day. With me Divine harmony, peace and abundance
  • Divine love comes from me, blessing all who fall into my environment
  • I am surrounded by the sacred aura of divine love, truth and beauty
  • I believe that all my problems are solved and dissolved in the mind of God

During meditation, you can not apply to anyone specifically, or you can send a mental request to God, the Universe or other Higher Forces, in which you believe. You can direct energy to yourself, your loved ones, relatives and friends.

It all depends on your desire.

Important sources of feminine energy

Meditations are good, but you need to take care of other ways that will help you fill your soul with positive energies and tune in to the best.

Meditation for filling the feminine energy - important sources

Sources of replenishment of femininity may be as follows:

  1. Spiritual music and prayers. This is also a variant of meditation. Strive to find God in your soul and more often turn to him with gratitude
  2. Physical activity. In a healthy body healthy mind. Find a sport that is comfortable for you that you like and fill. Yoga, dancing, gym, fitness, stretching or just long walks in the park — all that is nice to your soul
  3. Time for yourself. Sometimes you need to be alone and do your favorite things. It can be all sorts of hobbies, hobbies or “beauty day” when you fill a bath, light scented candles, make masks and various pleasant body treatments.
  4. Women’s responsibilities. Cleaning, cooking, raising children is also a powerful way to fill up and restore feminine strength.
  5. Daily regime. Go to bed until 22 o’clock, and get up at dawn. There are no «owls» and «larks». This is the mode most comfortable for women.
  6. Communicate with people who inspire you. Beloved girlfriends, mentors, teachers, mothers and mothers-in-law with whom you are on good terms
  7. Proper nutrition. Get rid of food debris in your diet, add tasty and healthy foods.
  8. Travels. Wherever you want — at least to another country, even to a neighboring city. Impressions are important, not a place
  9. Personal care. Beauty salons, spa, massage — a huge way to relax and be filled. A nice bonus is the beauty and youth that will stay with you for a long time.

Do what you love, what is pleasant and comfortable for you, combining it with meditations and other spiritual practices. Then harmony and happiness will firmly settle in your life.

Watch a video with a magical meditation that fills the feminine energy:

Where does the female energy go?

Before you begin to fill with feminine energy, it is important to understand where and why she goes. You need to know this in order to eliminate the causes and to lose less of your strength.

Meditation for filling the feminine energy - important sources

Factors that make you lose the energy of femininity:

  • «Toxic» people. These are the so-called energy vampires, after talking with whom you feel squeezed like a lemon. It can be sworn girlfriends with eternal complaints about life, the boss who insults you, or even her own mother, who torments you with criticism
  • Stressful situations. Stress is destructive for a woman, so it is important to protect oneself from its sources. These are all sorts of quarrels, conflicts, financial difficulties, problems in relationships. Learn to solve them calmly, look for compromises and avoid everything that causes emotional stress.
  • Watching TV and news. Negatives are constantly pouring out of blue screens on us: horror stories continually tell the news, television shows are full of negatives. Avoid this, keep only sources of positive information for yourself.
  • Quarrels and conflicts. There is nothing to talk about, such situations provoke a leakage of your female energy. Learn to resolve conflicts peacefully and wisely as a woman. Do not participate in disputes, abstract from criticism
  • Condemnation and discussion of other people. Stop gossiping, condemning and criticizing — by doing this you only harm yourself. Learn to see only good things in people, say compliments and praise, give thanks

This is not a complete list of the reasons why you lose your femininity day after day and lose energy. But it is enough to protect yourself from the main sources of negativity.

Then the process of filling with energy will go faster, and meditation will really benefit.

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