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Meditation clearing negative programs and creating a successful future

The nuances of the preparation of meditation for the purification of negative programs

Meditation works with the mental and astral body of a person, cleansing and harmonizing the aura as a whole. Meditation cleaning up negative programs and creating a successful future — what is it and how does it work?

This practice helps to cope with stressful situations, to free the soul from negative impressions and to set up optimism. However, to get the effect of meditation, you need to know the secrets of successful spiritual practice.

About them will be discussed in this article.

Meditation clearing negative programs and creating a successful future

Meditation preparation

Spiritual practices are working with your own inner world, so for meditating you need to be left all alone. Turn off all annoying sources — TV, computer, phone.

Create a twilight in the room, ventilate the room. Well adjusts the mind to receive subtle energies from the universe of incense — burn incense aroma with a pleasant smell, you can use an aroma lamp.

Before meditation, you need to take a shower to refresh the body. After water procedures, the thoughts of a person are also refreshed, as water relieves electrostatic voltage.

After a shower, wear clothes made of natural fabric, because synthetics do not have electrical conductivity and will interfere with the perception of thin signals from the universe. Clothes can be any, but freshly washed.

After this preparation, you need to hold a mental attitude to meditation:

  • discard any negative thoughts, just stop scrolling the event series in your head;
  • realize that you are tuning up to communicate with higher powers;
  • form the right intention — to clean the thin bodies from the negative;
  • calculate from ten to one to start the practice after that.

When you complete the training, you need to mentally turn to the higher forces, calling them for help.

Meditation clearing negative programs and creating a successful future

Appeal to higher forces

Higher forces have many names, choose acceptable for yourself:

  • higher intelligence;
  • the heavenly forces of good;
  • Guardian angel;
  • any other deity.

Many names do not affect the essence of higher powers — they understand what a person asks in meditation. The main thing is to turn to the forces of good and justice, and not to the destructive aspect of being.

Many people do not understand exactly how one can approach invisible higher forces? Nothing complicated about it. You can make your own prayer appeal or use ready-made prayer messages.

At first you can read the text on the paper, then you will learn the words by heart and will not use a piece of text.

Meditation clearing negative programs and creating a successful future

Sit on a soft mat or cushion in a half-lotus position or sit comfortably in a chair. Sitting in a half lotus position is better, because you can sleep in a chair or on a sofa. However, if you accidentally fall asleep in meditation, there is nothing to worry about.

Sometimes higher powers themselves can introduce a person to sleep, so that the subconscious can register positive changes in energy without the participation of consciousness.

Having settled comfortably, close your eyes and concentrate your attention on the point between the eyebrows — there is a “third eye” there. This ajna chakra, which is responsible for obtaining information in an intuitive way.

It is also a clairvoyance center that is directly connected with the pineal gland. What to do next?

Keep your attention on a given area of ​​the head as long as possible. According to the law of the universe, the direction of attention to the object of observation attracts energy.

That is, all your energy will be directed to the point between the eyebrows.

How many minutes do you need to keep concentration on the ajna chakra? At first, just a few minutes.

If the thought stumbles on foreign objects, return it to the ajna chakra. Over time, the concentration on the chakra will be longer.

If you were able to hold the attention of only 3 minutes, for a start, and this will be enough.

To make meditation easier, repeat the sacred sounds — Om or Aum. How to pronounce these sounds? When pronouncing a vowel sound, you need to open your mouth wide, then slowly join your lips — the sound “m” will automatically turn out.

That is, it does not need to be pronounced — it will itself sound when you close your lips.

Helps in meditation and visualization. What can be imagined?

You can imagine the outer space in which the globe is slowly floating. You can present a picture of nature that you like or remember most of all.

Any presentation will be correct.

Meditation clearing negative programs and creating a successful future

Exit meditation

After you finish the exercise, you can not get up sharply. Open your eyes and sit for a while listening to your body.

Slowly stand up and write down your meditation sensations in a special notebook. In this notebook you need to note all the changes that will occur in your life after practice.

If you do meditation before bed, go to bed. If you are practicing in the morning, you need a snack — drink tea, eat a salad or a sandwich. It is undesirable to eat fatty and smoked products, as they strongly distort the human energy field.

These products contain information about the animals from which they are made. No need to explain that this has a negative effect on human energy.

How can concentrating on the ajna chakra help to clear out negative programs and change life? The fact is that the concentration on the intuitive energy center awakens hidden spiritual forces in a person.

If you constantly activate this energy center with the help of concentration, the consciousness begins to change gradually.

A person begins to better understand what is happening around, becomes more balanced, stops responding to sources of irritation. After a month of daily practice, you will become a harmonious person with a new world view.

Inside you is a source of wisdom and happiness, which you were able to activate through meditation. This source of wisdom will lead you through life, pointing the right way.

All the best to you on the path of spiritual perfection!

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