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Meditation cleaning of negative programs — appeal to the Higher Forces

Meditation cleaning of negative programs: a detailed method

Calm meditation is the best cleaning of the negative programs inherent in your mind. It helps to completely relax and enter the so-called alpha state of drowsiness, in which you can change the programs of the subconscious to positive and clear the soul from the negative.

Why do you need to meditate?

Through meditation you enter a special state. This is a complete relaxation of consciousness, calm and peace.

In this state, it is possible to produce colossal work with your inner “I”, saving you from the negative and filling it with colossal, positive energy.

Meditation cleaning of negative programs - appeal to the Higher Forces

What will be the result of regular spiritual practices:

  • You will get rid of a bad mood, negative emotions, learn to let go of resentment, irritation and anger.
  • “Clean” the aura and karma of blockages and beliefs that prevent you from developing and becoming a successful person.
  • Enter into a state of peace, harmony, happiness and peace, and stop needing external sources for this. Inner light comes from you, illuminating everyone around.
  • Learn to listen to your feelings, recognize body signals that help you to know yourself better and develop intuition
  • Create the right energy radiation around you. You transmit positive, love and gratitude to the Universe, and in return, it sends you all sorts of benefits that you need

Next, let’s talk about two important stages of purifying meditation.

Stage one — preparation

Purification of the negative through meditation requires special training. Especially if you are new to spiritual development and have not previously engaged in anything like this.

Meditation cleaning of negative programs - appeal to the Higher Forces

What is important to do and take into account:

  1. To believe that the energy message that you send to the Universe will definitely work, and a tremendous return will come in the form of a large amount of positive energy. Without sincere faith it is not worth starting
  2. Get rid of bright negative emotions: anger, irritation, resentment and others. They will interfere and will not allow to concentrate on the process, to completely surrender to it. To break free from strong negativity, you can try Osho’s dynamic meditation, for example
  3. Before starting meditation, try to take the most comfortable posture and completely relax your body, remove tension from your muscles. Well, if you can do stretching or yoga
  4. Turn on the peaceful and peaceful music, it should sound quiet and resonate with your inner state. Make sure sounds are pleasant and do not interfere with concentration.

This is enough for a start. When you get used to meditation, then there is no need for special preparatory manipulations, you will learn to relax in any place, in any posture, and practice wherever and whenever you want.

Important: Begin with ten to fifteen minutes a day. Over time, you will be able to meditate and longer, add time gradually

Stage Two — Appeal to the Higher Forces

This is the most important part of meditation, during which the removal of negative programs, blocks, attitudes and beliefs from the load.

Meditation cleaning of negative programs - appeal to the Higher Forces

What to do at this stage:

  • Mentally turn to the Higher Forces with a request to give you positive energy in order to improve your life and health.
  • Read a prayer or positive affirmations. Any that speak in your soul. Examples can be found in this article.
  • Then imagine the negative energy that lives inside you, in the form of something tangible. Each girl has his own particular image, which suggests the subconscious. It could be a blob of black fog or a furry monster, or something else.
  • Mentally get rid of the source of the negative. For example, you can imagine how a black fog pierces a beam of bright light and it is scattered. The monster can be “pierced” with a fiery sword. Your subconscious itself will prompt the desired option.
  • Then feel that you are free. Catch this state of emptiness and lightness, liberation and healing. Lock it. Imagine that you are an empty vessel, clean, faceless, not yet filled
  • After mentally begin to fill this vessel with something positive, pleasant. Again, the subconscious itself will send the desired mental image
  • Feel how your soul is filled with positive energy. Try to fix this state and feel it with every cell of your body. Do not get distracted and completely immersed «in the moment.» It is very important not to stop at this stage.
  • After you have entered into a state of complete harmony and spiritual peace, mentally thank the Higher Forces for the help. Sincerely and as emotionally as you can

At the end, just relax and sit in silence for a few minutes. Meditation is over.

Beginners are often afraid of the need to read a prayer, because not everyone is religious. It’s not scary — just choose a comfortable option for yourself. You can refer not only to God, but also to the Universe, the sky, your inner “I.”

The main thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Watch a video with effective meditation to clear out negative programs and create a successful future:

Thanks to the purification of the negative, you free your mind from everything that prevents you from developing, achieving success and happiness in all areas of life. The «pure» subconscious will be ready for auspicious changes. You will be surprised at how quickly everything around you is changing for the better.

Regular practice is important, so try to give meditation at least 15 minutes a day. Especially if there is a lot of negativity inside and it will not work out in a few sessions.

Complement the effect with other practices of working with consciousness. Read positive affirmations, make a Wishmap, practice visualizing positive thoughts.

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