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Medicine Buddha Mantra — listen online text

Medicine Buddha Mantra — Mantra of Cure

The Mantra of the Medicine Buddha is able to cure physical diseases. This is one of the few prayers that combines spiritual cleansing and physical healing so effectively that it can even replace some medicines. Immediately I want to say that no prayer can push out the hospital and professional doctors from everyday life.

Mantra is able to cope only with mild ailments in their initial stage. If we are talking about a dangerous sore, especially related to cardiology or oncology, then you should not avoid going to the doctor.

Read and listen to the mantra of the Medicine Buddha

The text of the mantra itself is simple:

Om Beganze Beganze Mahabeganze Ranza Samutgate Soha

In the Tibetan version, the text is:

Tadjatha Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Ranza Samutgate Soha

You can sing both versions. Like other mantras, you need to read it 108 times in a row.

To simplify the calculations, special rosaries are often used.

Listen to the Medicine Buddha Mantra online:

The sacred connection of mind and body

Almost all physical illnesses come from mental illness. No, you do not think that it is about madness.

Vices are the main ills of a human being, generating destructive processes in our fragile body.

It goes without saying that you need to fight them. But first you need to figure out what kind of «enemies» in question.

Without knowing the enemy in the face, it is difficult to win, so said all the ancient sages.

  • Anger. He destroys all that is human. Open malice and hatred are his constant companions. This mental illness destroys the nervous system. The person becomes irritable and quick-tempered. Many diseases come from here, including cancer.
  • Attachment. Dependence on something necessarily entails the rejection of certain benefits of earthly nature. For example, if a person is tied to smoking tobacco, then he deprives himself of the happiness of breathing fresh air. How can you not be upset when, instead of floral scents, you have a disgusting stench from a smoldering poisonous plant in your nose?
  • Ignorance. It is ignorance. If a person is not able to give answers to some questions for himself, then this is half the trouble. It is quite another thing if this happens because of ignorance and the lack of information in the head that will facilitate his life, and most importantly — communication with other people.

There are a number of other human vices, but they affect physical health much less. Mantra Buddha Medicine can save you from the root causes of the disease, that is, mental defects.

This entails physical recovery.

About the importance of sincere faith

Medicine Buddha Mantra - listen online text

No peace prayer can help a person if he does not believe in a positive result. Mantras are no exception. Buddha is very kind, but he is upset by consumerism.

Sincere faith gives the deity a sign that they love him as a father, regardless of whether he does something for a person or misses a prayer past his ears.

It is through faith that a strong bond is established with the deity. This is a guarantee that the prayer will be successful, and the disease will recede. There is a case in which one of the Tibetan monks was able to recover from a severe stroke in three weeks.

As he later told, at first he could not speak, but he retained the ability to mentally pronounce the words of a mantra. The speech returned in just three days.

A week later, he got to his feet. Sincere faith, that is what helped the cleric!

How to read the mantra

Medicine Buddha Mantra - listen online text

It should immediately say that this song has the maximum power only with complete solitude. There should be no collective prayers.

You need a full concentration on yourself and your body, strangers will distract, the effect will be lost.

The number of readings per approach may vary.

  • 7 times. Superficial recovery. Not suitable for the cure of diseases, but the body strengthens, especially during seasonal epidemics.
  • 21 times. Helps to deal with minor ailments. These include rhinitis or mild allergies.
  • 100 times. This option requires deep spiritual preparation. It is not suitable for complete cure, but it helps to fight the most serious diseases. It is also a good help when recovering from complex surgical operations.

I repeat — never replace a clinical treatment with a mantra. It can be a help, but it can only be a panacea for people with the deepest spiritual preparation.

Among the population of Russia and the CIS countries, such adherents are few, and their practice began as a child.

Reading the mantra must be carried out in a calm mood. The fact is that external experiences can interfere with the concentration on a disturbing illness. If any events disturb your soul so much that it is not possible to calm down, you should listen to quiet music without words for an hour.

It perfectly tones and charges with positive — just what you need!

Mantra Buddha Medicine — one of the most powerful prayers. Preparing to read it requires a very serious approach, because it is about health.

If suddenly you feel the deterioration or the complete lack of effect, then you need to look for mistakes in the performance of the mantra. Spiritual practices do not tolerate mistakes, they love the exact execution of all the rules.

Be careful and take care of yourself!

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