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Matryoshka: family talisman for happiness and the birth of healthy offspring

Matryoshka: family talisman for happiness and the birth of healthy offspring

Slavic culture gave humanity a famous figurine — matryoshka. However, many do not realize that children’s fun serves as an excellent talisman of family happiness and helps the couple to fulfill the dream of having a long-awaited child.

In the creation of the Matryoshka, long-term meaning was invested. It symbolizes the Rod, personifying the numerous offspring generated by it. The nested doll is a symbol of unity and many-sidedness of the world, consisting of many manifestations interconnected with each other.

It reflects the small in the large, creating a miniature universe. It characterizes a person, embodying his energy field, soul and other components.

Family Charm Matryoshka

In Slavic culture, the matryoshka of the first year of life is a baby who will gain a foothold in the world of Yavi. The next figure symbolizes the etheric body of man, which is formed by three years and merges with the original-born body, forming a single whole. An even larger nesting doll reflects the astral body of man, Navier. It is formed by seven years and merges with the previous bodies.

Then comes the matryoshka doll, denoting the mental body of a person, fully formed by the age of 14. The following figure characterizes a person who is ready to create his own life and enter into marriage for this. Formed by the year 21. The penultimate matryoshka personifies the spiritual and intuitive body of a person who has passed the maternal or father’s dedication, having embarked on the path of the tutor of his child.

The biggest matryoshka doll that unites all the figures is the Divya Body (the soul of man). This figure symbolizes the dedication to the grandfather or grandmother, the awareness of past years.

Thus, the nested doll personifies human integrity. This charm brings harmony and comfort to the house. The matryoshka was an essential attribute in the homes of our ancestors and protected families from negative manifestations, protected them from diseases and accidents, and also symbolized the power of the Sort.

When purchasing a matryoshka into a house where there are no children, hold it in your hands more often, go through the figures, making up a single whole, and ask her for the addition of posterity. This should be done as often as possible, involving your partner in the ritual. Such a game conveys the heat of your bodies to dolls, and they begin to pass through themselves subtle vibrations from the outside, attracting much needed to you.

Do not forget about the power of the prayer word. Ask the Higher Forces to bestow offspring on you, live a righteous life, and constantly improve yourself, in time to pass on your knowledge to born children and fill their vessels with the right contents. There should be no room for quarrels, negative energy and anger in your family. As soon as you enter the path that allows you to go through the initiation into the Parents, your dreams will come true.

We wish you happiness in life, fulfillment of all innermost desires, coziness and comfort. Love and appreciate each other, and do not forget to press buttons and

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