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Marcasite — Sulfur Stone or Radiant Pyrite

Marcasite stone: types, deposits, properties

Marcasite is one of the most beautiful and unusual minerals. It is impossible to look away from him. Inimitable sparkle and fascinating play of shades I want to enjoy forever.

In some nations, this crystal is valued more than diamonds, and not only in beauty, but in the unique properties that it possesses. In this article I will talk about how a marcasite stone looks, what types there are, where it is mined, and what signs of the zodiac it fits.

Marcasite - Sulfur Stone or Radiant Pyrite

Description and history of the stone

Marcasite is an iron sulfide, which under the influence of external factors forms crystals of a diamond shape. The composition of some specimens include impurities such substances as arsenic, copper and bismuth.

If the mineral is heated, it will begin to emit sulfur vapors — it is because of this property that it is called “marcasite”, which in Arabic means “sulfur stone”. Also, the gem is not rarely called «drip silver», because it radiates metallic luster, but there is not a drop of silver in its composition.

Marcasite is a massive opaque crystal that shimmers with shades of gray, pink and red. But also in nature there are stones of green, black, orange and golden color.

Regardless of the color gamut of the crystal, it necessarily has a metallic luster, and on its surface there is a multi-colored plaque formed as a result of the oxidation of the rock. In jewelry, red specimens are most often used.

Marcasite can not be confused with other minerals, because it has not only the original color, but also a noticeable smell of sulfur.

There is no information about where the marcasite stone was first discovered — no, but its main deposits are the USA, Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and France. Initially it was called radiant pyrite, and this mineral was often confused with the now famous pyrite.

In 1845, Wilhelm Heidinger, who was an Austrian explorer, presented to the world evidence that marcasite and pyrite are different crystals.

Today pyrite is mined not only in the above-mentioned countries, but also in Bolivia, Africa, Austria and the Urals. Interestingly, the color of the stone depends largely on the territory in which it lies. For example, pink marcasite is mainly found in the USA and Canada, red — in Africa.

In Russia, rare specimens of green, gray and gold are obtained, which are usually purchased for private collections.

Marcasite - Sulfur Stone or Radiant Pyrite

Gem properties

Since ancient times, healing properties have been assigned to marcasite, including the following:

  • fight stress, depression, panic attacks and other disorders of the nervous system;
  • treatment of tumors and eye diseases;
  • elimination of pain in muscles and joints;
  • depression of inflammatory processes;
  • fight against skin diseases;

To relieve pain, it is enough to apply marcasite to the place where the greatest discomfort is felt. For healing of wounds, including purulent ones, a powder from a crystal is used — it possesses a disinfecting and antiseptic property, and also promotes fast tissue regeneration. To adjust the work of the nervous system, to charge with positive energy and find spiritual harmony, it is recommended to wear jewelry with a gem around the neck.

Previously, children in a state of hysterics were soothed and frightened in a similar way.

In addition to the healing properties, magical abilities are also attributed to marcasite. This stone is considered masculine, therefore it is recommended for a strong half of the population, but, nevertheless, it can also have a beneficial effect on women. First of all, the stone protects its owner from negativity, accident and damage, prevents troubles and problems.

He is able to give a person positive energy and good mood, to give self-confidence and to push to commit bold actions.

Beneficially, the properties of the marcasite stone influence the psyche of the child, so in ancient times the talisman with this stone was usually presented to the newborn to protect them from the evil eye, negative impact and other troubles. Today, jewelry with drip silver is predominantly worn by those who want to gain confidence in their abilities and achieve their intended goals.

But it should be remembered that this crystal can not be worn for more than 3 days, because his energy will start to act on a person destructively. In addition, emotional people, he and is contraindicated.

Marcasite - Sulfur Stone or Radiant Pyrite

Marcasite and Zodiac signs

The patrons of marcasite are Neptune and Mars, which explains its powerful energy, which not many can withstand. This mineral is great for Scorpios, Sagittarius and Aries.

With it, they will be able to streamline their lives, gain true goals and improve their health.

The representatives of the signs of the Zodiac Pisces and Cancer radiant pyrites is absolutely contraindicated. In their lives, he will bring only misfortune, chaos and uncertainty. They simply can not cope with his energy.

As for the other zodiacal signs, in relation to them the marcasite is completely neutral. Consequently, they can wear jewelry with this unique gem, but you should not expect help or protection from it.

  • The stone marcasite due to the metallic luster is called «drip silver.»
  • Due to the amazing appearance of the mineral, it used to be used as a substitute for diamonds.
  • Unlike many natural crystals, marcasite is rather fragile and easily damaged due to mechanical effects.
  • The popularity of radiant pyrites is largely due to the presence of a number of therapeutic and magical properties.

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