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Mantras to raise money: very powerful and working

Interesting and effective money mantras

Did you know that there are powerful and working mantras for attracting money? It is no secret that many of us have encountered material difficulties in our lives. How to be in this situation?

How to turn to the Universe for help? It turns out that for this there are special audio codes, which are called mantras.

We will talk about how to attract material wealth and prosperity into our life with the help of mantras in this article.

Mantras to raise money: very powerful and working

What is a mantra?

The mantra is a special verbal and sound formula that creates a special vibration. These sound vibrations send information to the Universe itself in an accessible form.

Such a special code will be heard and the Higher Forces will assist you.

Mantras came to us from the Indian and Tibetan traditions, where it was believed that these sacred texts were left to the people by the gods. In other words, they can be called prayers, which connect us to the divine forces, fill us with energy and fulfill our desires.

But to use such a prayer for enrichment is possible only if a person really needs money. In such a difficult situation, a small magic phrase will be a real salvation for you.

If a person wants to take more from the Universe and break the energy balance, he will be punished.

Before you start chanting a mantra, you should listen to it repeatedly. Indeed, in order for a sacred text to have special power, it is necessary to pronounce each sound correctly.

Distorted prayer can lead to unexpected consequences.

How to meditate in order to attract wealth and prosperity?

If you set out to bring material wealth into your life with the help of mantras, you should follow these rules:

  • It is necessary to meditate regularly, it is advisable to allocate for this about 20 minutes every day.
  • It is best to perform meditation at dawn.
  • Do not take before this food, but you can drink herbal infusions.
  • You need to sit up straight, legs folded in the lotus position. If you are unable to accept the lotus position, just sit as you like.
  • Focus on and start chanting a mantra. Repeat it 28 times or as many times as this particular text should be pronounced.
  • Imagine how all your difficulties gradually go away, and problems are solved. Try to clearly imagine the image of the desired and hold it in your imagination.

Mantra Ganesh to attract money

Very often, requests for material prosperity are addressed to Ganesh — the god of prosperity and abundance. This is a very benevolent deity, always ready to help in difficult times.

Mantras of Ganesha are read in front of his statuette, which is a symbol of material wealth. It is recommended while stroking the mantra to stroke the figurine on the stomach or hand. Also, do not forget to bring the statuette gifts: small money, goodies, fruits.

So you will gain the favor of the deity and increase your chances to improve financial position. But even if you just read the mantras of Ganesha regularly, you can also succeed.

Mantras to raise money: very powerful and working

One of the most famous mantras for attracting money is:

To encourage business success, you should say:

A very strong prayer for raising money is:

Mantras to raise money: very powerful and working

These mantras should be read 108 times a day or 77 times during the week. During meditation listen to your feelings. If discomfort appears, feeling unwell, then:

  • or you said something wrong;
  • You want to get rich, although you do not need money.

With the correct pronunciation of mantras, pleasant sensations and emotions usually arise, and life gradually begins to change for the better.

Mantras Kubera

In Hinduism, Kubera is the custodian of all cash flow and innumerable treasures. It helps in all financial matters and opens up new opportunities for enrichment. To the deity bless you and give you wealth, read this mantra:

Mantras to raise money: very powerful and working

This prayer should be used in cases where money is needed urgently. You need to sing it 108 times within 11 days.

Mantra relieves of monetary difficulties, attracts success and good luck, contributes to a favorable purchase of housing.

Mantras to raise money: very powerful and working

There is another prayer to Kubera, which is used to permanently get rid of poverty:

Om Shrim Om Hrim Shrim Hrim Klim Shrim Klim

Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi is considered the goddess of abundance, prosperity, happiness and good luck. She needs to read her prayer at dawn when the moon grows. To call the goddess to help, you need to say this mantra 108 times:


The goddess of the moon

Refers to very ancient prayers that have been kept secret for a long time. The world found out about them only after the coming of the Aquarian age.

The moon goddess is considered the Mother of Worlds, which owns all material wealth. If a person has enough of her energy, he is provided with all material benefits.

If the energy of the moon is weak — a person suffers from poverty and lack of vital resources, he is dissatisfied with his fate and constantly complains about life. Appeal to the Goddess will help you to fill the lack of this energy and within three months to improve their financial situation.

The ritual should begin with a full moon. Before it, you need to completely get rid of negative thoughts and emotions. To carry out the ritual is necessary in this way:

  • In the full moon after sunset, go to a deserted place. Stretch your arms to the Goddess of the Moon with your palms up and read the mantra: “KUNG RONO AMA NILO THA WONG”.
  • Continue to say the mantra until its vibrations become one with you, and your body starts to vibrate. At a minimum, this state should last 5 minutes, but you can continue the meditation much longer, if you want.
  • It is necessary to perform the ritual once a week for twelve weeks in a row. This can be done on any day and phase of the moon. If this night the moon does not appear in the sky, imagine it.
  • After this period, you should see changes for the better. Starting from the thirteenth week, the ritual must be performed 1 time per month with a full moon. Having missed at least one full moon, you need to start all over again — again, read the mantra once a week for three months.

It is worth noting that this ritual is not simple, requiring patience and endurance. You will be overcome with laziness and fear of going to a deserted place at night.

You will feel resistance from the forces of poverty and failure, because they will not want to leave their refuge.

During the ceremony you will see otherworldly voices and knocks, but do not be afraid. You need to overcome your fears and doubts, because prosperity and success will be the reward for this.

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