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Mantras for meditation — examples that helps to focus

Why do we need mantras for meditation and what is it

Mantras for meditation are used very often. These are not just sounds — they carry a tremendous charge of energy, increase the energy vibrations of your body, help you relax better and teach you to properly concentrate in the process of meditative practices.

What is a mantra?

Mantra is a kind of prayer written in Sanskrit language. Reading mantras is an ancient Indian way of diving into oneself and concentrating on sound vibrations.

Therefore, mantras are often used in meditation to bring oneself and one’s subconscious mind into a state of rest.

Mantras for meditation - examples that helps to focus

Mantras are also one of the tools of self-knowledge, spiritual self-improvement. With regular practice, you will strengthen your will, calm your mind, fill with positive energy.

As a result, all this will have a positive effect on life in general.

Mantras can be treated differently:

  • Perceive them as something mystical, use as a magical tool to achieve their goals. If you treat them that way, they will only work if you have deep faith in the philosophy of Buddhism.
  • Treat them as an additional tool for getting into the right state in the process of meditation. This is a more scientific approach that can be easily explained from the point of view of psychology.

We recommend that mantras be considered just another way to advance further in your spiritual practices, but not to consider them to be something magical.

How to use

Mantras are not just a collection of sounds. These are syllables charged with certain energetic vibrations that will influence your subconscious mind as needed only when used correctly.

Mantras for meditation - examples that helps to focus

  • Do not hurry. Mechanical repetition of mantras will have no effect. You must feel the energy of the sound that comes out of your lungs. No wonder Indian yogis draw mantras protractedly, in a singing tone, for a long time the vowels are pulled. You can listen to online video with the correct pronunciation, then to repeat it
  • Do not be distructed. When you are immersed in meditation, everything that happens around you should not worry you. Therefore, it is important to meditate in complete silence, turn off the sources of bright annoying light. It is important not to be distracted by extraneous thoughts. Therefore, before reading the mantras, concentrate on breathing for a while — this will help you to abstract from unnecessary thoughts.
  • Do not use the same mantra for meditation for too long. Over time, its effectiveness will decrease due to the fact that you will begin to repeat the sounds mechanically, without delving into them soul

And when you feel that the mantra used has already lost its effect, take a break in meditations for a while, take time for more mundane things.

How does the mantra work?

Every religion has its own prayers. When a person believes in his God, then, reading these prayers, he calms down, enters a state of peace, relief and peace.

This rule works equally in all religions.

Mantras for meditation - examples that helps to focus

Therefore, it is not necessary to believe in a Buddha in order to use the Indian prayers that mantras are. The “soothing” effect is not formed from the outside, it is always inside of you, if you believe in it.

How Sanskrit texts work:

  • By repeating the same sounds in a singing tone, you concentrate on them. At this time, your whole mind is turned only to the mantra, and negative emotions and extraneous thoughts recede.
  • Due to the high degree of concentration, the desired relaxation effect is achieved for entering a meditative trance.
  • For 15-20 minutes of chanting the mantra, relaxation becomes maximum.

In principle, you can use any other prayers in your meditations if they are just as effective in working with your subconscious mind.

Mantra examples

Consider the most popular mantra, taken from the Indian Vedas. They appeared in very ancient times, but have not lost their relevance so far.

Read these words at a moderate pace. Put the emphasis on the last syllable, and try to pull the vowels. Examples of mantras:

  • Om Khrim — read as “OOOOOOO HRIIIIM”
  • Om Namo Navagraha E Namaha — pronounced “OOO NAMOOOO NAVAGRAAAAA EEE NAMAHAA”
  • Om Khrim Shrim Lakshmi Beo Namaha

At first, it will be unusual to say such words, but if you practice, you will eventually be able to pronounce them without the slightest hesitation.

Watch the video to better understand the principle of pronunciation:

What helps to focus

It is very important in the process of meditation not to be interrupted by extraneous thoughts. All your thoughts should leave the mind, and the mind is concentrated on only one mantra all the time.

This is the perfect option to strive for. You will not succeed immediately, but if you take meditation at least 15 minutes a day, you will achieve success sooner or later.

What will help to concentrate:

  • Watch your breath. Try to feel every breath and exhale, breathe slowly and deeply.
  • Before meditation, make sure that you are calm, you are not overwhelmed with emotions. If you are in the grip of strong feelings, wait until they decrease, and only then begin a session
  • As soon as an unnecessary thought has seized the mind, by an effort of will, switch to the mantra.
  • At the beginning of meditation, imagine yourself standing on the bank of a stormy river. Powerful streams of water take with you your tiredness, negative, worries. You are cleared and reach a state of complete tranquility. This simple practice will help tune in to work with the subconscious and increase the effectiveness of the practice.

By applying mantras, you will significantly increase the effectiveness of meditative practices. Try different texts, watch how they respond in your subconscious.

Sooner or later you will find for yourself the perfect mantra, with which you will work constantly.

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