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Mantras for health and healing — the power of energy to cleanse the negative

Mantra for health and healing will give the power to cleanse the negative

Mantras for health and healing have been used for many centuries. The basis of the healing program is the principle of vibration of living matter. Every cell in our body vibrates with a certain frequency.

At disturbance or delay of vibration various diseases appear. The effectiveness of mantras consists in correcting the vibration of a number of sick cells and restoring the harmonious state of the body.

A well-chosen mantra gives strength to cleanse the soul and body from the negative.

Mantras for health and healing - the power of energy to cleanse the negative

Play powerful mantras for health and healing

Over the centuries, many sacred formulas have been created for the healing of various ailments. Some of them are aimed at healing specific organs, some affect the body as a whole.

Choose for yourself the appropriate version of the text and practice regularly.

a) Mantra Om Tryyambak

This formula is considered one of the strongest. Mantra brings healing from physical and mental ailments, adjusts to a positive way, brings joy and fills with happiness.

«Om Tryyambaka Yadzhamahe
Suganlhim Pushti Vardhanam
Urvarukamyva Badhanan
Mrtyyor Mukshiiya Mamritat. ”

“We praise the three-eyed Shiva who carries the fragrance. May the chains of death fall away from us, as a cucumber is freed from the stem. May we gain immortality. ”

Listen to the health mantra Om Tryambambak:

Mantra not only heals, but also protects against accidents, diseases and misfortunes. The practice of this sacred text will relieve from fires, floods, drowning, bites of poisonous insects, air and railway accidents.

In the Hindu tradition, it is customary to sing this mantra on your birthday — this prolongs life and gives health.

Before practicing, open the mantra channel, saying something like the following text (in your own words, too):

“I urge the spirit of mantra to open the channel of healing. Let the vision of the world of energies open, giving a clear understanding of my path in life. ”

Also this mantra can help heal another person. To do this, you must read it on the water, blow it and give it to the patient. If this is not possible, just during the practice, imagine how the healing energies surround the person and heal him.

Keep this image in front of the inner eye constantly.

b) Mantra of excellent health

This magic formula saves the body from any diseases, if you practice it regularly. It is especially useful to sing the sacred formula daily during epidemics of influenza or other viral infections.

Sing the mantra when traveling abroad to rest, to save yourself from any local bacteria and viruses. In exotic places you can fall prey to ecto and endoparasites, from which we do not have immune protection.

Mantra will help avoid infection.

“Om Bram Brim Braum
Sah Budhae Namah. ”

Mantra must be read 108 times in a row, using a rosary. Beads made of natural stone or glass tend to accumulate the energy of sacred vibrations when reading, which over time increases the effect of the practice of healing formulas.

It is advisable to use these rosaries for mantras for health and healing.

c) Surya health mantra

This formula contains an appeal to the sun deity — Surye. Mantra is read only at dawn, with the first rays of the sun.

Practice helps to get rid of many diseases, as well as maintain health at a high level.

«Om Bhaskaraya Vidmahe Mahadyutikaraya
Dhimahi Tanno Aditya Pracudayat. ”

Also, the mantra can be practiced before starting any new business.

Listen to the health mantra on our website:

How are health mantras treated?

The sacred sounds and words from which the vibrational code of the mantra is built, affects the human subconscious. It is in the subconscious that information about our healthy body is located.

The gentle impact of cosmic vibrations on our body of the subconscious activates memory codes that store important information about our health. As a result, with the help of mantra singing, the body begins to self-heal.

Mantras can be sung in the process of healing with the help of drugs: their power will spiritualize medical remedies for treatment and increase the healing effect on the body. The action of mantras is also directed at the energy flows of the universe that surround a person.

The vibrational series of sacred sounds changes the space and harmonizes it.

Singing mantras alters the human mind. Many diseases take root due to incorrect thoughts or experiences. As a result of the practice of chanting mantras, the purification of a person’s thoughts, the expulsion of negative experiences and the destruction of mental blocks occur.

All this contributes to self-healing and healing.

How to read mantras for healing

The practice of oriental spiritual currents determines the hours of dawn or sunset to read mantras. In the morning you charge the spring mantra or bottled water and drink it during the day. And so every morning until healing comes.

You can also read the mantra and drugs, and food. Just do it every morning.

You should not recite the mantra for the future for a few days: the power of the vibration of sacred sounds will weaken and will not bring results.

After achieving the result of healing, practice the health mantra. If you stop reading the sacred texts, diseases can again attack your body and mind.

Therefore, the practice of mantras should be regular.

To sing a mantra or to listen — which is better? The singing of sacred texts and listening in the recording have a beneficial effect. If you cannot learn a long text in an unfamiliar language, you can listen to it through headphones or a player.

At the same time, your mind should free itself from earthly problems and tune in to the wave of divine energies. While listening to the mantra, you cannot think about extraneous things: the sounds of sacred words appeal to your subconscious.

If the house does not have a secluded corner to listen to the mantra, you can put on headphones and close your eyes. Ask your family to not distract you for some time, immerse yourself in the ocean of the sounds of the sacred mantra.

Disconnecting consciousness from the outside world will help tune in to healing.

Mantras for health and healing - the power of energy to cleanse the negative

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