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Mantra Venus: how it will help and features of its reading

Venus mantra — why it is necessary and how to read it correctly

Venus fills the reality around us with love, beauty and harmony. Her holy day is Friday, the day when peace, justice, contemplation, aestheticism triumph, and an increased craving for art. Venus loves pleasure and is ready to show her divine grace to all who use her amulets — she prefers green shades in clothes, and also wears copperware and jewelry with emeralds.

Also come to the aid of the mantra of Venus, reading that you will appease the goddess and be able to get her support.

Mantra Venus: how it will help and features of its reading

What are the characteristics of Venus?

This heavenly deity is responsible for the manifestation of beauty in the surrounding reality, luxury, comfort, various desires and pleasures.

  • Her sacred minerals are diamonds and emeralds.
  • Magic color — a combination of various shades, and also transparent colors.
  • Metal favored copper.
  • Zodiacal circle signs, which Venus favors are Libra and Taurus.
  • Sacral number is a six.
  • Anatomical organ in the body — black substance.
  • The planets with which Venus is in harmonious relationship:Saturn and Mercury.
  • Planets are enemies: Moon and sun.

Interesting information about the goddess of beauty offered in this video.

Features of Venus in astrology

Age of maturation of Venus stands a period of twenty-five years. By his achievement ends the formation of those areas of human life for which she is responsible.

Managed age — starting with fifteen years and ending with twenty two years. It is in this gap that events occur, controlled by Venus.

If we consider the human body, Venus is responsible for the state of the reproductive system, as well as for the genital and pelvic area.

Want to increase the impact of Venus in your life? Then it is necessary to acquire more details of white clothes, any bright and saturated color variations are also preferable.

When Venus in the horoscope is affected — a person is faced with pathologies of the urinary sphere, loses sexual desire or suffers from various perversions.

The method of persuading Venus is good advice. This means that people who are under the strong influence of a given planet always tend to incline others to their side, and also themselves are actively amenable to convictions.

If Venus is well developed — a person surrounds himself with beautiful things, he has a desire for luxury, ensures a beautiful life for himself. The taste on clothes improves, such a person becomes very refined, friendly and soft, it is easy and pleasant to communicate with her.

Mantra Venus: how it will help and features of its reading

When Venus is affected — there are various vicious inclinations, a person loses a good aesthetic taste, suffers from a constant lack of material resources. If Venus is affected in the natal chart — a person is not able to enjoy money, luxury, does not see a deep meaning in art and sensual pleasures.

The secret power of stylish and beautiful things is unknown to his eyes.

How to improve your Venus

If in your natal chart Venus is not located in the most harmonious way, and you want to improve the current state of affairs — you should resort to special correction methods to neutralize the negative influence of the planet.

Next, we present ways to correct Venus:

  • It is necessary every day to read the mantra Shukre;
  • Daily seek help from the goddess Lakshmi;
  • Perform special rituals to appease Venus and Lakshmi;
  • Wear jewelry with diamonds, white zircons and cubic zirconias;
  • Especially helps to perform magical rituals and reading special mantras on Venus’s day — Friday;
  • Donate unnecessary parts of clothing, dairy products to a woman (it is also desirable to do this on the fifth day of the week);
  • Strictly adhere to fasting on Fridays.

Mantras venus

Also a very effective way is to read the special mantras of Venus. Thanks to him, you will increase your material and spiritual wealth, be able to enhance the perception of the beautiful, understand the true state of things in our world and get the opportunity to enjoy abundance in all its forms.

Mantra Venus: how it will help and features of its reading

But to get the desired effect, follow the rules described below:

  1. Along with all the planetary mantras, pronounce the mantra of Venus one hundred eight, one thousand eight or more times.
  2. The most optimal result will be achieved if you repeat the mantra no less than one hundred thousand times within three months.

Now consider examples of effective mantras Venus

Bijma mantra (also called seed)

«Aum Drum Dream Draum Sah Shukraya Namaha»

The number of its daily repetitions must be at least eleven times.

Puranic Mantra

Calm down and, being in a harmonious mood, repeat the following sacred text:

“Hima Kunda Mrina Labham
Daytyanam Paramam Gurum
Sarva Shastra Pravaktaram
Bhargavam Pranamyamyam «

Tantric mantra venus

«Om Svaha Bhuvh Bhur Om Draum Dream Draum Sah Shukraya Namaha»

Repeat the reading of this mantra sixteen thousand times (if this number of repetitions seems unreal to you, start with a smaller number, but gradually increase it).

The main point in reading mantras is their regularity. You can either independently pronounce divine songs, or record your voice on a tape recorder and listen to it in repetition.

Also not prohibited and listening to someone else’s records.

It is important to sincerely believe that this method will help you, not to doubt the effectiveness of mantras. Then the goddess Venus will come to your aid and significantly improve the condition of your life, giving the ability to sincerely enjoy it in all its forms and manifestations.

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