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Mantra Shive — listen online

Mantra Shive — listen online

Just imagine that only five sounds, issued in a certain sequence, are capable of turning all the forces of the Universe in your favor. Moreover, at the head of this flow of power is the god Shiva himself — one of the most powerful patrons of mankind. He is the embodiment of kindness and purity, it confirms even his skin, which is completely white.

This is a clear sign of complete purity and freedom from all manifestations of evil.

Mantra Shive - listen online

Where can one listen to Shiva’s mantra?

Internet help you, many options for recordings. And do not be afraid of «fakes», the mantra is so simple that it is difficult to distort it. However, pay attention to the source of the chants.

The fact is that the Internet is filled with sectarians who flood their variations of various mantras into the network. It is not dangerous for you, but do not wait for the effect.

The full text of the Shiva mantra is as follows:

Om Thrambakam Yajamahe
Sugand (x) im pushti ward (x) annam
Urva Rukamiva gang (x) Anna (m)
Mrtier-mukshiya Mamrita (t)

For you, we find the most correct and useful mantra records. Play Shiva’s original mantra online:

And the best solution is to find a “club of interests”. The Internet comes to the rescue again.

In social networks at the moment there are about 20 groups in which there are real masters of reading mantras. They will be able not only to give you prayer rules, but they will also give you a truly original mantra record.

The principle of the mantra

Those vibrations emitted by the Shiva mantra are able to connect the energetics of any creature living on earth with distant cosmic forces. These are not just beautiful words, but a fact confirmed by many generations. If we imagine this in the form of two magnets, the small of which will be the human biofield, and the larger will be higher forces, then when certain manipulations are made, they will evenly be attracted to each other.

The peculiarity is that a large magnet can have a small positive effect, enhancing its properties.

Difficult and abstruse? Do not worry, the principle of action of Shiva’s mantra is much simpler than it seems at first glance.

If you simplify the explanation, the singing of this prayer speech acts as a petition for all the benefits available in the world. With no exceptions!

For example, you want a lot of money. To receive them you need to make a song and during it imagine the required amount.

Shiva will not give you this pile of money right in your hands, you have to work a little. However, the process of earning money will be so simple that any amount of finance will come into your hands very easily.

The same goes for health, family well-being, normalization of relations with friends and everything else that surrounds us in the world.

The rules of singing Shiva’s mantra

As mentioned above, this mantra is very simple and includes only five words. However, they should be uttered very clearly.

Every sound must caress the ear. If you suddenly cough while reading, you will have to start the cycle over.

By the way, it includes 33, 99 or 165 times, the amount depends on your spiritual preparation. Needless to say, the more times the text of a mantra is pronounced, the stronger its effect will be.

By prayer chants should be approached very responsibly. The fact is that the mantra has such tremendous power thanks to its creator and patron Shiva.

This is not only a good god, full of love and harmony, but also a strict mentor who is able to severely punish the apostate.

  • Mantra is read on sober head. That is, there should be neither alcohol, nor, especially, drugs. Why did I so highlight this moment? The fact is that some sectarians smoke weed before praying. Guess if the mantra has any effect?
  • It is undesirable to have sexual intercourse a day before the intended reading.. The fact is that the human energy will be filled with vicious particles, which are contrary to Shiva. It does not matter with whom sexual intercourse was committed, even if with the wife for a great love. It does not change the essence of the matter — it is impossible!
  • Surprisingly, this is one of the few mantras that can be read by women during menstruation. The energy of women at this moment is overflowing with their nature, that is, the thirst for procreation. Shiva loves people, which means he will like this biofield.
  • Evil thoughts away from the head! If you had a conflict with someone the day before reading, prayer should be postponed. Even if there is no hint of negative in the soul, energy still carries a charge of hatred.

With Shiva, jokes are bad

Above, I said that the god Shiva is not just pure and kind power, but also a strict father. You should not play with him and try to break his rules.

He is one of the few representatives of higher powers who can punish the culprit.

For example, if a person asks for a lot of money while intoxicated, but Shiva will be angry. It ends with the fact that the prayer will lose even what he already has.

This situation can be rectified only by reading special spells, the text of which asks Shiva to forgive the «culprit.»

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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