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Mantra Saraswati — what is needed and how it works

Mantra Svarasvati — the source of divine enlightenment

Recently, reading mantras has become very popular. They are resorted to when they want to improve their financial situation, speed up the process of realizing their desires, find their love, and successfully cope with difficulties.

In this article we will tell you what the Saraswati mantra is and why it is used.

Mantra Saraswati - what is needed and how it works

Great power of magic mantras

Absolutely all people dream of being happy and use various means for this. The inhabitants of the East believe that only that person becomes truly happy, who was able to achieve complete harmony with himself, rejected any misconceptions with illusions, managed to raise the level of his awareness, getting rid of any negative energies.

In this they are helped by the mantra, in which the appeal to the goddess Saraswati takes place. Mantra Sarasvati is dedicated to the goddess of creativity and knowledge, it is used when they want to start their self-development, as well as to acquire practical knowledge.

Who is Saraswati

The goddess Saraswati is a faithful companion to the creator of our Universe, she is the embodiment of deep wisdom and intellectual abilities. The latter are necessary for the harmonious development of the personality and the correct circulation of all energy flows in the body.

Mantra Saraswati - what is needed and how it works

Symbolically by means of snow-white clothes, the great goddess conveys to people her mighty power and knowledge. On the images, Saraswati is drawn with rosaries in her hands, holding knowledge and art.

She has four hands, which are the symbol of the all-pervading power and power of knowledge, operating in all areas of the world.

The satellites of the goddess are the swan and peacock. Birds also contain deep symbolic meaning, they mean the ability to separate lies and truth, good and bad in our lives.

They act as a kind of indicator of the surrounding reality.

What will help the goddess

The goddess, who acts as the personification of wisdom and knowledge, gives people the power and the ability to self-develop, self-improve, comprehend various knowledge. All mantras dedicated to this deity assist in concentrating on the most important things in your life, help to improve thought processes and improve memory.

It is especially useful to read or listen to the Saraswati mantra to students, people who are constantly forced to absorb a large amount of information, learn new languages ​​or comprehend new areas of life without help.

With the regular practice of the Saraswati mantra, a person is much easier to cope with the information flow, he has an oratorical talent. The goddess Saraswati improves the ability to clearly express her thoughts, gives inner enlightenment and helps to approach the highest Divine truth.

In addition, there is a harmonization of energy flows from space, thereby significantly improving the quality of human life, it is easier for him to make important decisions.

You can listen to the text of this mantra in the next video.

What is the benefit of the mantra Saraswati

It is recommended to use this magic song during the sessions, in the period of increased mental stress — when you are forced to learn new material, and then demonstrate your knowledge to others.

A person who regularly practices the Saraswati mantra, not only achieves success in life, but is also filled with positive energy of pacification, prudence, becomes more charming for others.

The literary art is fully revealed to him, he easily expounds his thoughts, and his sense of taste improves. This also applies to the choice of the main thing in your life — life priorities, as well as to more “mundane” matters.

For example, here you can include the art of dressing up beautifully.

Therefore, with the regular practice of this divine song, people attain harmony, both external and internal. Sarasvati was warmly revered by the ancient Aryans as the mistress of the water element.

She allowed to achieve inner enlightenment, to get rid of unnecessary thought-images of negative value.

Mantra Saraswati - what is needed and how it works

Also one more positive moment — regularly reading any mantra, you improve the state of your energy shell. With their help, you can get rid of negative energies and heal from various pathologies.

Such a cleansing effect is due to the strong influence of positive energy on human life, which sweeps away everything in its path.

Words of the sacred mantra

It is necessary to recite this mantra with recitative, observing a certain rhythm or humming, but adhering to a specific rhythm. It is important to pronounce each word as clearly as possible.


Mastering the text is a snap. You can read or listen to the Saraswati mantra at any time convenient for you, when you especially need to comprehend new knowledge, if you have difficulty learning or lack of concentration and concentration of attention.

And if you want to achieve divine blessing with her and to receive support from the Higher Forces, you need to get as far as possible from outside thoughts. Think only about what excites you, fill with pure thoughts and sincerely believe in your own strength and the final result.

Regularly using the mantra, you can significantly improve your life, fill it with positive emotions, get rid of any negativity and discover new frontiers of our reality. Not for nothing that since ancient times mantras are considered to be an effective tool with which you can perform real miracles.

Good luck and more magic in your life!

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