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Mantra Sai Gayatri Sai Baba — 108 times repetitions

Mantra Sai Gayatri Sai Baba, which is listened to 108 times

Mantra Sai Gayatri Sai Baba is pronounced 108 times and offers you tremendous opportunities for spiritual growth and self-development. This is one of the most revered mantras in the ancient Indian culture, it is considered sacred.

Talk about how to listen and sing it correctly.

What is the Gayatri Mantra

In Hinduism, it is believed that the universe originated from sound, and now it is the basis of many things. Each sound has certain vibrations.

The stronger they are, the more wonderful the effect that follows after regular listening or singing.

Mantra Sai Gayatri Sai Baba - 108 times repetitions

Gayari Mantra is a whole set of sacred sounds, the basis of the foundations of Vedic culture. It gives wisdom, connects a person to the source of the Higher Mind, promotes enlightenment and helps to assimilate any knowledge better.

The Vedic Gayari mantra is read in Sanskrit. She is protected by the sun god Savitar.

Ancient myths describe his travels around the world, great gifts to people, the destruction of evil forces with the help of bright light.

There are 24 syllables in the mantra. Previously, they were used in the rituals of consecration of monks, and in the modern world, it is used for meditations, the purpose of which is spiritual enlightenment and the acquisition of wisdom.

What gives the Gayari mantra

This old Indian mantra has its purpose. She has tremendous opportunities that can change your life.

It doesn’t matter if you listen to Sanskrit records or sing the text yourself.

Mantra Sai Gayatri Sai Baba - 108 times repetitions

  • Saves the human soul: cleanses from sins and negative generic programs, heals the aura from all sorts of blockages
  • It gives longevity and increases longevity
  • Empowers the opposite sex, your beauty will never fade.
  • Strengthens health, establishing a powerful energy barrier through which no ailment will penetrate
  • It sends opportunities to achieve financial well-being, attracts money and success in the material world.
  • Improves the situation in the family, reduces the number of quarrels, conflicts, gives harmony and happiness
  • It enters a state of calm and peace, gives way to negative emotions, destroys stress, anxiety and anxiety.
  • It gives a lot of vital energy, thanks to which a person easily copes with his failures, gets rid of fears and phobias, successfully overcomes any obstacles that arise in his life
  • Helps to fulfill dreams, attracting opportunities in your life for easy fulfillment of desires
  • Heals damage, evil eye and removes traces of any other negative magical effects.

Gayari Mantra is ideal for meditations aimed at cleansing the soul and body: from disease, negative emotions, beliefs and attitudes that exist in the human subconscious. It also allows you to work out karmic debts and reach a fundamentally new level of spiritual development.

It is very important to imbue with a mantra, read or listen to it with all the sincerity and faith that you are capable of. You need to practice regularly to get the desired result.

Only constant mantra meditations will help to deeply comprehend the meaning of the Gayari Mantra, to be imbued with its vibrations.

Text and Symbols

The Sai Gayatri Mantra reads as follows: “Om, bhur bhuvah suva-ha, tat savitur vare-unyam, bhargo-o devasya dhimahi, dhiyo yo nahf prado diayat.”

Mantra Sai Gayatri Sai Baba - 108 times repetitions

It is unlikely that you will be able to clearly and correctly pronounce the entire mantra from the first time. We recommend that you first listen to video or audio recordings, and then repeat the text after the speaker.

Repeat attempts until you master the perfect pronunciation and understand how the mantra should sound.

Each syllable has its own meaning. So that you do not just mechanically repeat the mantra, but penetrate into its very essence, you must understand the interpretation of the syllables:

  1. OM is the holiest sound in Hinduism. This is the beginning of everything, the source of the Higher Mind, the concentration of wisdom, love and acceptance, the basis of Vedic culture.
  2. BHUR-BHUVA-SUVAHA — symbolize the physical, astral and mental bodies of a person, respectively.
  3. TAT — request of the Higher Forces for help in understanding the wisdom, an attempt to connect to the source of the Higher Mind
  4. SAVITUR is the personification of the Upper Force (Universe, God, the Creator), the name of the most important deity in Sanskrit
  5. BHARGO is a symbol of spiritual essence, which endows the world with sunshine, warmth, pacifies and fills with life-giving energy
  6. VAREUNYAM DEVASIA — aspirations of the soul, your highest goal, fulfillment of purpose, comprehension of the meaning of life
  7. JIMAHI — a syllable that adjusts to meditation and introduces a person into a special state in which the subconscious becomes extremely susceptible
  8. Dhiyo — comprehension of deep wisdom through your own mind, understanding of the essence of things, truth
  9. Yo — a preposition, which is used to link the remaining syllables of the mantra
  10. NAH — attitude to the world, acceptance of the fact that you are a part of it
  11. PRAYODAYAYAT — a symbol of enlightenment, the ultimate goal of any process of spiritual development

Watch the video to see how the Gayari Mantra should sound like it’s perfect:

How to work with mantra

Follow these rules:

  • It is necessary to meditate with the Gayari Mantra in the early morning: it is best to do this before the sun rises. Then you need to repeat the meditation at noon
  • Repeat the mantra 108 times. In order not to lose count, you can use a special rosary. Breaks can not be done: concentrate on the process as much as possible
  • Meditate alone. Take care that you will not interfere, turn off sources of bright light, loud noise, close the doors in the room, and curtains curtains
  • Keep your back straight while you are meditating, with your palms facing up, and your feet resting on the floor. Also do not drop the chin on the chest, keep it straight

Share your impressions of working with Garyari mantra in the comments.

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